The Blake's 7 Costume Index

Compiled by Jean Graham

Now with pictures of most costumes, and a few corrections.

Costumes with pictures:


Winner of the costume derby for most changes is Avon, with 32, followed by a Servalan (28) and a tied Vila and Cally, at 27 each. Soolin had the fewest, but still wins the award for most hairstyle changes in a single season.

Impossible Costume Changes:

Vila is wearing an off-white, side-buttoned 'Russian' style costume when the crew are stranded on Terminal. In "Rescue," however, he's suddenly clad in his brown & white outfit from "Ultraworld." How'd he smuggle that off the Liberator? By packing it inside Orac?

(Mary C. Radich noticed this one:) In 'The Keeper,' Jenna changes from her tight red leather pantsuit to the long red bridal gown, and is whisked off planet still in the gown (though she was wearing the slacks when Gola keeled over). The entire pantsuit is back in 'Star One.' Maybe it folded up very very small and she carried it back to Liberator in her pocket??? What? Medieval gowns didn't have pockets? I guess that leaves only one other place she could possibly have hidden it...

Judith's comment. The planet Helotrix was obviously where the wardrobe room when when Liberator blew up as several old costumes are being worn by the natives in addition to the recycled Avon outfit that Tarrant borrows (and magically changes out of before telporting back to Liberator). Is Dayna wearing Vinni's outfit from 'Deathwatch'? One of the rebels appears to have Max's outfit from the same episode.

My Nominations for Best & Worst Costumes (per character)

Avon:Best:A8: The silver-white 'Silver Alpha' tunic from 'Shadow'
Worst:A25: The aforementioned bullfighter costume from 'Death Watch'
Blake:Best:B2: The 'Robin Hood' look.
WorstB11: The hospital gown (he has knobby knees!)
Vila:Best:V2: The multi-colored tunic with the planet on the back.
Worst:V8: The brown plastic bug suit from 'Killer.'
Jenna:Best:J10: Blue gown w/starburst brooches.
Worst:Jenna didn't really have a worst costume!
Cally:Best:C18: The grey pantsuit with black 'flame' design.
Worst:C1: Her red combat fatigues.
Gan:Best:G2: His first season outfit with the macrame sleeves.
Worst:G1: The brown vest & shirt from 'Space Fall'/'Cygnus Alpha.'
Tarrant:Best:TA11: The outfit in 'Death Watch.'
Worst:TA9: The red bedsheets from 'Sarcophagus.'
Dayna:Best:D1: Her white toga with blue edging from 'Aftermath.'
Worst:D11: Her blue chiffon bedsheets from 'Sarcophagus.'
Soolin:Best:SO1: The grey pantsuit with white piping.
Worst:SO5: The overalls from 'Warlord.'
Servalan:Best:S7: White gown with the 'salamander' from 'Pressure Point.'
Worst:S13: Dayna's purple dress.
Travis:Best:T5: The green & black caped affair from 'Gambit.'
Worst:T4: The 'mummy' costume in 'Voice From the Past.'
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