Southern Seven 10

Mini Review

By Sarah Thompson

My very favorite story in this issue is "Coyote and Wolf Play Bone Toss," definitely the most far-out AU I've ever seen!

I also really like Michelle's "Links in the Chain," despite what she does to Avon. This one's a must for Vila fans. "Little Sister" is excellent too; it's a behind-the-scenes look at some of the events of "Rumours."

"A Matter of Choice" would be an adult story if only it didn't stop a little too soon. :) And the "Women Who Love Men..." poem is an amusing take on B7 het romances.

This is a good issue for Tarrant stories. I especially like the one by Jean Graham, and there's nice A-T interaction in "Twist of Fate."

"Impossible Dreams" is a very good PWB Blake story, illustrated by my favorite art in the issue, Leah's depiction of Blake looking up at the stars.

Also especially recommended is "In the Wake of Ruin."


Editor: Ann Wortham
Publisher: Ashton Press (Altamonte Springs, FL)
Date: May 1995

Teresa Ward & Cami, "Fleeting Visions" (S4; Ta)
Alicia Ann Fox, "Aliens! An 'Orbit' Alternate" (S4; alt- Orbit; ? crossover?)
Jane Mailander, "Coyote and Wolf Play Bone-Toss" (S2 AU; Gambit as a Lakota Sioux story)
Catherine Salmon, "In a Dark Time" (S4; alt-Blake; A-B)
Jean Graham, "A Little Lower Than the Angels" (S4; Ta)
JMR, "Ship of Fools" (S5; C)
Joelle Augustine, "A Matter of Choice" (S1; B/J)
Leah Rosenthal, "Night of the Living Chimichanga" (S0; A/Anna; humor)
Jane Mailander, "This Old House" (S4; A-V; parody script; humor)
Kathryn Andersen, "Winning Is the Only Safety" (S5; A; ?crossover?)
C. S. Kinsey, "Resolution" (S4; Rescue; A-C death)
Michelle R. Moyer, "Links in the Chain" (S5; V)
Cami, "Twist of Fate" (S3; A-Ta)
Lucifer "Lucky" Chance, "In Which Servalan and Baby Tarrant Come to the Liberator, and Vila Has a Bath" (Winnie the Pooh parody; humor)
Samantha Hayman, "A Little Relief" (S3; V; humor)
Megan K. Smith, "An Evening Aboard the Liberator" (S3; Ta; multiple crossovers; humor)
Rebecca Ann Brothers, "Impossible Dreams" (S1; The Way Back; B)
Michelle R. Moyer, "Little Sister" (S3; Del Grant-Anna)
Sandi K. Almany, "Twisted" (S5; B7/Classic Trek/STTNG/ DS9/SWars crossover; humor)
Michelle Rosenberg, "Alien Smith and Jones" (S2; Alias Smith and Jones crossover; reprinted from Wide Open Spaces #10)
Sandi K. Almany, "The End" (S4; alt-Blake)
L. S. Willard, "In the Wake of Ruin" (S5; A-V)
Megan K. Smith, "Blake's Seven Saturday Morning" (S3?; humor)
Linda Terrell, "Once Upon a Time in Outer Space" (S2; Knight Rider crossover; reprinted from Magnificent Seven?)
Megan K. Smith, "The Story Thus Far" (S1-S4; humor)
Jill Sylvan, "Return" (S0-S1; Spacefall; J-Z)
Marian Mendez, "Peas in a Pod" (S3-S0; Ta)
Katrina Larkin & Susanne Tilley, "From the Log of the Hellhound: One of My Kind" (S5; ocs)

Letters of Comment
The Southern Seven Writing Contest, with art by Leah Rosenthal, Karen River, and Val Westall

Judith Proctor, "It's a Long Way to Cygnus Alpha" (f, It's a Long Way to Tipperary)
Rebecca Ann Brothers, "Women Who Love Men Who Don't Have a Clue" (B/J, A/C, D/Ta, So/V)
Judith Proctor, "Pack Up your Tool Kit" (f, Pack Up Your Troubles)
Jane Mailander, "My DSV Coupe" (f, My Little Deuce Coupe, by the Beach Boys)
Jane Mailander, "Where Is Terry Nation When You Need Him?" (f, Where Is Dirty Harry When You Need Him, by Leslie Fish; reprinted from Xenofilkia #34)
Rebecca Ann Brothers, "Phoenix"
Kerr Fruitcake, "Avon: A Terrible Fruitcake"
Judith Proctor, "Jenna's Lament (Star One)" (f, Red River Valley)
Samantha Hayman, "From Those Left"
Judith Proctor, "Alpha Blues" (f, Bound for Botany Bay)
Jane Mailander, "My Little Servalan" (f, Surfer Girl, by the Beach Boys)
Leah Rosenthal & Ann Wortham, "Avon's Christmas Wish" (tune from Have Yourself a Loony Tunes Xmas Album)
Linda Terrell, "Haiku for a Lost Orphan at Gauda Prime"
Megan K. Smith, "Cally's Song"

Leah Rosenthal cover A, B, V, Liberator
p. 29 cartoon illo for "Aliens!"
p. 76 cartoon illo for "This Old"
p. 122 cartoon illo for "In Which"
p. 128 B in woods at night
p. 133 cartoon
p. 147 A, B, J
p. 152 V-B; illo for "Alien Smith"
p. 160 illo for "Alien Smith"
p. 169 V; illo for "Alien Smith"
p. 173 illo for "Alien Smith"
p. 209 V cartoon (writing contest)
p. 211 B-A (writing contest)
p. 212 party cartoon (writing contest)
p. 251 B-J cartoon
Jane Mailander p. 6 "Hellhound Bill" cartoon
p. 36 Se cartoon
p. 118 Pinky & the Brain cartoon
Leigh Motooka p. 10 Ta, D, V
p. 44 Ta-ocf; illo for "A Little"
Karen River p. 54 A
p. 59 V
p. 190 A-B
p. 208 A-V (writing contest)
Val Westall p. 65 A
p. 140 A-V
p. 194 B-A
p. 210 A (writing contest)
Kathryn Andersen p. 91 A; illo for "Winning"
Jacqui Topp p. 214 Hellhound A

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