Publisher: Horizon, The Blake's Seven Appreciation Society
Date: 1986 (reprinted December 1988)

Mary Moulden, "Captivity" (S3; C-hc; future A/C?)
Margaret Scroggs, "Flight to Destiny" (S3; B-J)
Ruth Balmer, "A Place in the Country" (S3)
Lee Steadman, "Terminal-- An Epilogue" (S4; Rescue; A-C death)
Felicity Millerd, "The Rainland" (S5; A-V)

Tim Pieraccini front c. S3 crew
p. 18 C
p. 18b J-B; illo for "Flight"
p. 96 A-V; illo for "Rainland"
back c. Se
Kevin Davies p. 18a Liberator
Jo Jobson p. 30 J-B; illo for "Flight"
p. 44a A
p. 50 A-Se
Fliss Davies p. 44b D
Nikki p. 55 C; illo for "Terminal"
Val Leibson p. 95 A

Review by Julia Jones

(2nd print run, 1988)

A5 zine, 96 pages, card cover. Physically well produced, although the print is photo-reduced and those with reading glasses will need to use them. Nice artwork by a variety of artists, and reproduction on most of the art is good.

Captivity - Mary Moulden

S3 action-adventure, with Cally captured by the Federation; Avon and Tarrant deciding that they need specialist skills to rescue her, and trying to retrieve Del Grant from a prison planet; and Dayna and Vila trying to keep the Liberator intact long enough for them to do so. Nothing outstanding, but a good solid story, and a believable reason for bringing back a favourite guest character.

Flight to Destiny - Margaret Scroggs

A version of what happened to Blake and Jenna after they abandoned ship during the battle at Star One. Believable original characters and a plausible story, although it conflicts with Zen's report that he has heard from Blake after the battle.

A Place in the Country - Ruth Balmer

S3 Avon decides that he wants to retire from rebelling. He eventually finds that retirement is boring, and the others find that they can't manage without him. I don't actually find either aspect all that plausible - there's a touch of Avon Ubermensch about this story, and the story isn't entertaining enough to carry it. However, the story's readable.

Terminal - An Epilogue - Lee Steadman

Oh no, it's another Avon finds Cally's not-quite-dead body... Actually, this one's not bad, and it's short (5 pages), so even if you can't bear to ever read another Avon-finds-Cally's-body, it doesn't take up much of the zine.

The Rain Land - Felicity Millerd

PGP novella, with Vila just trying to stay alive, in the company of an Avon whose attitude to staying alive is somewhat variable. The main plot point, that they encounter Avon's brother by chance, and find shelter with him, required some suspension of disbelief on my part. I liked the story, but it may not be to everyone's taste.

Overall, there are some good stories in this zine and no outright duds, plus several excellent pieces of art. Recommended.

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