Editors: K. Rae Travers and Sophia Mulvey
Publisher: Bearly Spaced Enterprises
Date: July 25, 1990

Patricia Russo, "Necessary Survival" (S5, alt-S4)
K. Ann Yost, "Zenova" (S1-S3; A-Z)
Roxie Ray, "Consummate Professionals" (S4; V/So)
Peggy Hartsook, "Bad Blood" (S1; A-hc; uc A/ocf, uc A/C)
Roxie Ray, "Another Kind of Destiny" (S1; Mission to Destiny; A/C)
Irene Stubbs, "A Likely Story" (S5; Se-Arlen)
Sue Williams, "Race Against Time" (S1)
Leokadija, "The Rest of the Story" (S5; A-V)
Jennifer Smallwood, "A Different Reality" (alt S3-4, alt-Terminal; A)
Bobbie Stankiewicz, "Venom" (S2; A-hc)

K. Rae & Sophia, "Dear Reader"
Listings: clubs and organizations, miscellaneous, video tapes, zines

Jackie Black, "Stealin's Quicker"
Anne Collins Smith, "Justin"
Melissa Mastoris, "Dance of Madness"
Anne Collins Smith, "Rebellion Leader" (f, Daydream Believer, by the Monkees)
Melissa Mastoris, "Soolin"
Anne Collins Smith, "When We Had Gan" (f, When We Were Fab, by George Harrison)
Melissa Mastoris, "Never Practical" (Ta-Deeta)
Anne Collins Smith, "Man & Machine" (A-O)
K. Avon, "Between the Lines" (f, Between the Lines, by Phil Collins)
Helen Parkinson, "Questions"
Helen Parkinson, "Just Beneath the Surface"

Maggie Holmes cover B-A-V
p. 14 V
p. 81 Ta
p. 110 J
K. Rae Travers p. i tp: Liberator, Scorpio, Challenger
p. iii "Bearing It Together"
p. 5 O
p. 6 D
p. 43 illo for "A Likely Story"
p. 64 Ta
p. 78 V
Fiona Ellem p. 4 GP B
p. 41 Se
p. 74 A, V
p. 99 A
p. 120 C
p. 134 V
Leigh Moto'oka p. 11 A; illo for "Zenova"
p. 34 A/C
Sue L. Williams p. 18 C
p. 29 A
p. 36 V
p. 46 B
p. 53 A-B
p. 152 A, V
p. 153 A-V
Theresa Condon p. 78 A
p. 132 G

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