Posted 21st of December 2007

Paul Darrow on Actor Speaks 4


Here are the 8 tracks that will appear on the Darrow Actor Speaks.

(1) Interview - Paul, Avon & Blake's Seven: Producer Mark asks Paul all about Avon, his origins and development and playing the character plus more, this is followed by Paul answering questions sent in by listeners.

(2) 'Sunset In The City' A monologue by Tanith Lee.

(3) Interview - Paul, His Life and Other Work - Paul answers more questions sent in by listeners

(4) 'Kaldor City' - 'The Prisoner' A new short story from Magic Bullet's 'Kaldor City' Universe by Alan Stevens and Fiona Moore - Guest star Peter Miles as 'Landerchild' in a battle of words between him and Iago - Why is Iago found wandering around Landerchild's compound.....?

(5) The King & I - Paul talks all about Elvis Presley

(6) 'The Unwelcome Visitor' a monologue written by Mark J Thompson. The reflections, fears and thoughts of a man plagued by an unwanted squatter......

(7) Interview - Being 60: Paul gives his thoughts on life now he's in his 60's!

(8) 'The Woman In My Dreams' - a short monologue by Mark J Thompson: A lead in to MJTV's proposed new audio series 'The Binding Force'. Paul plays a fugitive in the future who has been hiding away for 30 years, when his lover and enemy suddenly makes contact again...

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