Mini Review By Sarah Thompson

The one B7 story in this zine is basically a PWP. Given the basic premise of Highlander (immortality, just in case any of the rest of you know even less about the series than I do), set-up is not a problem-- presumably Methos will still be around in the B7 future. And what a pretty pair he and Avon make.

It's a good story, but IMO not worth buying an entire zine for unless you're also a Highlander fan. If you are, this is a must. I haven't read the other stories in detail, but a quick skim indicated that they're well-written and full of sex'n'angst, all the good stuff, yes yes. And cartoons by Leah, for a good laugh in between angsty stories.

There's also one Forever Knight crossover story.


Highlander zine with a B7 crossover story; slash and some adult
Editor: Ann Wortham
Publisher: Ashton Press (Altamonte Springs, FL)
Date: April 1998
Format: letter size, 116 pp., full-cover paper front cover with clear plastic overlay, white card back cover, wire binding

B7 fiction:
K. Ann Yost, "Survivors" (S1 or S2; HL crossover; A/Methos)

Other fandoms:

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Last updated on 28th of June 1998.