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"Habits" (A/V), Ty Downs, DIFFERENT DESTINIES #1 (US, 1989)

"Hair of the Dog" (A/C, V), Meegat,STARGATE #2 (UK, early 1980s)

"Halcyon Interlude" (J/V), Anais, VILA,PLEASE, (US, 1988?)

"The Hand of Friendship" (A/V), N. T. Casillas, AVON CALLING II (US, 1991)

"The Hands of an Artist" (A/B), Adrian Alexander (=A. L. Hughes), LIAISONS #1 (mm; US, 1991)

"Hanging by a Thread" (A/V), Quale, Ingrid Montrose, & Julie Kramer, VILA,PLEASE, (US, 1988?)

"A Hard Lesson" (A/Harry Sullivan; B7/DW crossover; humor), Anne Collins Smith, MORE NAUGHTY BITS (mm; US, 1990)

"Harvest of Passion" (So/Jarvik; humor), Ben Stud, FORBIDDEN STAR (UK, 1995)

"Hauf Fun, 'Hale Earnest" (A/B), Cally Donia (=M. Fae Glasgow), OBLAQUEST (US, 1989)

"The Haunting" (B/ocm), xBryn Lantry, BLAKE'S SEVEN: THE OTHER SIDE #4 (AU, 1987)

"The Haunting" (A/B), Isis, THE BIG B7 ZINE (US, 1993)

"Haunting Avon" (A/B, A/Ta), Natasha Barry, BLAKE,RABBLE & ROLL #2 (US, 1990)

"Have Another" (multimedia orgy; humor), Lotta Sleaze, SOUTHERN LIGHTS SPECIAL #2.5 (US, 1986)

"Having a Lovely Time" (Se/V), Ros Williams, QUICKSILVER RISING #3 (UK, 1985)

"He/She" (A/So), Mary Jane Smith, THE BIG B7 ZINE (US, 1993)

"He Who Laughs Last" (A/C/J), Teddy No. 2, LAIDBACK SEVEN #5 (UK)

"He Who Laughs Last..." (A/V, A/So), B. Sassenach, OBLAQUEST (US, 1989)

"Head in Hands" (A/B), M. Fae Glasgow,PAEAN TO PRIAPUS V (mm; US, 1993)

"Healing" (A/V), Maggie Logan,FULL CIRCLE #2 (mm; AU)

"Hearts and Flowers" (Ta/V), Leslie Marshall, THE BIG B7 ZINE (US, 1993)

"Heart's Desire" (A/V), Jane Carnall, VILA,PLEASE, (US, 1988?)

"Hearts of Glass" (D/V), Rhapsodie, STRAIGHT BLAKE'S #2 (US, 1995)

"Heat" (A/B), Isis, THE BIG B7 ZINE (US, 1993)

"Heatstroke" (A/B), Gael X. Ile (=M. Fae Glasgow), OBLAQUE V (US, 1991)

"Heldar" (J/V, B/C, A/C), Ros Williams, LAIDBACK SEVEN #5 (UK, 1984?)

"Hell" (A/B), Adrian Alexander (=A. L. Hughes), OBLAQUEST (US, 1989)

"Hell with the Fires Out" (Ta/Tr, A/J, J/Tr, A/Tr), Anais, INTRIGUING IDEAS (US, 1989)

"A Helping Hand" (A/Ta), Erica Leonard, MAGNIFICENT TAILS,TOO (US, 1989)

"The Hero of Cor Wellen" (Near Dark Trilogy 2; Ta/V, A/B), Baravan, LOVE & SACRIFICE (US, 1995)

"Heroes" (A/B), Isis,FRUIT COCKTAIL #2 (mm; US, 1992.3)

"The Hershey Treatment" (A/B/C/J/V het orgy; humor), Malefica Blue, THE NAUGHTY BITS (mm; US, 1989)

"Hey Diddle Diddle" (Ta/V, A/V), Emma Scot (=M. Fae Glasgow), OBLAQUE SEXTUS (US, 1993)

"Hidden in Plain Sight" (others discuss A), Cally Donia (=M. Fae Glasgow), OBLAQUER (US, 1989)

"Hide and Seek" (post-A/B A/Ta), Kate Singer, EVASIVE MANEUVERS (US, 1994)

"Hindsight" (A/V; sequel to "Benchmark"), Jane Mailander, LIAISONS #2 (mm; US, 1993)

"Hitting Bottom" (A/V), Catocala, AVON CALLING II (US, 1991)

"Holiday" (orgy; A/V), Maylani, Avon, Anyone?? (US, 1987?)

"Holiday" (A/ocm, A/B), Tasha,SATYRNALIA (mm; US, 1992.3)

"Homecoming" (A/B & Ta/V; Time of Innocence universe), Jennie McGrath, THE BIG B7 ZINE (US, 1993)

"Homestead" (Se/Barnabas Collins; B7/Dark Shadows crossover), Kim McCarthy,, I DON'T DRINK... WINE (mm; US, 1989)

"The Honest Man" (alt-S3; A/B), xBryn Lantry, FIRE AND ICE #4 (US, 1998.5)

"...Hoops of Steel" (A/V), Anna Lee, SOUTHERN COMFORT #5.5 (US, 1990)

"Hostage Heart" (S2, post-Hostage; A/B), Leah Starsky, FIRE AND ICE #4 (US, 1998.5)

"How Much Love" (A/V/Kerril threeway; Last Stand universe), Catocala, SOUTHERN LIGHTS SPECIAL #3.75 (US, 1987)

"How Sweet the Cup" (A/J), Pat Thomas, ALTERNATIVE SEVEN #1 (UK, 1978?)

"The Howling" (A/B), xBryn Lantry, SOUTHERN COMFORT #6.5 (US, 1991)

"Human After All" (A/B), Adrian Morgan and Brendan O'Cullane, DIFFERENT DESTINIES #1 (US, 1989); reprinted in DOUBLE VISION

"The Human Touch" (A/B; humor), Alex T. MacKenzie,AQUATAR #2 (US, 1990)

"Hunting Girls" (V/Zee & Barr; V/fantasy of Meegat), Rhapsodie, STRAIGHT BLAKE'S #3 (US, 1996)

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