Dark Fantasies 2

Multimedia Slash Zine. (Not for the Faint at Heart)

Dark Fantasies 2 features a front cover by Suzan Lovett and a back cover parody by Karen Eaton. DF2 was nominated for 5 Stiffie awards. "Metamorphosis" and "Blood and Shadows" each won their catagories.

"The Alchemist's Measure" a Pros story by Kitty Fisher was inspired by the Suzan Lovett cover. It is an alternate universe tale of unnatural lust.

There are three Blake's 7 stories. "Scars" is a novella length chilling tale that takes place after Gauda Prime. Stiffie winner "Blood and Shadows" is another novella length story that follows the episode Warlord. "The Beginning of the Bargain" is a sequel to "Control" from DF1 which explains how Blake and Avon entered into their depraved relationship.

Man From Uncle is represented by two stories which are packed with angst and hurt comfort in "The Price of Love Affair" by Susan Devereaux and "The Darkness Affair" by Mary Millard.

The last award winning story in Dark Fantasies 2 is a novella length multi-crossover featuring S/H, Pros, and Forever Knight. "Metamorphosis" by tasha continues the WWII saga started in Dark Fantasies 1.

220 pages--187,000 words--recently reformatted

Editor: Jo Ann McCoy
Publisher: Maverick Press
Date: August 1994
B7 fiction:
Ross Allister and Nevin Patrick, "Scars" (B/Ta, A/V)
Salom , "Blood and Shadows" (A/Ta)
Lynne Franklin, "The Beginning of the Bargain" (A/B)

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