Gareth Thomas - Chronological - 1990-1999

This section lists every professional appearance by Gareth Thomas that we have been able to trace. If you know of any additional material, dates, photos, events or anything interesting please contact Judith.

This section is continuously under development, with more details of Gareth's activities being added as we hear about them.

Note: the dates given for TV/Radio shows are where possible the first showing of the first episode where applicable, not when they were made.

RIPGareth has managed to die in a surprisingly large number of roles. The RIP symbol is shown against performances he is known to have died in.

Gareth has been known to bemoan the fact that he never gets to play lovers. The statistics seem to bear him out. Heart symbols indicate a romance, they appear to be heavily outnumbered by tombstones. (Parts where he is already married don't qualify. )

Gareth has said that he does't want to be thought of as just a Welsh actor, but as an actor who can do English and Welsh characters with equal ease. He has lived for a long time in England, and now in Scotland, after his early years in Wales. He has been cast in a lot of Welsh roles over the years. Leeks indicate Welsh parts.

Material here, comes from many sources including :- Blake's 7 magazine, Chris Blenkarn, Joyce Bowen, Sue Clerc, Robert Cheadle, Sue Cowley, Pat Fenech, The Freedom City Gazette (FCG), Horizon magazine, Julia Jones, Andrew Kearley, Gareth Randell, Judith Proctor, The Prydonian Renegade (March 96), Together Again - Action, TV Zone Special #4, Stellar Quines, Dundee Rep Theatre, Theatre Clwyd, The Magenta Partnership, Royal Lyceum Theatre - Edinburgh, Alan Stevens, Pete Wallbank, Andy Hopkinson, Mark Thompson, The Scottish Theatre Archive, Blake's 7 The Inside Story, The Archives of The Royal Shakespeare Company, Sheelagh Wells, Gareth Thomas and some very nice people who have asked not to be identified.

London's Burning (LWT). Popular, long running drama series about London firefighters. Gareth had a recurring role as the area commander, Assistant Chief Officer Bulstrode. Gareth left the series in December 94, when Bulstrode retired. The series has been released on video in the UK (two episodes per tape 52 minutes each episode), and might still be available (1997).

The character was brought in for one episode, but became a regular feature. He was based on a real-life fire chief who retired, so they wrote me out after eight episodes. My last line was: "I'm thinking of retiring at the end of the year." On film Thomas went on to say, "Now that's a good way to write yourself out of a series," and landed himself in hot water with the director for wasting film. "This used to be a profession and you used to be allowed to have fun. Now it's like any other business run by accountants and it's all about bottom lines.

Gareth was in the following:
Season 1 (1988) No eppisodes
Season 2 (1989) episode 5
Season 3 (1990) episodes 1,2,5,8
Season 4 (1991) episodes 9 and 10
Season 5 (1992) episodes 5,9
Season 6 (1993) episodes 4,5
Season 7 (1994) episodes 2,8,15.

We have also caught an uncredited appearance by Michael Keating

Taking to Nick, the station commander (32k)

Arriving at a major fire (40k)

Taking Charge (46k)

1990WrittenBlythe Spirits Gareth wrote several short stories about a small community of monks. Written sometime previously (pre 1988?) these were fan published in 1990.
4 Mar 1990Radio PlayEdwin Drood by Charles Dickens. BBC Radio 4, Classic serial from 4 Mar 1990 until 1st April 1990 (5 x 90 min episodes) dramatised by David Beech. Also issued on tape. Gareth played the Rev. Septimus Crisparkle. The play featured Ian Holm as John Jasper, who searches for proof that his nephew Edwin Drood has been murdered.

  1. Orphans
  2. A Disapperance
  3. An Arival
  4. A Performance
  5. Redress
May 1990Radio PlayJim Davis BBC Radio 4 - play by John Masefield. Gareth plays a pirate captain called Marah, in this adventure tale.
6 Sep 1990TV
Emlyn's Moon (HTV, five 1/2 hr episodes). Artist Idris Llewellyn, father of sullen Emlyn. Both Emlyn's Moon and Chestnut Soldier are based on the Snow Spider books by Jenny Nimmo. The series ran until 4th Oct 1990.

Idris and Emlyn (32K)

Jan 1991Radio InterviewMidlands Radio. No other details known.
24 Jan 1991TV Interview
Scene Today Gareth and Jacqueline Pearce are interviewed. Channel not yet known.

As to the second picture, we'll leave the caption to you...

Gareth and Jackie (38K)

? (36K)

19 Apr 1991TV Interview
Tonight with Jonathan Ross (ITV?), Interview with Jacqueline Pearce and Michael Keating.

The audience was full of Blake's 7 fans. Jonathan Ross came down to talk with Diane Gies of Horizon. You score a bonus point if you can recognise the person sitting next to Diane. You score two bonus points if you can identify the three roles he played in Blake's 7.

During the Interview (71K)

Some of the audience (61K)

29 May 1991TV
We Are Seven. (HTV) The series concerned a German family in England after WWII. Gareth played Big Billy Caradog, a drunken, bigoted bully. In the next to last episode he boxes (in his long johns) in a circus match. (Given date may not be that of the first episode.)

Big Billy (25K)

Gareth in TV Zone special #4: I'm working with a ferret, which is a very strange little creature. They're like weasels, and if they bite, they don't let go. I told the director that I was a little concerned about that, and he said "Don't worry" and introduced me to the ferret master who was a stage hand at the RSC when I was there.

So I've got this ferret in my hands, and the scene was that I was in a barn, literally underneath a pile of straw. Two people come in; a young man and a young girl, and at one point they're beginning to get together and there's this burping sound. The girl says to the boy "Was that you?" and I sit up and say "It was me!" The fellow says "What the hell are you doing?" and I say "Well I'm with my girlfriend too!" and pull out this ferret. Now we obviously don't have the ferret there all that time because they're not that happy being under straw. We come up to the actual shot where I'm holding the ferret in my hand, when it suddenly opens its mouth. I'm thinking 'Oh shit', but I'm busy acting my arse off, and this thing starts licking me. This little clapper boy comes out and goes wallop amd thank God it went for the clapperboard instead of me!

18 Jun 1991TV
Families (possibly Granada?) Gareth plays Detective Superintendant Collins in 5 episodes (perhaps 10?), who is investigating a murder. An Australian produced soap opera/mystery.

Collins (38K)

20 Nov 1991TV
Chestnut Soldier (HTV) Five 1/2 hr episodes, sequel to Emlyn's Moon. By Jenny Nimmo. Gareth plays artist Idris Llewellyn. He isn't in this as much as Emlyn's Moon but has a lovely scene with Nia. 20, 27 Nov & 4, 12 Dec 1991. Titles: A Prince Returns (1), Broken Horses (2), Fiery Dreams (3), Out of the Forest (4).

Idris (42K)

1 July 1991SigningHMV Store in London to autograph the 1991 video releases.
20 Oct 1991TV InterviewPebble Mill at One (BBC) Live lunchtime magazine programme. Interview with Jacqueline Pearce.
1992Audio TapeUnder Milk Wood by Dylan Thomas. Gareth played Mog Edwards - this also stars seemingly every actor and singer in Wales - including Anthony Hopkins, Jonathan Pryce, Sian Philips, Tom Jones, Bonnie Tyler, Mary Hopkin, Philip Madoc, Windsor Davies, Sir Geraint Evans, Ruth Madoc, Aled Jones, Ray Smith, Freddie Jones and Sir Harry Secombe.

This recording was released in 1988, a few years later, virtually the identical cast was brought together again and the performance was filmed. We believe that about an hour of this was shown on Television. The audio cassette was re-released at this time and the copyright date was changed to 1992. However the audio tape is not actually a recording of the filmed performance, but simply the 1988 recording re-packaged.


This 1992 performance, may or may not have been the performance of Under Milk Wood that was in aid of the Princes trust. Gareth took part in a production of Under Milk Wood to help raise money for the Prince of Wales Trust, apparently some time in 1994 or 1995. The Prince of Wales Trust helps young people get started in life.

1992TVWaterland (ITV?) Gareth plays the landlord of a pub. He has around 1 minute of acting about 30 mins into this 1.5 hour epic, about a disturbed history teacher (played by Jeremy Irons) with an interesting past in England during WWII.

From the Internet Movie Database:

Jeremy Irons and his real-life spouse, Sinead Cusack, play a husband and wife in this intense, involving drama about a country schoolteacher and the tragic, emotional ghosts of his past (inherited across hundreds of years, but governing his own lost youth) which are threatening to destroy his current life. Beautifully directed by Stephen Gyllenhaal; adapted by Peter Prince from the Booker Prize-winning novel by Graham Swift; Waterland costars Ethan Hawke and John Heard.
8 Mar 1992TV
Maigret: On Home Ground (Granada, 1 hr.) Series starring Michael Gambon as Georges Simenon's French detective. In this episode, Gareth played Monsieur Gautier, the groundskeeper for a prominent family in the village where Maigret was born.

Maigret, Gautier and Emile (36K)

11 Jun 1992TV InterviewThe Late Show re: DejaVu BBC arts review show. This was about the play Deja Vu by John Osborne, which was on at the comedy theatre in London. Gareth played the character of Cliff.
June 1992Radio Interview About Deja Vu for about 20 minutes.
Jun/Jul 1992Theatre
Dejavu by John Osborne, At the Comedy theatre, in the West End, in London, Gareth played Cliff. This play may have run to November.

Gareth in The Prydonian Renegade (March '96): I was doing a play by a gentleman, a superb writer, who sadly is no longer with us, called John Osborne. I was doing his last play, Deja Vu, and Patrick Stewart came to see it and came round backstage, and I said "You Pillock!" and he said "What, Why?" I said, "Why the hell didn't you tell me you were coming?" and he said, "Well, I was passing through on my way from Italy to America," and I said, "We're playing to half-full houses out here. If I could have turned around and said Blake's 7 and Star Trek in the same theatre at the same time! we could have packed the place."

Note: the plays title is really one word but every time you see it mentioned it's written as two words because it is two words in real life. However, John Osbourne meant for his play to be one word.

30 Oct 1992ConventionWho's 7 '92 England, Dr Who / Blake's 7 convention. This ran to 1st Novemeber 1992.
Nov 1992ConventionVisions '92 Chicago, SF convention
Sparrow (1993. Directed by Franco Zeffirelli). Based on "A Sparrow's Tale" by Giovanni Verga. Gareth appears for about ten minutes as Corrado (Nino's father). This was filmed in Italy. The Italian title is "Storia di una capinera".

A young girl is evacuated from her convent during a cholera epidemic, and falls in love with Nino. A few months later she has to return to the convent, but cannot forget him.

Corrado (37K)

18 Feb 1992AppearanceHarrow Ideal Home Exhibition Opened up the exhibition and then made personal apperancess each day (18-20th) to help publicise the event because a friend was running it.
1994TheatreUnder Milk Wood Gareth took part in a production of Under Milk Wood to help raise money for the Prince of Wales Trust some time in 1994 or 1995. The Prince of Wales Trust helps young people get started in life. (This may have been the 1992 recording, confusion exists...)

1994TVPirates: Vikings (1/2 hr Documentry). Viking ship builder - "Smoothing Stroke". Gareth did this with one day's notice and no rehearsal as a favour. (Gareth once said that if he had not been an actor he would have loved to have done research into Viking history).
1994TVTrailers When Blake's 7 first appeared on UK Gold (the first UK screening since 1981) in 1994 they had a series of trailers for the show. They even did a takeoff on Star Wars with the slanted printed introduction. The trailers were about 30 seconds long and different ones were done by Gareth Thomas, Jan Chappell, Jacqueline Pearce, and David Jackson. Gareth did around three of these trailers. He mentions that Blake was the only person who can handle Avon.
8 May 1994TheatreBridging the Tweed With the Rideout Theatre Company (who are based in Edinburgh). He played a tramp called "Merlin" during this performance. This ran to 14th May.
3 Nov 1994TheatreEducating Rita by Willy Russell. On tour including Oldham Colisseum Theatre, Nov 3-26th. Gareth played Frank.
Jan 1995Convention
Event Horizon Australia, SF convention

Report by Kathryn Andersen

1995TVMedics: Going West (Granada) (1 hr). Hospital drama starring Tom Baker and Sue Johnston. Gareth played George Robinson MP, visiting the hospital ward at the beginning. (Gareth nearly got the lead in this series, but in the end it went to Tom Baker). Gareth talking to Joe Nazzaro in Horizon 33: Joe: Speaking of ecentrics, I believe you worked with Tom Baker in Medics?

Gareth: Yes, there's another eccentric. He was very pleasant, and I only had one scene with him. Funnily enough, the part that Tom Baker was playing was down to either Tom Baker or me. I spent two hours chatting to the producers on Medics, and I was told later on by my agent that it was either me or Tom Baker, and they chose Tom, who had a higher profile, I suppose.

Mentors: Awakenings Mentors was intended to be a 45 minute drama series aimed at a family audience.

Storyline (from the Proposal):
A group of four people, two men and two women, find themselves being drawn together by a mysterious force - at the heart of an ancient stone circle. There they are imbued with incredible telepathic and telekinetic powers, which have been laid dormant in wait for a period where the earth is under threat. In a new era of international instability and at a time of icreasing poverty, famine and ecological disaster, the world has a new kind of hero to restore the balance: The Mentors. Facing an age old menace in the form of the Dark Overlords - the Mentors will use their ancient power to protect the earth from disaster. The Mentors are 'the light in the darknesss'.

Although a script was written for a pilot episode "Awakenings" by Austen Atkinson-Broadbelt, all that is known to exist on film is a five minute teaser made for promotional purposes. The pilot episode was written for the Family Channel (satellite TV)

It's interesting to note that Gareth's character, Edward Grieg - the villain (an evil bearer) - was originally written as a woman, Mariah Grieg.

TV Zone magazine featured Mentors in its Psi-fi special (#18).

Edward Grieg

Edward Grieg with flower

The Stones

Edward Grieg

Teleport Braclets?


Talking to Diane Gies in Horizon 33: Diane: And now you're playing a baddie in The Mentors.

Gareth: Yes, I really enjoyed it. I must confess, I did think of Paul while I was doing it, wondering how he would play it. I do hope that it goes on and they turn it into a series. If they do, I hope to be able to direct a couple of episodes - I'd love to do that.

1995Audio TapeThe Mark of Kane The tape consists of two stories, one on each side of the tape. The first story involves Travis before he reaches Freedom City and looks at some events relating to the Andromedans. It also involves a mutoid and a bounty hunter called Kane. With Brian Croucher (Travis II)

The second story involves Blake and takes place shortly after Jenna's death. There are some links to the first story - Kane and the mutoid reappear. We also get to meet Tando (one of Blake's fellow bounty hunters). See Merchandise for more details.

1995Audio Tape
Together Again: Blake's Back Audio tape about Blake's 7. Absolutely wonderful interview with Joe Nazzaro talking to Gareth Thomas, Paul Darrow and occasionally Sheelagh Wells.

See Merchandise for more details.

1995WorkshopActors Workshop with Mickey Rooney, Gareth played Oberon in A Midsummers Night Dream.
31 Jan 1995TVArchangel's Night Out BBC Wales - a play.
Mar 1995ConventionNeutral Zone '95 Newcastle Upon Type, SF convention.
9 Mar 1995TV
Crown Prosecutor (BBC) Ten 1/2 hour episodes between 23rd Feb and 27th of April. Gareth was in two episodes, one of which was on 9th March. Dreadful and thankfully shortlived courtroom drama series. Gareth played a magistrate, Harold Thomson, and was probably the best thing in it. David Daker, Michael Praed (Robin of Sherwood) and Tom Chadbon (Del Grant) were regulars.

Harold Thomson (32K)

3 June 1995Audio TapeTravis: the Final Act Audio tape about Travis (Brian Croucher Travis II), using some of Blake's dialogue from the show - no new material from Gareth. This was released before December 1992.

See Merchandise for more details.

1 Aug 1995GatheringB7 Cast reunion Stringfellows nightclub, London, a general publicity event for the video re-release.

This included Gareth Thomas, Paul Darrow, David Jackson, Jan Chappell, Michael Keating, Sally Knyvette, Stephen Grief and Peter Tuddenham.

At the event, Diane Gies asked: Anything else in the pipeline?

Gareth: I'm doing an episode of Casualty soon. Actually, I missed out on an advert recently. I don't normally do adverts, but I would have done this one as it was abroad - I was up for the part of a Bank Manager in a French Bank. My agent told me that they had picked me out of the final twelve, but then decided that they wanted someone younger so they started seeing a group of 20 year olds. So I'm now officially too old to be a Bank Manager - even in France.

12 Aug 1995SigningAutograph Signing The Movie Palace (an SF shop not a cinema), London, more publicity for the videos.
16 Sep 1995SigningAutograph Signing at Playhouse Video in Stevenage, with Paul Darrow. More publicity for the videos.
Oct 1995Audio Tape
Unknown Corporate sales tape for the Unique Broadcasting Company (Europe's largest independent radio production company). (If you really want to know, Gareth is holding a printed copy of the WWW homepage of an Australian fan - who is a friend of the photographer). This was an audio tape to run in sync with a powerpoint presentation.
Nov 1995Convention
Visions 95 con Chicago, the second con with Paul Darrow. Gareth Thomas

Gareth Thomas (71k)

2 Dec 1995TV
Casualty: Bringing It All Back Home (BBC) Gareth played Tom Arnold, a retired footballer turned author. He is soon discovered to have a shared secret with two other members of his old football team, played by Michael Keating and Stephen Yardley (Investigator Reeve in Sand). Gareth suffers a fatal heart attack after rescuing another footballer in a boating accident. RIP

Tom Arnold (34K)

Gareth and Michael (36K)

8 Dec 1995Theatre
The Storyteller Rideout Theatre Co., Scottish tour, Dec 1995, Gareth played the storyteller.

Deep in the heart of an ancient cave sits an old man. 1000 years ago a spell was cast to keep him asleep forever. Why? What strange powers did he possess? Someone is trying to wake him! Tour dates 8 Dec 95 to 22 Dec 95, performed in various village halls, museums, small theatres etc in Melrose, Duns, Jedburgh, Newcastleton, Galashiels, Kelso, Bowhill, Berwick, Lauder, Peebles and Hawick.


1st Feb 1996Radio QuizWas a contestant in Radio 4's SF quiz show "To Boldly Go" along with Hattie Hayridge (Holly of Red Dwarf).
Mar 1996ConventionNeutral Zone '96, Newcastle Upon Type, SF con.
11 Apr 1996Theatre
Pygmalion by George Bernard Shaw. Scottish tour, by the Royal Lycaeum Theatre company (Edinbugh). It was at the Royal Lycaeum in Edinburgh until 4th May and then toured Stranraer, Dumfries, Ayr, Aberdeen, Kirkcaldy, Berwick upon Tweed and finishing in Glasgow on 15th June 1996. Gareth played Colonel Pickering.

See More Pictures

Col. Pickering (29K)

Photo by Sean Hudson (?), supplied courtesy of the Royal Lyceum Theatre.

26 Oct 1996ConventionWho's 7 '96 Ashford, Kent, the final Who's 7 con, the 3rd convention with both Gareth and Paul Darrow.

Report by Judith Proctor

1996Audio Tape
Together Again: Liberatored Audio Tape about Blake's 7. Joe Nazzaro interviews Gareth Thomas, Paul Darrow and Michael Keating.

See Merchandise for more details.

1996HistoryAssociate of RADA Gareth was unanimously voted an associate of the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art, after his nomination by Stephen Grief.
early 1997TV
The Witch's Daughter Scottish TV. Gareth has a minor part as a lobster fisherman.

10 Jan 1997Theatre
Jekyll and Hyde By David Edgar based on the story by Robert Louis Stevenson. At the Royal Lycaeum Theatre, Edinburgh, from 10 Jan 97 to 1 Feb 97. Gareth played Gabriel Utterson. Edgar introduced two new characters to the story, Jekyll's widowed sister Katherine and a servant girl called Annie.

See More Pictures

7 Feb 1997Theatre
Rebecca Based on the story by Daphne du Maurier. At the Royal Lycaeum Theatre (Edinbugh), Gareth Played Giles Lacy from 7 Feb 97 to 1 March 97.


See More Pictures

14 Mar 1997Convention
Neutral Zone '97 Newcastle Upon Type, SF con, only the 4th convention with both Gareth Thomas and Paul Darrow together. This ran to 16th Mar 1997.

Report and Pictures by Julia Jones

Report by Chris Blenkarn

Gareth with guide dog

Gareth with the guide dog (73K)

May/Jun 1997Radio InterviewInterviewed by BBC Radio Scotland.
14 May 1997Theatre
Cat on a Hot Tin Roof by Tennessee Williams, At the Dundee Rep, 14-31 May 1997, Gareth played Big Daddy. There were also previews on the 10th and 13th.


Newspaper article about Gareth and this role

See More Pictures

1997Audio Tape
Together Again: Action Audio Tape about Blake's 7 with Paul Darrow, Michael Keating and Stephen Grief (Travis I)

See Merchandise for more details

14 June 1997Radio InterviewSaturday Live Interviewed by Ruth Madoc on BBC Radio Wales.
19 Aug 1997TV Quiz
Space Cadets Recorded on 23rd June, in Glasgow, a quiz show for Channel 4's Space Cadet SF Quiz show. This was repeated on 20 Aug 1997. Detailed Review of the Event

30 June 1997Audio TapeLogic of Empire This tape which was produced by Alan Stevens, who also produced The Mark of Kane.

13 July 1997Convention
WOLF 359 Blackpool, Lancashire UK

At the SFX (British SciFi magazine) Awards Ceremony at the Wolf 359: The Alliance convention (Babylon 5). Because J. Michael Straczynski had commented in the past that Blake's 7 had left quite an impression on him, it was arranged to have Gareth Thomas appear (in full Blake costume and make-up, a-la final episode and with pyrotechnics on-stage, but without the exploding guts) to give Joe his award as a surprise.

JMS appeared quite flabbergasted and deeply moved.

Report by Nicolene van den Berg

17 July 1997TV Interview
And Now Over to Our Friends in Wales 2000 - 2030 on BBC 2 in Wales : 'And Now Over to Our Friends in Wales' (Yes, that's the title of the programme!) "Continuing the series in which Ruth Madoc delves into the BBC archives and pays tribute to some Welsh TV greats. Her two guests for this programme are Angharad Rees and Gareth Thomas." (Thanks to Radio Times.)

Gareth reminisces

28 Sep 1997Audio Tape
Together Again: Kingmaker Audio Tape about Blake's 7 with Paul Darrow, Gareth Thomas, David Maloney and Peter Tuddenham (Zen/Orac/Slave).

Tke tape is called "Kingmaker" and is intended as a tribute to Terry Nation.

See Merchandise for more details

11 Oct 1997ConventionStarfleet Experience Sci Fi Con - Nottingham.
Early Oct 1997TV
Merlin The Magic Begins Gareth played Merlin's mentor Blaze in a pilot called "Merlin the Magic Begins". This was filmed in early October 97.

This was intended as the pilot for a series, but it seems extremely unlikely that the series will ever come to pass as the pilot was pretty dire.

The pilot also stars Merlin is played by Jason Connery and Deborah Moore.

The programme was made by Segull productions a part of Kaleidoscope Media Group.

Lots more Pictures and information

Blaze and Merlin (22K)

28 Nov 1997Theatre
Sleeping Beauty Gareth played the King in a pantomime at the Dundee Rep Theatre from 28th November to 10th January.

Review and other things This is a write up of a weekend in Dundee surviving the problems of the fire at Heathrow and other trials and tribulations along the way. This includes a review of Sleeping Beauty.

The picture shows Gareth as the King with Janet Michael who plays Mara the nurse. She also stared with Gareth in the production of Cat on a Hot Tin roof at the same theatre, where she played Big Mama, when he played Big Daddy.

Gareth with Janet Michael

25 Jan 1998TV
Heartbeat (Yorkshire TV) Popular period drama about a policeman in 1960s Yorkshire. Gareth plays a farmer, Nathaniel Clegghorn, in "Local Knowledge" - episode 20 of the series that ended with Nick Berry's departure. It was filmed in mid October 1997.

Clegghorn is in dispute with the disreputable Claude Greengrass, (a regular character) as to which of them has genuine ghosts on his farm. (Point of interest: this was the last episode to feature Nick Berry as PC Rowan, who had been the series' lead character until this point.)

Gareth was also in 2 episodes in 1999, and 2 episodes in 2003.

Hollywood or Bust on Sunday 28th Novemeber 1999.
No Surrender on Sunday 12th December 1999.
Moving Target on Sunday 13th April 2003.
Absent Friends on Sunday 11th May 2003.

Nathaniel Clegghorn (35K)

21 Feb 1998SigningAutograph Signing Gareth Thomas and Jacqueline Pearce were signing items at Hollywood Superstore, 16-18 St Giles High St, London.
Early 1998Audio Tape
Together Again: Elements Audio Tape about Blake's 7. This tape has Jacqueline Pearce talking to Paul Darrow. The other side has David Maloney, Gareth Thomas, Paul Darrow and Judith Smith.

See Merchandise for more details

20 Mar 1998Convention
Neutral Zone '98Newcastle Upon Type, SF con. Gareth is becoming a regular at this con, it is the fourth time he has done it.

Report by Chris Blenkarn
Report by Kathryn Andersen
Report and Pictures by Julia Jones
Report by Sandy Douglas

27 Mar 1998Radio InterviewMidlands Today Gareth and Jacqueline Pearce were interviewed for 2 minutes about the Deliverance Convention that was starting that day.
27 Mar 1998Convention
Deliverance Stoke on Trent, Blake's 7 convention with most of the cast.

Many Reviews and lots of Pictures

Gareth with Stephen Greif (Travis I)

June 1998TV
Animal Ark HTV. Gareth has filmed an episode called Calf in the Cottage for this children's programme in Bristol. He plays the guest lead, a farmer John Mathews, in episode 12.

This was recorded in September 1997.

Gareth with the two main characters (and a calf).

29 Jun 1998OpeningFab Cafe Gareth acted as the guest celebrity/host at the opening nights of this Sci-Fi Cafe/Bar in Manchester, until 2nd of July.

Report by Chris Blenkarn

15 Aug 1998ConventionNeutral Zone Party Gareth was at the party from the 15th to the 16th of August.

18 Sep 1998Theatre
The Crucible by Arthur Miller. Gareth plays Deputy-Governor Danforth.

review by Judith

Another review by Judith


18-26 September - Churchill Theatre, Bromley (0181 460 6677)
28 September - 3 October - Marlow Theatre, Canterbury (01227 787787)
5-10 October - Festival Theatre, Malvern (01684 892277)
12-18 October - Lyceum Theatre, Sheffield (0114 276 9922)
19-24 October - Theatre Royal, Nottingham (0115 989 5555)
26-31 October - His Majesty's Theatre, Aberdeen (01224 641122)
2-7 November - King's Theatre, Edinburgh (0131 220 4349)
9-14 November - Civic Theatre, Darlington (01325 486555)
16-21 November - Theatre Royal, Norwich (01603 630000)
23-28 November - New Victoria Theatre, Woking (01483 761144)

Danforth (29K)

Photo by Mark Douet.

16 Oct 1998TVThe Creatives (BBC2) This is a sitcom about an Edinburgh advertising agency, written by Jack Dochert and Moray Hunter. Gareth had a minor role as a policeman (this part may be misrecorded as Creatures in some peoples records)
19 Oct 1998Radio InterviewNottingham Local Radio Gareth appeared on Nottingham Local Radio to publicise The Crucible and the party for Children in Need to be held on Wednesday the 21st.

21 Oct 1998TVChildren in Need At the Red Lion public house, Canning Circus, Alfreton Road, Nottingham, a party was held as part of a fund raising event for the BBC Children in Need Appeal. Gareth took part along with James Warrior who worked with him on 'Morgan's Boy'. We do not know if Gareth actually appeared on TV.
4 Feb 1999Theatre
Hosts of Rebecca Hosts of Rebecca - Gareth Thomas is playing Tomos Treherne (the narrator/minister) in an adaptation of a Welsh novel by Alexander Cordell. The novel is the second in Cordell's 'Rape of the Fair Country' trilogy. It is set in nineteenth century Wales, a time of struggle for the coal miners and farmers alike.

4/27 February - Theatre Clwyd, Mold (in north Wales)

2/6 March - New Theatre, Cardiff.

Review by Chris Blenkarn.

Early 1999TV Adverts
Warburton's Bread Gareth plays the father of an ice skater from Yorkshire.

Early 1999Audio Tape
Together Again: Solstice Audio Tape about Blake's 7.

'Solstice' features two of the directors who worked on Blake's 7. Pennant Roberts directed early episodes including Spacefall, Time Squad (which was the very first episode to be filmed), Mission to Destiny and Bounty. Mary Ridge directed for the first time in 'Terminal' but was to return for Rescue and Power. She was landed with Animals and Headhunter, and directed the very last episode, Blake.

Paul Darrow and Gareth Thomas are there as usual to give their own perspective on events.

See Merchandise for more details

21 June 1999Audio CD
Soldiers of Love - Deathtraps Soldiers Of Love is a series of CDs containing a new sci-fi comedy drama series. Story one is called Genesis and among the actors is Michael Keating (Vila) playing ex-game show host Mydas Mydason.

Gareth Thomas and Jacqueline Pearce are in the second story, Deathtraps.

Gareth plays The Editor, `Nermal Hammond'.

Also Information about Soldiers of Love. Judith sells these CDs.

20 Aug 1999Audio CD
Soldiers of Love - Metamorphs Gareth, Jan Chappell and Michael Keating are in this episode. This should be released on November the 8th.

Gareth plays The Editor, `Nermal Hammond', a wonderfully over the top villian.

Also Information about Soldiers of Love. Judith sells these CDs.

3 Sep 1999Audio CD
Soldiers of Love - Ominous Passage Gareth, Jan Chappell and Michael Keating are in this episode, this should be released on December the 1st.

Gareth plays The Editor, `Nermal Hammond'.

Also Information about Soldiers of Love. Judith sells these CDs.

16 Sep 1999Theatre
The Clearing Gareth Thomas played the charcter Solomon in this production, More details

Review by Judith Proctor
Review from the Scotsman
Review by Ellie Baskerville

16/25 September - Tron Theatre - Glasgow. (BO 0141 552 4267)
28 September/02 October - Dundee Rep - Dundee (BO 01382 223530)
07/23 October - Royal Lyceum Theatre - Edinburgh (BO 0131 248 4848)
02/06 November - Everyman Theatre, Liverpool (BO 0151 709 4776)

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