"POWER" and "POWER 2" were specifically FEMINIST-theme zines

Contents of POWER #1

Editor: Emily McEwan
Publisher: Green Cheese Press
Date: 1989

Alicia Ann Fox, "The Guns of Avalon" (S0; J)
xBryn Lantry, "Cronies" (S4; Se-Cancer)
Emma Abraham, "The President's Daughter" (S4; Zeeona)
Vanessa G. Prineas, "A Diversion" (S2; Star One; J-C)
Peggy Hartsook, "Endgame" (S5; Se-A-So)
Sandy Lyons, "Smuggler's Blues" (S2; J)
Tamara Verbande, "Sisters" (S0; J-So)
Aya Katz, "The Lesson" (S0; Se/Don Keller)
Jeanne DeVore, "Partings" (S3; C-J)
xBryn Lantry, "Lively Ghosts" (S4?; Se-J)

Alyns Lawchilde, "Mercenary's Wages" (Pella)
Shoshanna, "To Zelda" (C)
Kelly Hardin, "Cally"
Alyns Lawchilde, "Remnant" (Giroc & Sinofar)
xBryn Lantry, "Not Terran But Sarran" (D)
Shoshanna, "Auron Song"
Kelly Hardin, "Jenna"
Holly Hutchison, "Modern Women" (f, Modern Woman, by Billy Joel)

Non Fiction:
Emily McEwan, "By the Light of the Moon" (editorial)

Dani Lane cover Se
Lynne A. Witten p. 1 C, Liberator
Adrian Morgan p. 7 J
p. 47 So
Kathryn Andersen p. 11 C
p. 83 Se
p. 84 J
Kate Knepper p. 14 Cancer
p. 16 Se
Mary Gerstner p. 36 C
Linda Fairbanks p. 87 J
p. 91 C
Ruth Landry p. 95 "My Steel Queen" (Egrorian)
? back c. A-C

Contents of POWER #2

Editor: Emily McEwan
Publisher: Peg Kennedy and Bill Hupe, for Green Cheese Press
Date: 1990

Cami, "Half the Victory" (S4; A-So)
Ellen Levine, "A Question of Trust" (S1; J-C)
xBryn Lantry, "The Terra Nostra Conspiracy" (S2; post- Shadow; J)
Sue Wells and Dee Beetem, "First Dibs" (S1; B/J, G/J, A/C, C/V)

xBryn Lantry, "Gravity Traps" (reprinted from Chronicles Annual 88; S4; J)
Aya Katz, "I've Been Supreme Commander" (f, I've Never Been to Me)
Melissa Mastoris, "Mutual Mistrust" (S4; So)

Non Fiction:
Emily McEwan, "By the Light of the Moon" (editorial)

Tamara Verbande cover D, So, J, C
Tanje p. 1 D (title page)
p. 4 J
p. 50 J-C
p. 53 So (back cover)
Lynne A. Witten p. 7 A-So
p. 16 A-So
Linda Fairbanks p. 22 J-C

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