The Jenna Costume Index

Compiled by Jean Graham

J1Dark grey top, purple belt, glitter shoulders, boots.The Way Back, Space Fall, Cygnus Alpha.
J2Flower petal top w/red or pink slacks.Cygnus Alpha, Time Squad, Seek-Locate-Destroy, Breakdown.
J3Red dress w/colored petal collar & belt.The Web, Mission to destiny.
J4Black top w/white star pattern.Duel, Project Avalon, Project Avalon, Bounty, Deliverance.
J5Red & pink hooded parka w/v-front.Duel, Project Avalon, Deliverance.
J6Red silky v-neck.Orac.
J7Black & white 'carpet' pattern tunic.Redemption, Hostage.
J8Purple tunic draped over black bodysuit.Shadow.
J9White karate ghi.Shadow.
J10Deep blue gown w/starburst brooches on each shoulder.Weapon, Pressure Point, Countdown.
J11Pink split 'gauzy' tunic over white bodysuit.Horizon, Pressure Point. With blue gauze: Killer.
J12Red & white leather jumpsuit.Trial, Voice From the Past, The Keeper, Star One.
J13Long black evening gown.Gambit.
J14Red 'bridal' gown.The Keeper.

My Nominations for Best & Worst Costumes (per character)

Best:J10: Blue gown w/starburst brooches.
Worst:Jenna didn't really have a worst costume!

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Last updated on 16th of February 2005.