The Blake's 7 Costume Index

Compiled by Jean Graham

Episode List For Quick Reference

1The Way Back27Aftermath
2Space Fall28Powerplay
3Cygnus Alpha29Volcano
4Time Squad30Dawn of the Gods
5The Web31The Harvest of Kairos
6Seek-Locate-Destroy32City at the Edge of the World
7Mission to Destiny33Children of Auron
8Duel34Rumours of Death
9Project Avalon35Sarcophagus
18Pressure Point44Animals
23Voice From the Past49Gold
25The Keeper51Warlord
26Star One52Blake


B1Green V-neck tunic over fawn shirt.Worn in episodes 1-4.
B2Robin Hoodish costume with patterned sleeves.Episodes 5-10, 12 & 13.
B3Green hooded parka with V front. 5, 6, 8, 9, 11, 13.
B4Brown & green outfit w/ huge puff sleeves ("watermelon suit"). 14, 15, 17, 20.
B5White karate ghi.15.
B6Green v-line vest over brown shirt.16, 18, 19, 22, 23.
B7White puff-sleeved shirt with v-neck.17.
B8Silver & white fatigues (surface outfit.)21.
B9Helmetted white space suit.23.
B10Flapped green vest over brown shirt.21, 24-26.
B11White hospital gown. 39.
B12Bounty hunter: dirty grey quilt over used-to-be-white shirt.52.


A1Grey tunic with pockets over grey shirt.1-3.
A2Yellow-banded brown top over brown turtleneck.4.
A3Black 'push-button' costume over grey shirt.5-10, 12.
A4Blue hooded parka with v front.5, 6.
A5Dark green & black with silver striping.11, 13.
A6White snow jacket with black piping.12, 13, 26.
A7Black leather with single line of silver studs.14, 20.
A8Silver/white tunic. (AKA 'Silver Alpha.')15, 17, 24, 33.
A9White karate ghi.15.
A10Black sweater/shirt (usually worn under other costumes.)16, 30.
A11Red quilted leather outfit.16, 18, 22, 30.
A12Grey leather with panels, front zipper.19, 21, 23, 25-28.
A13Brown vinyl 'bug' suit.20.
A14Silver & white fatigues (surface outfit.)21, 22.
A15Black ghi, open-necked.23.
A16Hal Mellanby's black shirt/pjs.27.
A17Black suede w/shiny black leather banding, belted.29, 34.
A18Green 2-tone surface fatigues w/buckles.31.
A19Green suede w/grey leather panels, black trim, v front.32.
A20Black w/grey corduroy shoulders, black leather v front.33.
A21Grey prison coverall w/plastic multicolored shoulder band.34.
A22Black with white trim, some studs, short top.35, 37.
A23Black 'bed sheets.'35.
A24Brown studded medieval-style w/pirate buckle over black sweater.36.
A25Black leather 'toreador' w/horse-collar shoulders. ('Tugboat Avon')38.
A26Glossy black leather w/wide silver v on front.39.
A27Black studded jacket, 'scalloped' shoulders (sometimes worn over A26)39, 40.
A28Black leather & studs w/white panels at chest.40-45, 50-52.
A29Blue spacesuit w/gold trim, 'Spartan'-style helmet.45.
A30Black & white costume with circular white striping at collar. 46-49.
A31Shiny blue 'zVp' coverall.49.
A32Grey/green panelled coverall/fatigues.51.


V1Mauve shirt w/multi-colored overtunic.1-4.
V2Brown/red/black jacket w/planet on back, leather buckles.5-13.
V3Red hooded parka w/v front (sometimes over thermals.)6, 9, 12, 13.
V4Grey chamois with cream-colored slacks.14, 18.
V4aGrey chamois with leather slacks.20.
V4bGrey chamois with dove grey suede slacks.22, 23.
V5Fawn-colored chamois outfit.15, 17.
V6Black ghi top.16.
V7Brown zippered jacket.19, 21, 24, 26-28.
V8Brown vinyl 'bug' suit.20.
V9Silver/white fatigues (surface outfit.)21.
V102-tone brown suede.25.
V11'Fool' costume.25.
V12Cream drawstring shirt, black belt.28, 29.
V13Orange loose jacket w/brown sleeve trim, brown overcoat.30.
V14Gold spacesuit.30.
V15Grey & white surface clothes w/yellow trim.31.
V16Grey quilted crossover top over grey turtleneck.32.
V17Brown loose-sleeved tunic, darker brown belt, layered shoulders.33, 34.
V18Grey w/red epaulets, no belt.35.
V19Red zigzag-edged 'bedsheets.'35.
V20Buff & cream shirt over black sweater, buff slacks.36, 37, 40.
V21Grey overalls.37.
V22Federation uniform.37.
V23Brown v-neck w/cream belt & collar.38.
V24Fawn crossover shirt buttoned down right side, over black shirt.39.
V25Grey quilted w/turquoise circlets on shoulders & elbows.40-45.
V27Grey tunic w/umbrella cut shoulders.46-52.


J1Dark grey top, purple belt, glitter shoulders, boots.1-3.
J2Flower petal top w/red or pink slacks.3, 4, 6, 10.
J3Red dress w/colored petal collar & belt.5, 7.
J4Black top w/white star pattern.8-12.
J5Red & pink hooded parka w/v-front.8, 9, 12.
J6Red silky v-neck.13.
J7Black & white 'carpet' pattern tunic.14, 21.
J8Purple tunic draped over black bodysuit.15.
J9White karate ghi.15.
J10Deep blue gown w/starburst brooches on each shoulder.16, 18, 22.
J11Pink split 'gauzy' tunic over white bodysuit.17, 18. With blue gauze: 20.
J12Red & white leather jumpsuit.19, 23, 25, 26.
J13Long black evening gown.24.
J14Red 'bridal' gown.25.


G1Grey shirt, brown vest.2-4.
G2Brown 'Robin Hood' style w/green & red inserts & 'macrame' sleeves.5-13.
G3Brown hooded parka w/v front.6, 8, 12.
G4Black floor-length cloak over b&w shirt, pants.14.
G5'Robin Hood' vest over blue shirt.15, 16, 17.
G6Embroidery-edged blue/black cape over white shirt.16, 18.


C1Red combat fatigues.4.
C2Green silky top, matching pants, lighter green 'petal' shoulders.5.
C3Light green hooded parka w/v front.6, 13.
C4Green nylon top w/rainbow front, sparkle shoulders.7.
C5Plain green blouse w/loose neck.8, 9. 10, 12.
C6Black & white leopard coat.11.
C7Brown tunic w/red collar & trim.11.
C8Off-white long-sleeved tunic.13, 17.
C9Long cream-colored gown over green blouse.14.
C10White gown w/blue patterned stripe down front, glitter blouse.15.
C10ALong blue gown w/white patterned panel stripe down front. Var. of C10.18.
C11Red gown w/gold trim, nehru collar.16.
C12Green 2-tone pantsuit over green blouse.19, 22, 26, 27, 28.
C13Wine v-neck velvetine 'dress' over pants & blouse.20.
C14Cream outfit w/button shoulders.21, 23, 25.
C15White gown, gold belt & boots, split skirt.24.
C16White hospital gown.28.
C17Blue velour pantsuit.28, 29.
C18Grey pantsuit w/black 'flame' design trim.30.
C19Brown & white tunic.31, 37.
C20Cream jacket w/wine trim over wine bodysuit.32.
C21Mauve pantsuit, blue v front.33.
C22Blue uniform-like outfit, 2-tone w/lighter blue panels.34.
C22ABlack & grey variation of C22.35.
C23Green 'bedsheets' & veils.35.
C24Gray outfit w/red v-sleeves & collar.36, 39.
C25Red pantsuit w/white strip trim, low v neck.38.


S1White gown w/high beaded collar, white flowers.6.
S2White fur over plain white gown w/large collar.9, 12.
S3White pantsuit w/fur collar.13.
S4White bare-midriff gown, high filigree collar.16.
S5White feathers over white gown.16.
S6White buttoned gown w/broad brimmed hat.18.
S7Low-necked white gown w/beaded salamander at waist.18.
S8Plain white gown, small v-collar, big buttons.19, 23.
S9Tailored white gown, white flower on shoulder, feather boa.20.
S10Shimmering red gown w/huge starched collar.24.
S11White fur coat.25.
S12White open-necked gown.26, 27.
S13Dayna's purple dress.27, 28.
S14White dress w/grey epaulets & edging.29.
S15White 1-shouldered gown w/big lace sleeve on one side.31.
S15AWhite drape w/silver beading over S15, minus shoulder-ornament.31.
S16Black 1-sleeved gown, jewelled collar.33.
S17Black gown, white beaded bra-top, 1-shouldered.34.
S18Black glittery gown, grey 'chevron' shoulders.37.
S19Plain black low-cut sleeveless gown w/black netting.38, 51.
S20Black one-shouldered gown w/airplane, glitter trim, white 'galaxy' print.39.
S21Vulture costume: black feathers & hip boots.42.
S22Big black feather collar over black gown.44.
S23Black sleeveless gown, strap neck.46.
S24Black sleeveless w/silver trim.47.
S25Black lacy gown, 1-shoulder w/jewel.48.
S26Black high-collared cape.49.
S27Plain black gown, silver leaf collar, straps, 'back flaps.'50.


T1Black leather 'gladiator' uniform.6, 8, 9, 12, 13.
T2Black fur coat.9.
T3Black 'corrugated' uniform.16, 18, 19, 21, 26.
T4Green cape & 'mummy' bandages.23.
T5Black cloak & hat over green & black outfit. (Travis Capote.)24, 25.
T6Grey cloak over T3.26.


D1White off-shoulder toga w/blue trim.27, 28.
D2White off-shoulder pantsuit w/puff sleeves.27, 33.
D3Purple & white nightgown.27.
D4Pink pantsuit w/white long-sleeved shirt over.29.
D5Blue jumpsuit, low cut.30.
D6Darker blue jumpsuit, low neckline, white collar & shoulders.31, 37.
D7Red-draped pantsuit, one-shouldered, over black bodysuit.32.
D8Wine pantsuit, matching collar, white top over.33.
D9Bright red plunging neckline pantsuit.34.
D10Grey pantsuit, blue bra-top.35.
D11Blue corrugated bedsheets.35.
D12Red & black jumpsuit, low v-neck.36, 39, 40.
D13Turquoise crisscross, draped.38.
D14Grey & white v-panelled flightsuit w/red piping.40-45.
D15Rust brown & white pantsuit.42.
D16Spacesuit. (See A29)45.
D17Grey gold-trimmed pantsuit w/'circus' design shoulders.46-52.


TA1Federation uniform.27, 28, 37.
TA2Brown 'prince charming' studded tunic over white drawstring shirt.29, 34.
TA3Green drawstring shirt, pirate buckle, black & green studded tunic.30.
TA3APlain black rollneck under black & green studded tunic.37.
TA4Gold spacesuit.30.
TA5White long-sleeved tunic, brown trim & shirt, brown striped shoulders.31.
TA6Dark green prince charming w/leather stripe trim over grey shirt.32, 33.
TA7Grey jacket & slacks, cream drawstring shirt.33.
TA8Grey w/broad red shoulders, belted.35.
TA9Red bedsheets.35.
TA10Black corduroy, green v vest & pirate buckle.36.
TA11Deep blue crossover w/broad white trim.38.
TA12Red studded prince charming w/pirate belt.39, 40.
TA13Grey & blue panelled flightsuit.40-45.
TA14Recycled version of Avon's A7, black leather & studs.42.
TA15Spacesuit.45, 51.
TA16Grey button-panel front w/white trim.46-52.


SO1Grey quilted, tight pantsuit w/white piping, medallion.40-45.
SO3Grey pantsuit w/silvery blue diagonal front.46-52.
SO4'zVp' blue silky coveralls.49.
SO5Scorpio grey coveralls.51.


Winner of the costume derby for most changes is Avon, with 32, followed by a Servalan (28) and a tied Vila and Cally, at 27 each. Soolin had the fewest, but still wins the award for most hairstyle changes in a single season.

Impossible Costume Changes:

Vila is wearing an off-white, side-buttoned 'Russian' style costume when the crew are stranded on Terminal. In "Rescue," however, he's suddenly clad in his brown & white outfit from "Ultraworld." How'd he smuggle that off the Liberator? By packing it inside Orac?

(Mary C. Radich noticed this one:) In 'The Keeper,' Jenna changes from her tight red leather pantsuit to the long red bridal gown, and is whisked off planet still in the gown (though she was wearing the slacks when Gola keeled over). The entire pantsuit is back in 'Star One.' Maybe it folded up very very small and she carried it back to Liberator in her pocket??? What? Medieval gowns didn't have pockets? I guess that leaves only one other place she could possibly have hidden it...

Judith's comment. The planet Helotrix was obviously where the wardrobe room when when Liberator blew up as several old costumes are being worn by the natives in addition to the recycled Avon outfit that Tarrant borrows (and magically changes out of before telporting back to Liberator). Is Dayna wearing Vinni's outfit from 'Deathwatch'? One of the rebels appears to have Max's outfit from the same episode.

My Nominations for Best & Worst Costumes (per character)

Avon:Best:A8: The silver-white 'Silver Alpha' tunic from 'Shadow'
Worst:A25: The aforementioned bullfighter costume from 'Death Watch'
Blake:Best:B2: The 'Robin Hood' look.
WorstB11: The hospital gown (he has knobby knees!)
Vila:Best:V2: The multi-colored tunic with the planet on the back.
Worst:V8: The brown plastic bug suit from 'Killer.'
Jenna:Best:J10: Blue gown w/starburst brooches.
Worst:Jenna didn't really have a worst costume!
Cally:Best:C18: The grey pantsuit with black 'flame' design.
Worst:C1: Her red combat fatigues.
Gan:Best:G2: His first season outfit with the macrame sleeves.
Worst:G1: The brown vest & shirt from 'Space Fall'/'Cygnus Alpha.'
Tarrant:Best:TA11: The outfit in 'Death Watch.'
Worst:TA9: The red bedsheets from 'Sarcophagus.'
Dayna:Best:D1: Her white toga with blue edging from 'Aftermath.'
Worst:D11: Her blue chiffon bedsheets from 'Sarcophagus.'
Soolin:Best:SO1: The grey pantsuit with white piping.
Worst:SO5: The overalls from 'Warlord.'
Servalan:Best:S7: White gown with the 'salamander' from 'Pressure Point.'
Worst:S13: Dayna's purple dress.
Travis:Best:T5: The green & black caped affair from 'Gambit.'
Worst:T4: The 'mummy' costume in 'Voice From the Past.'

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