Contents of SPACE DEBRIS #2

Editor: Jessica Hereford
Publisher: Flotilla 13 (club; c/o C. K. Smith, Bellview, IL)
Date: [1990?]
Format: letter size, [5] + 220 + [1] pp., pale blue card covers with clear plastic overlays, black comb binding

Jessica Hereford, "A Nightmare Autograph Session" (fandom)
T. L. Condon, "Winter's Eve" (S0; A/Anna)
Jessica Hereford, "A Chance to Live" (S1, Duel; vampirism)
Leokadija, "A Little Peace and Quiet" (S2)
C. K. Smith, "You Are What You Wear" (S2, post-Shadow)
T. L. Condon, "Child Flight" (S2, pre-Pressure Point)
C. K. Smith, "Three on a Watch" (S1; A-V-G)
Debbie Millitello, "Vampirical Equations" (S3, post- Sarcophagus; vampirism)
Jack Hereford, "The Secret" (S?; B)
Brenda Mills, "April Fools" (S3; humor)
Cathy Lee Smith, "Turnabout" (S4; Se)
Carol McCoy, "Best of Intentions" (S3)
C. K. Smith, "Nanny Hallyalice" (S4; Se-ocf)
Sarah Jane Keating, "The All-Knowing Space Captain" (S3; V-Ta)
Debbie Millitello, "Survival" (S4)
T. L. Condon, "They Might Be Rebels (with apologies to James Goldman)" (S5; ocs)
Zada Blanche, "The Bellfriar Legacy" (S5)
Jessica Hereford, "A Nightmare Charity Auction" (fandom; "idea stolen outright from Debbie G.")

Jessica Hereford, "From the Editor's Desk"
"Ask Carnell" (humor)
Dianne Scheffing, "The Dr. Nation List of Blake's 7 ABCs" (humor)
I. M. Rigid, "Things Not Allowed in a Blake's 7 Story" (humor)
Eileen McCormick, "Blake's Seven Title Jumble" (puzzle)

Diane Schiller, "Space Debris II" (acrostic poem about zine)
Debbie Millitello, "The Price" (S2?; V)
Brenda Mills, "Travis"
Bonnie Clendenny, "Blake" (acrostic poem)
Bonnie Clendenny, "Travis" (acrostic poem)
Bonnie Clendenny, "The Night Before Christmas"
Eileen McCormick, "Lord Avon"
Sarah Jane Keating, "An Honest Man" (S2; V-G)
Jocelyn Carroll, "Domes"
Diane Scheffing, "Rebellion" (acrostic poem)
Debbie Millitello, "Cally"
Debbie Millitello, "Tarrant"
Diane Scheffing, "Tarrant" (acrostic poem)
Eileen McCormick, "Star Pilots"
Eileen McCormick, "Zeeona"
Sarah Jane Keating, "Pretty Lady" (S4, Rescue; uc V/C)
C. K. Smith, "You Are Not Alone" (C)
Debbie Millitello, "From Tarrant, After Virn" (Se/Ta)
Carol McCoy, "Soolin"
Eileen McCormick, "Avon's Lament" (f, Her Majesty, by the Beatles)
Diane Scheffing, "Birthday" (acrostic poem)
Eileen McCormick, "Video Passion"

Lorrie J. Jones front c. Ta in Scorpio wreckage
p. 11 Tr2
p. 22 trooper
p. 39 Liberator handgun
p. 46 Se cartoon
p. 64 O
p. 67 B cartoon
p. 179 pursuit ship
p. 195 So
? p. [i] Bart Simpson as Avon
Jessica Hereford p. 5 A-V
p. 13 Tr1
p. 29 A, ocf; illo for "A
Little Peace"
p. 47 Tr2 in Gambit
p. 150 A-O
C. K. Smith p. 71 A
p. 87 V
p. 91 C
p. 108 illo for "Three"
p. 128 A; illo for "Three"
p. 139 G
p. 144 Ta; illo for "April"
p. 174 ocf; illo for "Nanny"
p. 176 teacup
p. 189 A
p. 196 So
p. 210 B
Bonnie Clendenny p. 14 B, Tr
p. 36 A?
p. 38 Se
p. 147 V; illo for "April"
p. 153 Carnell
p. 180 Se
p. 186 C
p. 213 J
T. L. Condon p. 8 A
p. 17 A
p. 21 A
p. 39 A on GP
p. 54 J
p. 58 A
p. 65 A
p. 102 G
p. 124 V
p. 143 D; illo for "April"
p. 165 A
p. 169 Ta
p. 181 A-C
p. 184 Ta, Zeeona
p. 192 C
p. 194 Ta
p. 197 A
p. 206 V
p. 215 GP B
p. 216 A
back c. PD
? p. 219 PD; illo for "Auction"

Mini Review By Sarah Thompson

This was a very strange experience, because as I read the zine, it dawned on me that I had read it before!! In particular, I remembered the story about Servalan's nanny. It must be one of the ones that I read early on, when I had only just discovered B7 and was borrowing zines from several different friends and plowing through them at breakneck speed. The cataloguing project was not even a gleam in the eye at that point, and if anyone had suggested that I do such a thing, I would have been horrified at the thought of so much work! A little at a time, that's the secret, and one that I will apply to other projects in the future.

I also vaguely remember the cover, a nice drawing of Tarrant lying in the wreckage of Scorpio. This has always been one of my favorite images of the dear boy. Hmm, maybe I should do favorite "hurt" moments for each of the crew, for my part of the gush fest. :)

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