Southern Seven #7

Mini Review By Sarah Thompson

My favorite story in this issue is "The Desperados," in which a Gauda Prime housewife encounters three desperate men. I like the device of seeing our familiar characters through the eyes of a stranger.

Remember that idea about Servalan in a brothel? Well, here's an example, in "Naughty Girls;" but it's voluntary, and the story is mainly for laughs. And of course to give Leah the chance to draw A and B in their undies! (Avon, as the story informs us and the illo faithfully shows, wears black leather briefs; Blake favors polka-dot boxer shorts.)

And of course there's a nice fat juicy chunk of Hellhound. My one complaint: fond as I am of Suzan Lovett's art in general, I don't like the way she does Hellhound Avon. His hair is too short for my taste. (I have the same complaint about this season's haircut for Sheridan in B5. Super-short hair is fine on women, but on men, ick!) But Katrina Larkin's own illos are very nice, showing us the authoritative version of what the various characters look like. Her style has made great progress since the earlier issues.

The Log of the Heckhound cartoon is priceless.

Oh, and I love the "FSA Final Exam" and its very funny cartoon illos.


Editor: Ann Wortham
Publisher: Ashton Press (Altamonte Springs, FL)
Date: April 1992

Shannon, "Wheels within Wheels" (S0; oc-B)
Tyndara Meffe, "Deathsong" (AU; KTD universe)
Anne Collins Smith, "Subterfuge" (S2; A-hc)
Barbara Tennison, "Rich Man, Poor Man, Joker, Thief" (S1; A-B)
Michelle Lelouche, "Naughty Girls Need Love Too" (S1?; A- B-Se; humor)
Roxie Ray, "Sweet Dreams" (S3; alt-post-Terminal; A/C; humor)
Kristy Merrill, "Ghosts" (S3)
Jean Lorrah, "Long Remember" (S5; Se, O)
Robert Collins, "Forgive Me All My Sins" (S5; A)
Cheree Cargill, "File Closed" (S4; Blake; A-Se)
Pam Auditore, "Heaven" (S5; V)
H. S. Levijoki, "The Desperados" (S5; A-V-Ta-ocf)
CarolMel Ambassador, "Survivors" (Allies series, part 1; S5; A-Se)
Kathryn Andersen, "Transaction" (S4?; D-V dialogue)
Katrina Larkin and Susanne Tilley, "From the Log of the Hellhound, Book VI: Sins of the Fathers; The Stand; Deceit" (S5)

Letters of Comment
Roxie Ray, "Federation Space Academy Final Exam" (humor)

Anne Collins Smith, "You Got the Hook" (f, You Got the Look, by Prince)
Sharyn Sobel & Diana Klopf, "Waltzing with Bears" (f, Waltzing with Bears)
Anne Collins Smith, "Gambit" (f, Branded)
Shannon, "Deliverance"
Jacqueline Taero, "Only Mistaken"
Mary L. Orwig, "Mutoid's Lullaby" (f, Monster's Lullaby)
Jeff & Mary Morris, "Vila Nearly Got Pushed Out an Airlock" (f, Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer)
Jacqueline Taero, "The Birthing"
Mary Gerstner, "Wishes" (f, Wishing You Were Somehow Here Again, from Phantom of the Opera)
Aya Katz, "Countdown" (f, The Rose)
Mary L. Orwig, "The Psychopath Song" (f, the Lumberjack Song, by Monty Python)

Mariann Howarth cover Hellhound Ta
p. 19 teddy bear cartoon
p. 26 illo for "Deathsong"
p. 32 illo for "Deathsong"
p. 63 A
Adrian Morgan p. 1 V
p. 14 A-B cartoon
p. 15 dinosaur cartoon
p. 132 Hellhound A
p. 171 Helhound A
Leah Rosenthal p. 6 A-B GP cartoon
p. 9 Florida cartoon
p. 12 SS5 in mail cartoon
p. 16 A-V cartoon
p. 17 50s B-Se cartoon
p. 24 Liberator and Scorpio
p. 43 Bizarro (?) B-Tr cartoon
p. 49 cartoon illo for "Waltzing"
p. 52 Se as stripper; illo for "Naughty Girls"
p. 54 A-B in underwear; illo for "Naughty Girls"
p. 72 cartoon illo for "Vila Nearly Got..."
p. 115 cartoon illo for "The Psychopath Song"
p. 181 Se, ocs; HH illo
p. 187 Rakhiel & Denys; HH illo
p. 194 HH illo
p. 198 Heckhound cartoon
p. 201 Hellhound Orac cartoon
Randym p. 8 V-Ta cartoon
p. 67 illo for "Ghosts"
pp. 91-100 cartoon illos for "FSA Final Exam"
Picasso p. 21 Hellhound D
Samantha Hayman p. 34 G
p. 106 A-V
Annette Hall p. 37 A-C; illo for "Subterfuge"
Jane Mailander p. 41 Bloom County cartoon
p. 116 Bloom County cartoon
Sheila Paulson p. 47 A-B
p. 79 B
p. 90 V
Gayle Feyrer p. 57 A/C
Laura Virgil p. 59 C
p. 77 Se
Kathryn Andersen p. 74 Se
p. 81 A with beard
p. 86 Se
p. 113 A
Mary Gerstner p. 88 C
Kate Knepper p. 105 Ta
p. 111 Se
Katrina Larkin pp. 118-120 Hellhound tps
p. 136 HH illo
p. 144 HH A
p. 146 Dafydd; HH illo
p. 147 HH illo; tp
p. 149 Bo Brody; HH illo
p. 164 HH illo
p. 168 HH illo
p. 178 HH illo; tp
Suzi Lovett p. 124 Hellhound illo
p. 155 Dafydd & Sevran; HH illo
Theresa Buffaloe p. 153 Hellhound A
p. 166 Hellhound B

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