The Travis Costume Index

Compiled by Jean Graham

T1Black leather 'gladiator' uniform.Seek-Locate-Destroy, Duel, Project Avalon, Deliverance, Orac.
T2Black fur coat.Project Avalon.
T3Black 'corrugated' uniform.Weapon, Pressure Point, Trial, Hostage, Star One.
T4Green cape & 'mummy' bandages.Voice From the Past.
T5Black cloak & hat over green & black outfit. (Travis Capote.)Gambit, The Keeper.
T6Grey cloak over T3.Star One.
My Nominations for Best & Worst Costumes

Best:T5: The green & black caped affair from 'Gambit.'
Worst:T4: The 'mummy' costume in 'Voice From the Past.'

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Last updated on 16th of February 2005.