Editor: Sheila Willis
Date: July 1982

Gail Pittaway, "What Be the Price of Trust" (S5; A/Se)
Robin L. Belyea, "The Thought That Counts" (S2)
Linda Melnick, "Re-Naissance" (S5; A-hc)
Sandy Hall, "You Can't Go Home" (S4-S5; alt-Blake)
Sandy Hall, "The Liberator-ed Princess" (S1; humor)
Sheila Willis, "Fire and Ice" (S5; episode 1)
Sheila Willis, "Calliope" (S5; episode 2)

Sheila Willis, "Editor's Notes"
Robyn Kevelson Burnside, "Episode Guide" (S4)

Sheila Willis, "The Prisoner" (song)
Gail Pittaway, "Like the Night"
Erin Jahr-Strom, "Silver Swords" (song)
Erin Jahr-Strom, "Song of the Kirith-Rah" (song)
Kathryn Yount, "Tarrant's Theme" (song)

T. J. Burnside front c. S4 crew
Patricia Cash p. 28 A, B
Mary Bloemker p. 33 A, B
p. 46 A
p. 51 D, So
p. 54 D
p. 59 V, So
Robin L. Belyea p. 35 illo for "The Thought"
p. 36 illo for "The Thought"
p. 37 illo for "The Thought"
p. 39 illo for "The Thought"
p. 41 illo for "The Thought"
p. 72 illo for "You Can't"
p. 83 illo for "You Can't"
p. 89 B
p. 100 V, A
p. 112 Damien (ocm)
Sheila Willis p. 142 D
back c. B, J


Editor: Sheila Willis
Co-editors: Kathryn Yount, Robyn Burnside
Publisher: Spice Press (Greenbelt, MD)
Date: May 1983

Sheila Willis, "Loitering With Intent" (S5; episode 3)
Kathy Hintze, "If the Spirits Are Willing" (S5)
Sandy Hall, "Easy to Be Hard" (S3)
Sheila Paulson, "The Mirapi" (S1; A-hc)
Janet L. Walker, "The Return of Blake" (S5; humor)
Susan R. Matthews, "Berserksganger" (narrative poem; S5; A-Ta)
Kathy Hintze, "A Thief's Pride" (S2; V)
Sandy Hall, "Another Fine Mess" (S1; AU humor)
Janet L. Walker, "...And Still Blake" (S5)
JoLynn Horvath, "Friendly Drink" (S1)
Sheila Willis, "Water, Water" (S5; episode 4; D-hc)
Gail Pittaway, "Phantom Snowball" (S4; V)
Brenda Callagher, "Double Cross" (S3)
Sandy Hall, "The Scars That Won't Heal" (alt-S4)
Eileen Dougherty, "Saraba" (S4; Blake)
Janet L. Walker, "Final Episode" (S5)

Susan R. Matthews, "Speak Gently, Sweet Avon" (f, Flow Gently, Sweet Afton)
Kat Yount, "Avon/Unspoken"
Kat Yount, "Dayna/Dream"

Sheila Willis, "Editor's Page"
Pat Cash, "A Blake's Seven Primer (or Mr. Roj's Neighborhood)" (humor)
Eileen Dougherty, "Blake's 7th" (list of frequency of appearances of characters)
Zine ads and con ads

Pat Cash front c. A-B & others
p. 55 C, V
p. 63 A-Ta
back c. shadows of front c.
Kat Yount p. 7 illo for "Loitering"
Robin Belyea p. 31 B and others
Sheila Willis p. 37 V
p. 43 Ta
p. 51 A-D
p. 102 V
p. 109 Tr
p. 295 D
Willis & Yount p. 183 A
Rene Steiner? p. 71 winged unicorn
p. 128 unicorn
Deb Walsh p. 74 V; illo for "Mirapi"
p. 77 C; illo for "Mirapi"
p. 85 A; illo for "Mirapi"
p. 93 A
p. 94 A; illo for "Berserk"
p. 97 Ta; illo for "Berserk"
? p. 120 Liberator
T. J. Burnside p. 180 D
p. 204 A
p. 213 A-Ta
p. 220 J-V
p. 251 A-J
p. 285 A-B
Mary Bloemker? p. 276 Se


Editor: Sheila Willis
Co-editors: Kathryn Yount, Robyn Burnside, Laura Peck

JoLynn Horvath, "The Collector" (S3; A-hc)
Gaiol Pittaway, "Thump! Thump! Thump!" (S4; humor)
Sandy Hall, "The Ties That Bind I" (S4; D-hc)
Sandy Hall, "The Ties That Bind II" (S4; A-D)
JoLynn Horvath, "Comfort" (S1; A-hc)
Nabby Lee, "Price of Passage" (S5?; A)
Sandy Hall, "And Another Fine Mess" (S4; AU humor)
Kat Yount, "The Long Fall" (S4; post-Orbit; V-D)
Sheila Willis, "Two Steps Back" (S5; episode 5)
Sheila Willis, with Kat Yount, "Nightmares" (S5; episode 6)
Susan R. Matthews, "The Ultimate Alternative" (A/various others; humor)

Pat Cash, Limericks
Kat Yount, "Warning!"

Sheila Willis, "Editor's Notes"
"Federated Worlds Insurance Company" claim report (humor)
Zine ads, con ads

Deb Walsh front c. Scorpio crew on stairs
back c. back view of front
Pat Cash p. 27 D (halftone)
p. 29 Se
p. 36 A-D
p. 48 A
p. 49 Bodie & Doyle (zine ad)
p. 80 ocm based on Doyle (halftone)
p. 84 Damien (ocm; halftone)
p. 88 B, J (halftone)
p. 96 A (halftone)
p. 106 So (halftone)
p. 109 Ta (halftone)
p. 118 D (halftone)
p. 122 Damien (ocm)
p. 125 A
Nancy Kolar pp. 31-33 cartoon illos for "Thump!"
pp. 66,68 cartoon illos for "Mess"
Robin Belyea p. 38 A
p. 55 illo fot "Ties II"
Sheila Willis p. 60 So
p. 126 self-portrait
Peter Zale p. 104 ocf


Editor: Sheila Willis
Publisher: Spice Press (Greenbelt, MD)
Date: August 1986

Sandy Hall, "Taking Liberty, or Avon's Revenge" (S4; humor)
Louisiana Bailey and A. Toyten Banks, "Cuckoo" (S2; B/oc; humor)
Sandy Hall, "Ghosts" (S4; A/D)
Leah Rosenthal and Ann Wortham, "Furry Tail" (S2; A as cat, V as dog; humor)
Sandy Hall, "Still Another Fine Mess" (S5; Fine Mess story 3; AU humor)
Katherine Scaritt, "Nightshade" (S3-S4; Rescue; A/C)
Leah Rosenthal, "Band on the Run" (S5; Bizarro Seven universe; humor)
Susan R. Matthews, "Deus Ex Machina" (S5)
Sandy Hall, "Conscience" (S1)
Sandy Hall, "Yet Another Fine Mess" (S5; Fine Mess story 4; AU humor)
Sheila Willis, with Kat Yount, "Coda" (S5; episode 7; A/D)
Sheila Willis and Kat Yount, "Secrets" (S5; episode 8; A/D)

Holly Horseman, "Watching Blake's Seven" (f, Waltzing Matilda)
Susan R. Matthews and Sheila Willis, "Dune Walker"
Marjorie McKenna, "Blake!"
Marion McChesney, "Emptiness"
Karin L. Zygowicz, "Shattered Immortality"
Kat Yount, "Care to Know"

Sheila Wilis, "Editor's Page"
Denise Hable, "A Blakes 7 Nursery Rhyme" (parody of The House That Jack Built; humor)
Zine ads

TACS front c. D, Ta, So, A, V, B
p. 6 cartoon illo for "Taking"
p. 22 cartoon illo for "Taking"
p. 28 cartoon illo for "Taking"
p. 35 cartoon illo for "Taking"
p. 38 cartoon illo for "Cuckoo"
p. 56 ghosts
p. 61 cartoon illo for "Furry"
p. 66 necklace
p. 72 A-B cartoon
p. 105 guitar & drum
p. 118 A/D (halftone); illo
p. 152 D as child; illo
p. 162 child D & Bodie; illo
p. 177 A-D; illo
p. 187 ocms; illo
p. 195 A/D (halftone); illo
p. 198 A-B; illo
back c. D
Leah Rosenthal p. 5 cartoon illo for "Watching"
p. 100 cartoon illo for "Band"
p. 102 cartoon illo for "Band"
p. 104 cartoon illo for "Band"
Pat Cash p. 46 illo for "Dune Walker"
p. 80 A
p. 88 C
p. 97 A
p. 141 V (halftone)
T. J. Burnside p. 48 D
p. 54 A/D
Denise Habel pp. 73-78 cartoon illos for "A Blakes
7 Nursery Rhyme"
Spurlock p. 109 Se
p. 125 A
p. 131 A-B, O
Peter Zale p. 150 ocf (also in #3)
Kate Nuernberg p. 172 A


Editor: Sheila Willis
Date: August 1988

Joan Hoffman, "Worse Than Useless" (S2; A-V-hc)
Mary Alice Wuerz, "Sea Change" (S1)
Jean Stevenson, "The Castle and the River" (AU; B/D, A/C)
Alex Delicado, "The Turning Point" (alt-S4; part 1 of ?)
Jane E. Sibley, "Happy Birthday" (S?; Susan Matthews universe; humor)
Toni Lay, "Aftermath II" (S5)
Jeff Morris, "Never Frighten a Little Man" (S3; post- City; V-Ta; humor)
Sandy Hall, "Nevertheless, Another Fine Mess" (S4; AU humor)
Alex Delicado, "A Matter of Time" (alt-S4; part 2 of ?)
Dee Beetem and Renee Couture, "Ill Met on Malodaar" (S5; A-Ta)
Mary Robertson, "What Dreams May Come" (S3; post-Rumours; A-C)
Susan R. Matthews, "The Wait" (narrative poem; S4; B)
Mary Alice Wuerz, "As the Gentle Rain" (S5)
Jean L. Stevenson, "Swan Song for a Survivor" (alt-S2; A/C)
Jeff Morris, "The Long Run" (S5; V/Kerril, B/J)
Dee Beetem and Renee Couture, "Till Death Do Us Part"
(S5; sequel to "Ill Met on Malodaar;" B-V)
Mary Robertson, "Student Driver" (early S1; A)
Sandy Hall, "A Likely Story" (S1; B/J; humor)
Sheila Willis, "No Difference" (alt-S4; post-Animals; part 1 of ?)

Tyndara Meffe, "Endgame"

Sheila Willis, "Ed's Orial"
Zine ads

Suzane Lovett front c. A-Se fantasy (color)
back c. A-B fantasy (color)
p. 48 same as front (halftone)
p. 198 A, dragon (halftone)
TACS p. 4 V
p. 16 C, J, B
p. 26 V
p. 104 A
p. 168 V
p. 178 A
p. 192 A
Leah Rosenthal p. 36 illo for "Sea Change"
p. 41 illo for "Sea Change"
p. 82 cartoon illo for "Birthday"
Tim (Pieracini?) p. 93 Se
Pat Cash p. 122 B
p. 147 J


Editor: Sheila Willis
Publisher: Spice Press (Monroeville, PA)
Date: May 1990

Alex Delicado, "Puppet Master" (S2, alt-S4; part 3 of ?)
Kat Yount, "Mandala" (S5)
Kat Yount, "What Is Gone Is Gone" (S5; sequel to "Mandala")
Sheila Willis, "Interlude" (S5; extra story in series; D- hc)
Sheila Willis, "Colfax" (S5; episode 6; A/D)
Sheila Willis, "Dreams That Never Were" (S5; episode 1; A/D)

Kat Yount, "The Piper" (music from "The Piper" by Bjorn Ulvaeus)
Roberta Rogow, "Liberator Journey: Avon Calling" (f, Sentimental Journey)

Zine ads, con ads

Robin Wood cover D fantasy (color)
Karen River p. 6 Se
p. 15 C
p. 25 Ta
p. 34 Se
p. 36 C
p. 41 J
p. 52 D
p. 64 A
p. 72 C
p. 75 B
p. 82 Orbit (halftone)
p. 88 D
p. 94 B (halftone)
p. 99 So
p. 105 V
p. 126 A
p. 130 A in Aftermath (halftone)
Robin Belyea p. 62 B and others
Sheila Willis p. 148 self-portrait

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