Editor: Jean Graham
Publisher: Peacock Press
Date: November, 1994

Judith M. Seaman, "Mirror of Gestures" (pre-S1)
C.K. Smith, "Plans for a Stormy Night" (pre-S1)
Alan Moravian, "Wanted: An Enemy" (pre-S1)
Lorna Breshears, "Heavy Petting" (S2; sequel to "Fool's Gambit Declined", G8)
Leslie Boucher, "The Mines of Wymar" (S2)
Judith M. Seaman, "Liability for Harm" (S2)
C.K. Smith, "Parable" (S2)
Patti E. McClellan, "Alien Philosophy" (S2)
Pat Jacquerie, "What Rough Beast?" (S3)
Rebecca Ann Brothers, "Riders on the Storm" (alt-S3; sequel to "Promises Kept")
Jean B. Hubb, "A Charitable Man" (S3)
Michelle R. Moyer, "The Night Hunter" (S3)
Alice Aldridge, "Picking Up the Pieces" (alt-S3; Jenna-Travis series)
Sondra Sweigman, "After the First Death" (S4; sequel to "Aftermath: Blake's Story" & "Par for the Curse")
Patricia Blasi, "Intervention" (S4)
CarolMel Ambassador, "Back Fire" (S5; "Trophy" universe)
Curtiss Hoffman, "Exaggerated Rumors" (S5)
S.R. Mowatt, "Day of the Bounty Hunter (Part 2)" (S5; sequel to "Day of the Bounty Hunter", G10)
Judith Proctor, "Justice" (S5)
April Giordano-Gresalfi, "What the Night Can Do" (S5)
Helen Parkinson, "Experimental Data" (S5)
Catherine Kendall, "The Wind Must Blow" (S5)
Alicia Ann Fox, "Dissolution" (S5)
Cheufell Doshier, "Vila's Tall Tale: The Vacation"
Cheufell Doshier, "Vila's Tall Tale: The Pot Gets Even"

Jean Graham, "Editor's Bit"
ORmAC, "Transformations" (puzzle)
Nancy Dziergowski, "Who Said?" (puzzle)
ORmAC, "Blake's World" (puzzle)
ORmAC & Mark II, "Flight Path" (puzzle)
Letters of Comment
Puzzle answers
Zine ads

Anonymous, "My Bird"
Nancy Dziergowski, "Liberator"
Melissa Mastoris, "The Last Auron"
Melissa Mastoris, "Cally's Thoughts on Avon"
Melissa Mastoris, "Opposite Sides"
Melissa Mastoris, "Echo"
Melissa Mastoris, "The Great Illusion"
Judith Proctor, "One in Ten Thousand" (filk)
Judith Proctor, "The Spirit of the Seven" (filk)
Judith Proctor, "Avon's Love Life" (filk)
Judith Proctor, "Fearless Leader" (filk)
Judith Proctor, "Final Thoughts" (filk)
Judith Proctor, "Seeking Cygnus Alpha" (filk)
Judith Proctor, "The Bitter Taste of Ashes"
Jacqui Topp, "Jenna's Lament"
Jacqui Topp, "A Damn Fool Way to Die"
Jacqui Topp, "Strategies"
Jacqui Topp, "Broken Ice"
Michael Williams, "A New-Spawned Earth"
Michael Williams, "A Torture of Vila"
Michael Williams, "An Avon Lament"
Michael Williams, "The Dream Weaver Hold"

Lucia Casarella Moore front c. (A-V-Ta)
p. 5 Kerrill-V
p. 118 Anna-A
p. 158 B-A
p. 173 A-Anna-Se
Fliss Davies p. 38 V
p. 48 B
p. 70 B-trooper
p. 73 C
p. 90 A-Anna
p. 97 Ta-V-So-D-A
p. 113 V
p. 122 V
p. 127 Tr-Se
p. 147 B-A
p. 163 So
p. 167 Se
p. 183 B-A
p. 199 A
p. 235 D-Ta, illo for "The Wind Must Blow"
p. 256 So
Cheufell Doshier p. 258 illo for "Vila's Tall Tale: The Vacation"
p. 259 illo for "Vila's Tall Tale: The Vacation"
p. 262 illo for "Vila's Tall Tale: The Vacation"
p. 264 illo for "Vila's Tall Tale: The Pot Gets Even"
p. 269 illo for "Vila's Tall Tale: The Pot Gets Even"
Mary Gerstner p. 208 A, illo for "What the Night Can Do"
Jean B. Hubb p. 99 J-A, illo for "A Charitable Man"
p. 104 A-B, illo for "A Charitable Man"
Denise Loague p. 25 cartoon "Servalan Wants You"
p. 66 J, illo for "My Bird"
p. 262 cartoon "The Servalan Doll"
S.R. Molnar p. 179 illo for "Day of the Bounty Hunter"
p. 187 illo for "Day of the Bounty Hunter"
Leah Rosenthal p. 43 V-B-A Bizarro cartoon
p. 81 A-B-V, illo for "Riders on the Storm"
p. 170 D Bizarro cartoon
Jacqui Topp p. 23 B
p. 192 A
Val Westall Back Cover (A)
p. 7 A
p. 8 V-A
p. 10 J-A, A
p. 12 A-C
p. 13 V-A-C
p. 16 A-B
p. 19 A
p. 20 C-A
p. 29 A
p. 47 A, illo for "The Mines of Wymar"
p. 53 V-A
p. 56 A
p. 58 B-A
p. 60 A
p. 61 B-A
p. 65 A
p. 68 V-A, illo for "Alien Philosophy"
p. 70 A, illo for "Alien Philosophy"
p. 76 A
p. 84 A
p. 87 A
p. 116 A
p. 134 A
p. 154 A
p. 160 Ta-A
p. 174 A
p. 196 A
p. 210 A, illo for "What the Night Can Do"
p. 213 A
p. 215 A, illo for "Experimental Data"
p. 217 A, illo for "Experimental Data"
p. 224 A, illo for "Experimental Data"
p. 229 A
p. 253 A
p. 274 A
p. 275 A

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