CarolMel AmbassadorThe UnexpectedREBEL DESTINIES #1S3, post-Children; A/C US, 1994.1
AMMRCally's Project AvonCONQUEST #4S2; A/C AU, 1983.9
Leigh ArnoldTangentMAGNIFICENT SEVEN #4alt-S3; A-hc, A/C US, 1987.8
Joelle AugustineA Terrible Thing to WasteSOUTHERN SEVEN #8S3, post- Sarcophagus; A/C US, 1994.5
Sue Wells and Dee BeetemFirst DibsPOWER #2S1; B/J, G/J, A/C, C/V US, 1990
Ruth BermanLanding at KaarnRAISING HELL #4sequel to "Absent Friends;" S5; A/C clone US, 1991
Sarah BerryFingers in My MindHORIZON #12S3-4; C, uc A/C UK, 1988.10
Sue BursztynskiSaturday Night...?CEPHLON ONES1; B/J, A/C, V; humor; inspired by a ST fan story, "What's the Use?" by Irina Malova, in Grope AU, 1984.7
Sue BursztynskiDrink Up Thy SomaTHE SEVEN LIVE ON #1reprinted from LODESTAR #5; S2; A/C ?, J/G ? US, 1988.4
Sue BursztynskiPastoral Scene: Landscape with UnicornTHE SEVEN LIVE ON #1S5; New Wales series; A/C US, 1988.4
Sue BursztynskiThe Dolphin BedCHRONICLES #48New Wales series; S5; ocf/ocm, A/C, V/Kerril AU, 1991.7
Nick CheesemanDeja VuHORIZON #11S5; A-Se; uc A/C UK, 1988.1
Rebecca DonahueCrisis of ConscienceREBEL DESTINIES #1alt S4-5; Ta/Zeeona, So/V, D/ocm, A/C, A/Meegat, A/Se US, 1994.1
Mary A. FallThe Last StoneB7 COMPLEX #2S4, Rescue; A/C death mm but mostly B7; US, 1982.3
Dorian GaleRegretsMAGNIFICENT SEVEN #7S5; A/C US, 1988.11
Linda GerhartUnderground TapesMAGNIFICENT SEVEN #1S3; A/C US, 1983?
Mary GerstnerOceans ApartPOWERPLAY #7S3; uc A/C US, 1990?
Mary GerstnerFrom the AshesSOUTHERN SEVEN #9S3, post-Children, post- Rumours; A/C? US, 1994.5
Kathleen GlancyThe Real ReasonSTANDARD BY SEVEN #7script; alt-S3, alt- Aftermath; B/J, A/C; humor UK, 1980?
Jean GrahamMourningGAMBIT #6S4, Rescue; uc A/C US, 1990.8
Anna Grant: Blood Line [S2]MourningBLOOD LINE & A SEQUEL A/C, past A/ocf and Son of the Father [S5; A-ocm]; UK, 1983.1)
ShoshannaWhat Dreams May ComePOWERPLAY #5S3, post- Sarcophagus; uc A/C US, 1989.4
Marilyn HammondRumours of Death: Before and AfterCHRONICLES #17/18S3, Rumours; uc A/C AU, 1985.1
Adversaries (embedded storyRumours of Death: Before and AfterPita Enriquez Harris, "Between Life and Death" S0; B); The Train; In the Lattice of Memories Which Interweave [or: Intertwine] (embedded story; S5?; A, dream A/C); The Houseguest; In the Lattice of Realities Which Interweave (embedded story; alt-S5-S0; A/Se); The Scriptwriter; Dreams of a Legend (embedded story; alt-S3; B; same universe as "I'm Not Blake" in STAR THREE and "Griffin, Blake" in WHAT ON EARTH HAPPENED TO YOU?); The Convention; On a Lonely World Isolated by Indifference (embedded story; S5-S0; A); The Librarian; The Letter), THE AQUITAR FILES (paper version of web zine; UK, 1996.11)
Peggy HartsookBad BloodTHE SEVEN LIVE ON #4S1; A-hc, uc A/ocf, uc A/C US, 1990.7
Nancy Lynn HayesDeath-ShadowDARK BETWEEN THE STARS #1S5, alt-S4; A-hc, A/Se, A/C US, 1989
Joan HoffmanWatches of the NightSERRATED SEVENS2; A/C dream US, 1993.5
Rachel HoldsworthrelationshipsHORIZON NEWSLETTER #32"relationships" competition honorable mention; script of newscast; S5; A/C; humor nl; UK, 1995.3
James IderelationshipsUNDERCURRENTS, Another Aspect of Blake's 7 part 1 of a projected 3; AATA universe; S3-4-5; A/C, D/Ta; US, 1991)
James IderelationshipsGOING HOME S5; sequel to UNDERCURRENTS; stage adaptation of Quest, part 3 of 3; US, 1992)
JifbyIllusionsKISS OF DEATHS2; A/C, A's brother Terrick & his wife Jifby UK, 1981?
Jifby and NovannaStrong IntentionsKISS OF DEATHalt-S3; uc A/C; "written by Jifby... mucked up or improved by Novanna, depending on how you look at it." UK, 1981?
Mary Ann JohansonFacadeSHADOW IMAGININGS #1S3, post-Rumours; A/C US, 1988.1
Catherine KendallThe Wind Must BlowGAMBIT #12Xiaodan series; S5; D/Ta, A/C US, 1994.11
Carol McCoy & Lorna BreshearsOur Fears and Our DreamingsPATTERN OF INFINITY1960s AU, uc A/C US, 1996
Ann McKannanBetween Two WorldsPATTERN OF INFINITYRoman AU, A/C US, 1996
Susan R. MatthewsBetween Two WorldsTHE MIND OF MAN IS A DOUBLE-EDGED SWORD part 1 of 3; alt-S3-4; A-hc, past A/Anna, A/C, So/V; US, 1983)
Susan MatthewsOctober StoryPOWERPLAY #3Minor Arcana universe; A- hc, A/C US, 1988.7
Tyndara Meffe and Joyce RiffleLord of the DanceB7 COMPLEX #15Red Queen universe; sequel to STRATEGIES [adult; US, 1986]; S3; A/C US, 1988.7
Lord of the Dance 
Deborah MillitelloA Time for Every PurposeOUTER WORLDSS5 novel; A, V, ocs, J, C, uc A/C; (US, 1987)
Deborah MillitelloA Joy SharedOUTER WORLDSS3, Ultraworld - S4, Rescue; A/C US, 1987
Deborah A. MillitelloRebirthFANTASIA #1alt-S4; C, uc A/C mm, but mostly B7; US, 1988.1
<=minds-i-view=>Medicinal PurposesDARK BETWEEN THE STARS #2S3, post-Rumours; A/C US, 1990
<=minds-i-view=>The WallDARK BETWEEN THE STARS #3A/C US, 1991
Jeff & Mary MorrisElvis Is Everywhere!SOUTHERN SEVEN #6S3; A/C; humor US, 1991.10
Mary MouldenCaptivityHORIZON #9S3; C-hc; future A/C? UK, 1986
Michelle R. MoyerParallel LinesTHE SEVEN LIVE ON #9S4; A-Ta, uc C/Ta, uc A/C US, 1995.5
Anne NevilleAfter AnnaCHRONICLES #49/50/51S3; post-Rumours; A/C AU, 1992.1
Pat NussmanWhat Rough Beast?GAMBIT #12S0-S3; A/C US, 1994.11
Pat NussmanThe Mermaid's TalePROBABILITY SQUAREsequel to "Quis Custodiet;" S5; V, A/C US, 1989
Roxie RayTrials and TribbleationsGAMBIT #5S2, post-Shadow; ST crossover; uc A/C; humor US, 1989.12
Roxie RayAnother Kind of DestinyTHE SEVEN LIVE ON #4S1, Mission to Destiny; A/C US, 1990.7
Roxie RaySweet DreamsSOUTHERN SEVEN #7S3, alt-post-Terminal; A/C; humor US, 1992.4
ERDreamscapeINTERFACE #10alt-S3; V-hc, A/C, A-V UK, 1986.3
Judith RollsSecond ChancesHORIZON #21S3, post-Sarcophagus; uc A/C UK, 1998.3
Judith RollsTaking ChancesHORIZON #21sequel to "Second Chances;" S4, Rescue - S3; A/C, past A/J UK, 1998.3
Leah Rosenthal and Ann WorthamThe Thought That CountsB7 COMPLEX #8S2; implied A/C US, 1986.5
Katherine ScarrittNightshadeFIFTH SEASON #4S3-S4, Rescue; A/C US, 1986.8
Judith M. SeamanFruits of the Moon TreeHORIZON #12alt-S2; uc A/J, uc A/V, uc A/C UK, 1988.10
Jean StevensonThe Castle and the RiverFIFTH SEASON #5medieval fantasy AU; B/D, A/C US, 1988.8
Jean L. StevensonSwan Song for a SurvivorFIFTH SEASON #5alt-S2; A/C US, 1988.8
TeddyThe PowerIII 3S3; C, implied A/C UK, 1983
Barbara TennisonOut of the TombSOUTHERN SEVEN #5, vol. 1S3, post-Sarcophagus; A/C US, 1989.7
K. Rae TraversBreaking PointTHE SEVEN LIVE ON #6S4; A, imagined A/C US, 1992.5
Tamara VerbandeAbsolutionMAGNIFICENT SEVEN #7S1, post-SLD; A/C US, 1988.11
Tamara VerbandeReconciliationDESTINY #1S1; C-J, A/C, B/J US, 1991.9
Lee VibberComfortGAMBIT #5S3, post-Ultraworld; A/C US, 1989.12
Lee VibberDanielRAISING HELL #4S1; C/ocm; A/C US, 1991
Laura VirgilSober ThoughtsSOUTHERN SEVEN #5, vol. 1S2; V, A/C; humor US, 1989.7
Janet L. WalkerThe Same AltarRETURN OF THE SEVEN #3alt-S4; B-hc; A/C US, 1989.3
Deborah M. WalshAftershocksB7 COMPLEX #1S3, post-Deathwatch; A/C US, 1981.7
Sylvie WhiteMidnight MemoriesORBIT #6S4; A-V, past uc A/C UK, 1985.8
Sylvie WhiteReflectionsORBIT #7S3, post-Rumours; A/C UK, 1985.10
Deborah WilliamsAll's Fair in LoveFANTASIA #2S3; A/C mm, but mostly B7; US, 1988.8
Ros WilliamsPossible FuturesHORIZON #8part 2 of 2; S5; A/C UK, 1986.3

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