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More doorstop-sized zines from Ashton Press, this time multimedia. Excellent quality, as you'd expect. The Laura Virgil cover on #4 is absolutely stunning; and I'm very fond of "Misplaced in Space," Liz Sharpe's funny little story of fans' misadventures at a con, even though I only recognize about half of the pople in it.

Contents of SOUTHERN LIGHTS #1

Editors: Ann Wortham and Laura Virgil
Publisher: Ashton Press
Date: August 1985
Format: letter size, 332 text pp. + [2] pp. zine ads, beige card covers, brown comb binding

B7 and B7-related fiction:
Linda Terrell, "Memories Set in Concrete" (S2, post-Star One - S4; A-B)
Linda Terrell, "The Final Act" (S4, Blake; the clone)
Linda Terrell, "Terminus ex Somnium" (S5; A-B dialogue)
Linda Terrell, "Tulips Bloom in the Sixth Quadrant" (S2; DW crossover
Katrina Snyder, "A Wink of God's Eye" (Star Wars story; time travel to 20th C.; mention of Hellhound ocs)

B7-related art:
Katrina Snyder pp. 249, 251, 255, 259, 263, 270, 272, 276, 282 illos for "A Wink"

Other fandoms: MV, Scarecrow & Mrs. King, IJ, Si&Si, ST, T. J. Hooker, SW, Voyage, RP, Blade Runner, WKRP in Cincinnati, KR, W&W, Airwolf, Wild WIld West

Contents of SOUTHERN LIGHTS #2

Editor: Ann Wortham
Publisher: Ashton Press
Date: August 1986
Format: letter size, 277 text pp. + [5] pp. zine ads, blue card covers printed in dark blue, dark blue comb binding

B7 fiction
Ann Wortham & Leah Rosenthal, "Dancin' in the Streets"
(Bizarro Seven universe; S1?; humor), reprinted in THE BIZARRO ZINE #1
Linda Terrell, "Dragon Sleeping" (S4; A-B)

B7 art
Laura Virgil front c. various fandoms, incl. V
T. J. Burnside p. 81 A-B; illo for "Dragon"
p. 84 Ta-A-V
Leah Rosenthal p. 15 A-V; cartoon illo for "Dancin'"
p. 87 Bizarro: Silver Alpha cartoon
Katrina Snyder p. 89 Bizarro: Madam Kat and Sooghin
Sheila Paulson p. 95 So

Other fandoms: MV, The Master, S&S, Hill Street Blues, A Team, Airwolf, BB, Pros, ST, SW, DW, W&W, IJ, UNCLE, I Spy, It Takes a Thief, Scarecrow & Mrs. King, MacGyver, James Bond, RP

Contents of SOUTHERN LIGHTS #3

Editor: Ann Wortham
Publisher: Ashton Press
Date: May 1987
Format: letter size, 293 text pp. + [7] pp. zine ads, pale blue card covers printed in blue, dark blue comb binding

B7 fiction
Liz Sharpe, "Misplaced in Space" (S2; real world crossover; humor)
Linda Terrell, "Cally Speaking... to Avon, Who Probably Isn't Listening" (S2, post-Countdown; A-B-C)
Leah Rosenthal, Ann Wortham, Lois Indelicato, and Michele Rosenberg, "Kind of a Drag" (Bizarro Seven universe; S2; humor; reprinted in THE BIZARRO ZINE #3)

B7 poetry
Alicia Ann Fox and Kim Wigmore:
"Blake's Seven" (f, The Flintstones theme),
"Southern Lights Writer" (f, Paperback Writer),
"Blake's Seven's Planet" (f, Gilligan's Island theme),
"The Gauda Prime Hillbillies" (f, The Beverly Hillbillies theme)

B7 art
Leah Rosenthal pp. 25, 31, 38, 40, 43, 46, 50, 53, 61, 69, 72 cartoon illos for "Misplaced"
p. 133 Bizarro cartoon, A-V
pp. 167, 170, 173, 176
cartoon illos for "Kind"
back c. A-B-V
Dani Lane p. 117 B
Sheila Paulson p. 131 Se

Other fandoms: IJ, Si&Si, Silverado, Airwolf, The Man Who Fell to Earth, SW, A Team, MV, Lethal Weapon, Bruce, Pros, Gallipoli, UNCLE, T.H.E. Cat, Year of Living Dangerously, Black Sheep Squadron

Contents of SOUTHERN LIGHTS #4

Editor: Ann Wortham
Publisher: Ashton Press
Date: May 1988
Format: letter size, 284 pp., full-color slick card front cover, blue card back cover, white comb binding

B7 fiction
Linda Terrell, "Companions" (S2; A-V, The Baron)
Laura Virgil, "On the Brink" (S3, post-Rumours; A-V, V-hc)
Leah Rosenthal and Ann Wortham, "Face Value" (S4; V)
Jeff Morris, "Demongate" (S3; Grimjack [comic] crossover)

B7 poetry
Jacqueline Taero, "Thoughts on Overheard Conversations,"
"Hunt's End: Gauda Prime: Avon," "Orbit: Vila,"
"Orbit: Avon"

B7 and B7-related art:
Laura Virgil front c. A-V (color)
Leah Rosenthal p. 7 cartoon; various fandoms incl. B-Tr, A
p. 157 cartoon; S2 crew; from con program?
p. 195 V; illo for "Face"
p. 199 A-V-So; illo for "Face"
Theresa Buffaloe p. 16 A-V; illo for "Companions"
p. 18 A-V; illo for "Companions"
p. 154 A-V in Killer
p. 155 Se
p. 156 PD
Dani Lane p. 79 S4 A
p. 213 S4 A
p. 248 S4 A, V
Annita Smith p. 106 A
Sheila Paulson p. 268 A

Other fandoms: MV, DW, W&W, Taxi, Moonlighting, ST, Silverado, Big Valley, Si&Si, Airwolf, SW, Scarecrow & Mrs. King, Magnum, Ladyhawke, Ghostbusters, RSteele, The Devlin Connection, The Master, It Takes a Thief, MASH

Contents of SOUTHERN LIGHTS #5

Editor: Ann Wortham
Publisher: Ashton Press
Date: March 1993
Format: letter size, 221 pp., white card covers, black comb binding

B7 fiction:
Kaye Dunham, "Nature of the Beast" (S4; A as wolf)
Rebecca Ann Brothers, "With a Kiss" (S0; A/Anna)
Katrina Larkin, "The Man Who Could Be God" (Star Wars story with Hellhound oc Gamaliel Weaver)
Rebecca Ann Brothers, "There But for Fortune" (S4, Blake; A-B)
Rebecca Ann Brothers, "Something Happened on the Way to Heaven" (alt-S4, alt-Blake; Ta)
Pat Nussman, "Metamorphosis" (early S4; Se)
Sue Wells and Dee Beetem, "Seventh Sojourner" (S5; RoS crossover; A)
Dee Beetem and Sue Wells, "Herne's Fetch" (sequel to "Seventh Sojourner;" S5; RoS crossover; A)
Felis Sylvestris, "I Told You So" (alt-S1; A)

B7 poetry:
Cathy Boudreau, "Aye, Roj Blake" (f, Calypso, by John Denver)
Michelle Christian, "Two Perspectives on an Altered Path: Kerril on Vila, Cally on Avon" (alt-S3, alt-City)
Pat Nussman, "Kerr Avon"
Rebeca Ann Brothers, "Rhyme and Punishment" (Motehr Goose parodies; humor)
Pat Nussman, "Death Wish" (A?)
Michelle Christian, "In a Cave with One Exit" (S3, Rumours; Shrinker)
Michelle Christian, "Endings"

B7 and B7-related art: Tami Verbande p. 82 Dempsey & Makepeace
p. 220 C
Leah Rosenthal p. 89 C
p. 174 Wiseguy crossover cartoon
Karen River p. 127 A and tiger
Adrian Morgan p. 132 Ta-D-V cartoon
Katrina Larkin p. 133 tp for "The Man"

Other fandoms:
BatB, ATeam, DW, RoS, MV, Lethal Weapon, IJ, STTNG, Sandbaggers, BB, RGB, Sherlock Holmes, AN, Equalizer, QL, Pors, Si&Si, SW, WotW, Tour of Duty, GAH

Contents of SOUTHERN LIGHTS #6

Editor: Ann Wortham
Publisher: Ashton Press
Date: May 1993
Format: letter size, 132 pp., pale blue card covers, side staples

B7 and B7-related fiction:
Felis Sylvestris, "Blake's 7 Get Smart with A Team Lost in Space" (S3; ATeam/Get Smart/LiS crossover; humor)
Katrina Larkin, "The Wolves of Metracia" (Star Wars story with Hellhound oc Gamaliel Weaver)
Dee Beetem and Sue Wells, "Esprit de Corps" (S5; RoS crossover; sequel to stories in #5; A)

B7 and B7-related poetry:
Kimberly McCarthy, "Parental Concerns" (KTD universe; AU A-V)
Kimberly McCarthy, "Hayride" (KTD universe; AU A-V)
Liz Sharpe, "Crown of Thorns"
Kimberly McCarthy, "Thoughts on a Hill over Tulotef" (KTD universe; AU A-V)

(No B7 art.)

Other fandoms:
AN, BatB, MV, BA, STTNG, Phantom, IJ, Starman, UNCLE, SW, RoS, RP

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