Posted 21st of December 2007

Kaldor City - Hidden Persuaders

Magic Bullet has completed the recording of the third Kaldor City CD, "Hidden Persuaders" by Jim Smith and Fiona Moore.

"Hidden Persuaders" will see several new cast members joining Paul Darrow, Russell Hunter and Scott Fredericks, including Nicholas Courtney, Jasmine Breaks and David Collings. Courtney has played "Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart" in Doctor Who since 1968, and Jasmine Breaks starred in the 1988 serial "Remembrance of the Daleks"; Collings is known for, among other things (including the role of "Deva" in the final episode of Blake's 7), playing "Poul" in the Doctor Who serial which inspired Kaldor City, "The Robots of Death."

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Review by Gavin Rockwell
Review by Julia Jones

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