The Dayna Costume Index

Compiled by Jean Graham

D1White off-shoulder toga w/blue trim.Aftermath, Powerplay.
D2White off-shoulder pantsuit w/puff sleeves.Aftermath, Children of Auron.
D3Purple & white nightgown.Aftermath.
D4Pink pantsuit w/white long-sleeved shirt over.Volcano.
D5Blue jumpsuit, low cut.Dawn of the Gods.
D6Darker blue jumpsuit, low neckline, white collar & shoulders.The Harvest of Kairos, Moloch.
D7Red-draped pantsuit, one-shouldered, over black bodysuit.City at the Edge of the World.
D8Wine pantsuit, matching collar, white top over.Children of Auron.
D9Bright red plunging neckline pantsuit.Rumours of Death.
D10Grey pantsuit, blue bra-top.Sarcophagus.
D11Blue corrugated bedsheets.Sarcophagus.
D12Red & black jumpsuit, low v-neck.Ultraworld, Terminal, Rescue.
D13Turquoise crisscross, draped.Death-Watch.
D14Grey & white v-panelled flightsuit w/red piping.Rescue, Power, Traitor, Stardrive, Animals, Headhunter.
D15Rust brown & white pantsuit.Traitor.
D16Spacesuit. (See A29)Headhunter.
D17Grey gold-trimmed pantsuit w/'circus' design shoulders.Assassin, Games, Sand, Gold, Orbit, Warlord, Blake.

My Nominations for Best & Worst Costumes (per character)

Best:D1: Her white toga with blue edging from 'Aftermath.'
Worst:D11: Her blue chiffon bedsheets from 'Sarcophagus.'

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Last updated on 30th of December 2008.