The Servalan Costume Index

Compiled by Jean Graham

S1White gown w/high beaded collar, white flowers.Seek-Locate-Destroy.
S2White fur over plain white gown w/large collar.Project Avalon, Deliverance.
S3White pantsuit w/fur collar.Orac.
S4White bare-midriff gown, high filigree collar.Weapon.
S5White feathers over white gown.Weapon.
S6White buttoned gown w/broad brimmed hat.Pressure Point.
S7Low-necked white gown w/beaded salamander at waist.Pressure Point.
S8Plain white gown, small v-collar, big buttons.Trial, Voice From the Past.
S10Shimmering red gown w/huge starched collar.Gambit.
S11White fur coat.The Keeper.
S12White open-necked gown.Star One, Aftermath.
S13Dayna's purple dress.Aftermath, Powerplay.
S14White dress w/grey epaulets & edging.Volcano.
S15White 1-shouldered gown w/big lace sleeve on one side.The Harvest of Kairos.
S15AWhite drape w/silver beading over S15, minus shoulder-ornament.The Harvest of Kairos.
S16Black 1-sleeved gown, jewelled collar.Children of Auron.
S17Black gown, white beaded bra-top, 1-shouldered.Rumours of Death.
S18Black glittery gown, grey 'chevron' shoulders.Moloch.
S19Plain black low-cut sleeveless gown w/black netting.Death-Watch, Warlord.
S20Black one-shouldered gown w/airplane, glitter trim, white 'galaxy' print.Terminal.
S21Vulture costume: black feathers & hip boots.Traitor.
S22Big black feather collar over black gown.Animals.
S23Black sleeveless gown, strap neck.Assassin.
S24Black dress.Assassin.
S25Black sleeveless w/silver trim.Games.
S26Black lacy gown, 1-shoulder w/jewel.Sand.
S27Black high-collared cape.Gold.
S28Plain black gown, silver leaf collar, straps, 'back flaps.'Orbit.

My Nominations for Best & Worst Costumes (per character)

Best:S7: White gown with the 'salamander' from 'Pressure Point.'
Worst:S13: Dayna's purple dress.

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