Posted 21st of December 2007

Kaldor City

Paul Darrow has recorded the role of Kaston Iago for CDs in the new 'Kaldor City' series. This series follows on from the well-known Dr Who story 'Robots of Death' which was written by Chris Boucher who also wrote the follow-up novel 'Corpse Marker'.

Scott Fredericks, one of the most popular guest actors ever to appear on Blake's 7, reprises his role as Carnell the psychostrategist.

Six CDs are currently being produced:

Each play lasts around 50 minutes.

"You are dealing with a professional. Probably a hired killer. Resourceful, highly intelligent. A computer specialist."

Kaldor: A city of robots on a world of robots. The Board runs the Company, and the Company runs the planet.

Nothing happens in Kaldor City without the Board's approval. So how come its members are dying?

Company Chairholder Uvanov is faced with an escalating problem: political allies and enemies are being killed and nobody knows who will be next or why. Even Carnell, the ex-Federation psycho-strategist, is at a loss to provide an explanation.

One man may hold the answers-- a man who crossed the border into Kaldor City six hours ago: Kaston Iago, a man with a past and maybe an agenda. A man with the skills to set everything right.

Kaldor City - Occam's Razor uses characters and concepts from Chris Boucher's Doctor Who novel Corpse Marker to tell a dark, aggressive tale of ultraviolence and political intrigue.

All characters which have previously appeared in Blake's 7 and Doctor Who are used with permission from the copyright holder.

There is also a Kaldor City Short story on the Actor Speaks 4 CD From MJTV.

Series Review by Julia Jones.

Occam's Razor - the first Kaldor City CD. Available again
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Death's Head - the Second Kaldor City CD.

All current copies of this CD are autographed.

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Hidden Persuaders - Third Kaldor City CD.

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TarenCapel - Fourth Kaldor City CD.

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Checkmate - Fifth Kaldor City CD.

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Storm Mine - Sixth Kaldor City CD.

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See also The Faction Paradox - a second Doctor Who series.

Kaldor City Web Site.

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