Joyce Bowen's favourite Blake's 7 stories

These are Joyce Bowen's favourite Blake's 7 stories. Joyce likes stories that portray Blake in a positive light, so that should give you a guide as to whether you will share her reading tastes or not. I share her admiration for Suzan Lovett's writing which is brilliant regardless of whom your favourite characters are - Judith

Joyce says:

Some of these stories appeared in various zines and some are available online. However, the Lovett stories are NOT available online. To read her excellent stories --and I cannot praise her high enough--you have to buy a print zine and one is still in print.

Top gen stories (max of one per writer, otherwise there would be five Suzan Lovett stories on the list):

1. The Road to HellSuzan LovettThe Road to Hell 
2. Game of HumanitySheila Paulson Probability Square (and also the sequel which is The Dreamers in Blake's Doubles 4)  
3. What Are LegendLinda Terrell Something Unfriendly This Way Comes 1 Read The Story
4. Double DuelCatherine SalmonEvasive Maneuvers (This zine is gen, adult, and slash but Double Duel is definitely a gen story)  
5. DupeMarian MendezPressure Point Read The Story
6. LocusRebecca Ann BrothersZen and the Art of Rebellion 2 Read The Story
7. Rebel QuartetJudith ProctorAvon newsletter 73 Read The Story
8. Throwing It All AwayLeah Rosenthal and Ann Wortham Southern Seven 1 
9. Duel, or, The Folly of MadnessMargaret Scroggs Horizon 17 
10. The Thirteenth HourxBryn Lantry Rites of Passage 
Honorable mention and on certain days these would be in the top ten. (The only three stories I list which would always be in the top ten gen stories are stories 1,2,3.)
11. Rememebr MePat Fenech Rites of Passage 
12. Dante's MadnessLinda Knights Questions of the Past 

Top slash stories:

I think it's interesting how people's tastes vary. One person's favorite is a story someone else hates. And it is rare indeed when the very same stories hit consistently on a lot of people's lists. Anyway, the following is my list of top ten slash stories plus three. And, of course, you realize that all these stories have Blake and that these stories do not bash Blake--or don't bash him badly. This means that I automatically don't even give 50 percent or more of slash fiction even a chance. You will also notice that most of these stories are not newer stories. The numbering, by the way, means nothing.

1. In PorphyryxBryn LantryTouched 7 B/A  
2. The ChosenDelaven and K.N.S. Forbidden Zine 2--B/A 
3. Between the Pages of a LookCalico Forbidden Zone 2--B/A 
4. Careless WhispersS. Lewis Careless Whispers B/A (And in my defense at calling this a story, when you print it out from Judith Proctor's website, it is only 31 pages. So even though it was presented originally in novel or novella form as a standalone, it is really just a long short story.) Read The Story
5. Fugue 1 & 2, 3Jane BaronPaean to Priapus 1, 2 --B/A (Even though in two zines, this is really just one story.) 
6. On the EdgeSylvia Knight Resistance 3 B/A (This is really the 3rd story of three stories and it would be good to read all three. But since I'm just picking one story per writer, this is the best of them all. The other two stories in order are Descending Horizon--Resistance 2--B/A and A Friend in Need--Resistance 3--B/V.) 
7. Snake PitCatherineSongs of Experience--B/A  
8. B/A/TsRiley CannonSongs of Experience--B/A/T (The T stands for Tarrant, not Travis.) Read The Story
9. Blood TiesWilla ShakespeareFire and Ice 5 --B/A Buy Me

Read The Story

10. WildernessTaraRed Rose 1--B/A 

And these three could just as easily be in the top ten on any other given day

11. InterjunctionSebastianBlake's 7: The Other Side 3 --B/A 
12. Nearly Beloved/RogueLondon BatesSouthern Lights Special 2.5--B/A 
13. Beyond TrustLinnadel CameronSouthern Comfort 9.5--B/T  

In my listing I have left out some favorite writers. I really do love Paula and Natasha Solten. The zine BEFORE AND AFTER has several stories in it I really like, and none of them have made it here. I like many of the stories in the FIRE AND ICE series which now numbers 6 issues. And I love AVON CALLING 3, SONGS OF INNOCENCE, SONGS OF EXPERIENCE, EVASIVE MANEUVERS, LIBERATOR FANTASIES, LIBERATOR DREAMS, and the BIG B7 ZINE. My all time favorite slash zine is FORBIDDEN ZONE 2 which contains two of my favorite stories that I constantly reread.

Right now, I really couldn't pick a number one. But if forced, I guess I would pick "In Porphyry." xBryn Lantry is a unique writer. This was one of the first stories I ever read by her and it has made a lasting impression on me. I've even memorized some of the lines. And for someone with my poor memory, that is a great tribute.

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Last updated on 21st of December 2007.