A Blake's 7 adult/slash zine

Forbidden Star Two weighs in at nearly 170 A4 pages, all in double column layout.

Mini Review and Contents by Sarah Thompson

The bias is inevitably towards Avon/Blake because that's what I like best and what I write most of, but there's something for virtually everyone. Blake/Gan (reprint of two short stories from Space City), Avon/Gan, Avon/Cally (2), Avon/Vila, Avon/Tarrant (2 or 3 depending on how you count it), Avon/Servalan (2), Avon/Soolin, Dayna/?, an impossible to categorise but very well written story involving Vila and Servalan, and around 8 or 9 Avon/Blake stories depending on how you count them.

All stories are new to the zine except for a few stories under a page long which originally appeared on Space City, and 'White Mutiny' which was serialised there.

Writers include Gemini, Vanessa Mullen, xBryn Lantry, Predatrix, Julia Stamford, Susan Cutter, Ebony (poetry), Christabel, Twisted Sister, Arachne, N. Barnard, Alicia Ann Fox, Loulou Harris, Neil Faulkner, Susan Riaz, and Andrea. The cover is by Karen River and interior art is by Mary O'Connor and Val Westall.

All art falls into the catogory of 'can be read without worrying about your boss looking over your shoulder.' In other words, no nudes.

Writing styles range all the way from Shakespearean pastiche to an Avon/Vila slash story written in computer code.

There's stories with all the sex off-stage and there are stories like White Mutiny where the sex is definitely on-stage. There's a couple of rape stories and some that don't go beyond holding hands. I have wide ranging tases in smut, and this zine tends to reflect what I like.

Contents and Extracts

Title (and links)Author
Just As You Like ItChristabel
Girl‘s Night OutArachne
Dreams and DreamersDorinda Hartmann
White MutinyVanessa Mullen
One Thing As Certain As DeathPredatrix
In The Writer‘s ZoneTwisted Sister
Mardi GrasSusan Cutter; art Mary O‘Connor
Frozen in HellJulia Stamford; art Val Westall
Getting ConnectedChristabel
The Characters‘ RevengeTwisted Sister
Dressing For Dinner Arachne
A Brief Revival of SaffronArachne; art Val Westall
Three Times Daily Julia Stamford; art Val Westall
PortraitTwisted Sister
Passing Through FireN. Barnard; art Mary O‘Connor
In The Cold With YouAlicia Ann Fox; art Mary O‘Connor
Things That Never Get SaidNeil Faulkner; art Val Westall
Sleeping AroundMeredith Dixon
Cold RevolutionLoulou Harris; art Mary O‘Connor
Vila‘s BaitTwisted Sister
The KissxBryn Lantry
To Live Despite RegretsSusan Riaz; art Mary O‘Connor
All in the MindGemini
ComparisonsDorinda Hartmann
Future AmbitionsSusan Riaz; art Val Westall

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The zine is out of print.

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Last updated on 17th of September 2003.