Star Three

A Blake's 7 genzine

Picture of Scorpio

The inside cover picture from Star Three - by Will Blight


Editor: Judith Proctor
Publisher: Waveney
Date: 1996

Lillian Shepherd, "The Haunting of Haderon" (S1; A-V; reprint of story printed in Liberator 5 in 1979 and as a standalone in 1982)
Vega, "Seven Days to Destiny" (S1; gen A/ocf)
D. C. Morris and S. Barrett, "Economy Drive" (S1; humor)
Richard Self, "Alter Ego" (S2)
Neil Faulkner, "Wit and Wisdom of the Dead" (S2)
Judith Proctor, "Amagon" (S3)
Vega, "Transition in Three Stages" (S3)
Loulou Harris, "I'm Not Blake" (S3; B)
Andrew Williams, "Unconscious Influences" (S3)
Nicolene van den Berg, "Intermezzo" (S4)
Susan Barrett, "Headache" (S4; humor)
Susan Barrett, "A Time Before We Met" (S4)
Lynne Taylor, "Death Hand" (S5)
Nicolene van den Berg, "Flight to Space City" (S5)
Susan Barrett, "All That Remains Are Regrets" (S5; A-Ta)

Judith Proctor, "Messing About in a Spaceship"
Judith Proctor, "Olag Gan" (S2; based on Gunga Din)
Kelsey Adams, "Hymn to Him" (S3; from My Fair Lady) Susan Bennett, "Cally's Thoughts on the Way to Terminal" (S3)
Judith Proctor, "Og's Song" (S4; f, Nobody Loves Me...)
Jane Carnall, "A Blake's 7 Alphabet"

Lucia Casarella Moore color cover B, A, G
Val Westall back cover A
p. 54 A
p. 135 Og
p. 151 A
p. 159 Ta
Will Blight inside cover Scorpio
Gavin Miller p. 5 Liberator
p. 71 G
p. 123 B, J; illo for "Transition"
p. 125 B; illo for "I'm Not Blake"
p. 131 J
p. 137 Muller's android
Lynne Taylor p. 62 V
p. 149 Se
Kathryn Anderson p. 88 B
p. 95 illo for "Amagon"


(Italics denote poetry)

Series One

Series Two

Series Three

Series Four

Series Five

Front cover Lucia Casarella Moore, Back cover Val Westall, Inside cover Will Blight,  other artwork by Gavin Miller, Lynne Taylor and Kathryn Andersen.

Star Three is a full size A4 zine with over 170 pages. Word count 135,000.

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