Avon's Angels (Ellen Levine, Merle Micklin, and Marie Parsons)Tangled StrandsSCORPIO-5 SOUVENIR ZINEscript; S0; Carnell, A/Anna mm, but mostly B7; US, 1988?
Lorna BreshearsProlific PropensitiesREBEL DESTINIES #1S4; D/Ta, V/Kerril, A/Anna, So/V, B/J; humor US, 1994.1
Rebecca Ann BrothersWith a KissSOUTHERN LIGHTS #5S0; A/Anna mm; US, 1993.3
Jane CarnallIt Wasn't All LiesSOUTHERN SEVEN #5, vol. 1S0; A/Anna US, 1989.7
T. L. CondonWinter's EveSPACE DEBRIS #2S0; A/Anna US, 1990
Ana DorfstadHoist on a Dark PetardENARRARE #7S0; A/Anna mm; AU, 1987
Carole S. FairmanAnnaWALLOWZINEPart 1: S1-S0; Part 2: S2; A/Anna; written before Rumours UK, 1979?
Linda FureyWhether 'tis NoblerPORTALS #5S3, post-Rumours; A/Anna mm; US, 1988
ShoshannaDays in the DeathSOUTHERN SEVEN #6S0; A/Anna US, 1991.10
Fiona Haggart and Helen WilliamsYet Another Alternative to Blake's Seven, or, Have You Met the Wife?AVON NEWSLETTER #38alt-S1; A/Anna; humor nl; UK, 1989.10
Jean B. HubbMemoriesGAMBIT #10S0; A/Anna US, 1993.6
Vennessa KellyMemoriesSHADOW IMAGININGS #1S3; A/Anna US, 1988.1
Susan J. KingSorry My LoveAFTERMATH #2S0; A/Anna UK, 1984
xBryn LantryBut I Let You GoORACLE #6S3, post-Rumours; A/Anna nl; UK, 1985.11
Anne LewisThe Argot AffairLIBERATOR #6S0; A/Anna; written after Countdown but before Rumours UK, 1979.5
Alicia Ann FoxRumours with a ViewSOUTHERN SEVEN #5, vol. 1alt-S3, alt-Rumours; A/Anna, C/V US, 1989.7
Jay MarchandFraud, Part I: AnnaAVON: ON-LINE #3S0; A/Anna US, 1990.12
Susan R. MatthewsFraud, Part I: AnnaTHE MIND OF MAN IS A DOUBLE-EDGED SWORD part 1 of 3; alt-S3-4; A-hc, past A/Anna, A/C, So/V; US, 1983)
Ana MorganLazarus EntombedRITES OF PASSAGES3, Rumours - S0; A/Anna AU, 1999
Sophia R. MulveyShattered BondsTHE SEVEN LIVE ON #5prequel to Deltah Base series; S0; A/Anna US, 1991.5
NovannaKiss of DeathKISS OF DEATHS0, alt-S4; A/Anna, A/Se UK, 1981?
Nicole PettySecuritySHADOW #5S0; A/Anna nl; US, 1988.4
Margaret PitcherDescent from ManhoodXENON #6S0-S5; A/Anna AU, 1988.10
Cindy RancourtShatteredCHRONICLES ANNUAL 1989alt-S2; A/Anna AU, 1989
Leah RosenthalNight of the Living ChimichangaSOUTHERN SEVEN #10S0; A/Anna; humor US, 1995.5
Felicity RyanPreludeAFTERMATH #1S0; A/Anna UK, 1984 or before
Judith M. SeamanAssist and Befriend/Direct and ControlORBIT #7narrative poem; S0; A/Anna UK, 1985.10
Madonna SkaffAssist and Befriend/Direct and ControlEVOLUTION ST and a little STTNG crossover; S2-S5; A/Uhura, A/Anna; CN, 1990)
Adana Vallance and Laura CapellaroNothing Lasts ForeverTHE AVON FAN CLUB NEWSLETTER #5S0; A/Anna nl; UK, 1981
D. J. WaltersThe Biggest Little FraudDARK BETWEEN THE STARS #3S0; A/Anna US, 1991
D. J. WaltersThe Eleventh Hour: Anna's StoryINTEGRITYS0; A/Anna mm; US, 1991
Nikki WhiteKunoichi: The Woman with No NameTHE CHRONICLES #8S3-S0; A/Anna AU, 1983.3
Ros WilliamsHarrassment at the Office May Be Its Own RewardAVON #3S0; uc A/Anna; humor UK, 1992


Jeff and Mary MorrisMy Life and Welcome to ItPROBABILITY SQUAREBlake's 7: The New Generation series; S5; A/Kerril; humor US, 1989

Avon/Levett (in Mission to Destiny)

VegaSeven Days to DestinySTAR THREES1, Mission to Destiny; A/Levett UK, 1996

Avon/Meegat (in Deliverance)

Leigh ArnoldFamily Ties, 1: AcceptanceMAGNIFICENT SEVEN #1S4; alt- Warlord; A/Meegat US, 1983?
Aravis Katheryn DelClareGoblinfruitDARK BETWEEN THE STARS #1S1, Deliverance; J, A/Meegat, V/ocf, G/ocf US, 1989
Rebecca DonahueCrisis of ConscienceREBEL DESTINIES #1alt S4-5; Ta/Zeeona, So/V, D/ocm, A/C, A/Meegat, A/Se US, 1994.1

Avon/original character(s), female

Adam JensonCrisis of ConscienceSEVENTH SECTOR #1: Velvet and Thorns S3; A/ocf; NZ, 1985)
Leigh ArnoldCrisis of ConscienceLONE STAR S5; A/ocf; US, 1986)
Rebecca Ann Brothers Pat Dunn& Diana Smith, "Christmas on Skarth" Skarth series; S5; B/ocf, A/ocf, V/ocf
Roberta L. BrownRipple EffectSOUTHERN SEVEN #8S0; uc A/ocf US, 1994.5
Theresa BuffaloeHunterSHADOW IMAGININGS #1S4; A-ocf US, 1988.1
Theresa D. BuffaloeBetrayalSHADOW IMAGININGS #2sequel to "Hunter;" S5; A- V, V/Kerril, A/So/ocf US, 1989
Theresa D. BuffaloeAbductionPERIHELION #2S5; A/ocf mm but mostly B7; US, 1989
Theresa BuffaloePromisesTHE SEVEN LIVE ON #3S2; A/ocfs US, 1990.1
Lillian Stewart CarlBeautyPROBABILITY SQUARES3; A/ocf US, 1989
L. A. CarrLifesaverSOUTHERN SEVEN #1S3; A-hc, A/ocf US, 1986.11
T. L. CondonMoiraGAMBIT #5S2; A-hc, A/ocf US, 1989.12
Rachel DutcherLiving the LieGAMBIT #5S5; A/ocf US, 1989.12
P. N. ElrodFraud, Part III: GrantAVON: ON-LINE #3S5; part 4 of ?; A/ocf US, 1990.12
Marla F. FairA Favorite JewelGAMBIT #14S5; A/ocf US, 1996.11
Anna Grant: Blood Line [S2A Favorite JewelBLOOD LINE & A SEQUEL A/C, past A/ocf] and Son of the Father [S5; A-ocm]; UK, 1983.1)
Peggy HartsookBad BloodTHE SEVEN LIVE ON #4S1; A-hc, uc A/ocf, uc A/C US, 1990.7
Carrie HewlettRe-Take 2 CompetitionSUE CHADWICK'S RE-TAKE ONE AND RE-TAKE TWO COMPETITIONSS5?; A/ocf Avon club competition stories; UK, 1997
Venessa KellyFragments of the PastCHRONICLES #34sequel to "Female of the Species" in #30; S5; A's sister, A/ocf AU, 1988.4
Catherine KerriganDescantENCHIRIDION #3S5?; time travel to present; A/ocf mm; AU, 1986?
Judith Kitses [sic]Still LifePOWERPLAY #4S5; A/ocf; A-hc US, 1989.1
Judith KitzesThe Flying DutchmanPOWERPLAY #5sequel to "Still Life" in #4; S3-S5; A/ocf US, 1989.4
Judith KitzesHurricanePOWERPLAY #5sequel to "The Flying Dutchman;" S5; A/ocf, B/ocf US, 1989.4
Erica LeonardSweet SixteenCHILDREN OF THE FEDERATIONS0; V/ocf, A/ocf US, 1990
Sue LittleFull CircleSHADOW ONES5; A/ocf UK, 1985.5
Marian MendezFlatteryPRESSURE POINTS2, alt-post-Pressure Point; A/ocf; humor UK, 1999
Sharon Ann Murphy and Virginia E. MilewskiInside a Broken DreamTHE PLAIN MAN'S GUIDE TO ALIEN INVASIONS #1S5; D/Ta, A/ocf, V/ocf US, 1989
Dree NagelSatisfaction GuaranteedSPACE ODDITYS5; A/ocf US, 1987.10
Jackie Ophir based on idea by Diane Gies"The Alternative Rescue" alt-S4, alt-Rescue; uc V/ocf, A/ocf
Tim PieracciniRunning on the SpotORBIT #10epilogue to Blake's Seven: Fifth Series scripts; S5; A/ocf UK, 1987.3
Maria C. PrzeslawskaSpellboundREBEL #1S4; A/ocf UK, 1985
Maria PrzeslawskaThe Power of DestinySHADOW TWOS5-S0; A/ocf UK, 1986.4
Susan RocanSpawnBADLANDS #3Legacy series, Part 5; S5; A/ocf mm, but mostly B7; CN, 1995.5
Lindsey Jane SheltonThe Awakening, Part One: RevelationREBEL #11Avon/Morgana series, part 3; S5; A/ocf UK, 1991.7
Lindsey Jane SheltonThe Awakening, Part Two: Final AbsolutionREBEL #12Avon/Morgana series, part 4; S5; A/ocf UK, 1991.11
Lindsey J. SheltonRetrievalREBEL #13Avon/Morgana series, part 5; S5; A/ocf UK, 1992.1
Lindsey J. SheltonAllianceREBEL #14Avon/Morgana series, part 6; S5; A/ocf UK, 1992.6
Lindsey J. SheltonThe Enemy WithinREBEL #15Avon/Morgana series, part 7 and last; S5; A/ocf; two alternate endings UK, 1992.10
Annita K. SmithPrecious VengeanceSOUTHERN SEVEN #8sequel to "Out of the Night" in BLAKE'S DOUBLES #1; S5; A/ocf US, 1994.5
Annita K. SmithThe Treasure Outside the DoorSOUTHERN SEVEN #8sequel to "Precious Vengeance;" S5; A/ocf US, 1994.5
Karel SmoldersThe Once and Future QueenFANTASIA #2alt-S1; A/ocf mm, but mostly B7; US, 1988.8
Julie TalbottA Knightly MemoryORAC'S MESSAGE/A KNIGHTLY MEMORYS1; A-hc, uc A/ocf two stories by Julie Talbott; UK, 1992
Virginia TurpinDiversionDOWN AND UNSAFE #4S4; A/ocf, V/ocf NZ, 1986
P. WeaverLoyaltyDARK BETWEEN THE STARS #4part 4 of 4; S5; A/ocf US, 1992
Nikki WhiteAnd Some Prefer Nettles (Part Three)MULTIVERSE #16Part Three mm; AU, 1987.4
Nikki WhiteRight Forest, Wrong TreeMULTIVERSE #18part 1; sequel to "And Some Prefer Nettles;" Ensovaari Empire universe; ST/SW/DW/BG/Superman/The Samurai/original universe crossover; A/ocf mm; AU, 1988.5
Nikki WhiteRight Forest, Wrong Tree, Part 2MULTIVERSE #18Ensovaari Empire universe; ST/SW/DW/BG/Superman/The Samurai/original universe crossover; A/ocf mm; AU, 1988.5
Sylvia WhiteThe Garden of ZeedenORBIT #3S4; A/ocf UK, 1983.9

Avon/Uhura (from Classic Trek)

Madonna SkaffWhile I Was BathingEVOLUTION ST and a little STTNG crossover; S2-S5; A/Uhura, A/Anna; CN, 1990)

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