The Road to Hell and other stories

by Suzan Lovett

cover by Suzan Lovett
editor: Judith Proctor

This is a collection of gen stories, all of which focus in some way on the relationship between Avon and Blake. They feature strong, well-developed characters, well thought-out plots and a relationship which is intense without ever becoming over-sentimental. They are some of the best stories about Avon and Blake that I have ever read. If I had to recommend just one zine from all those I sell, it would be this one.

Mini Review and Contents by Sarah Thompson

Review by Betty Ragan

Front Cover Front cover.

The Road to Hell - An Alternative Universe story set after 'Hostage'. Originally published in Powerplay #1. 32,600 words.

Extract from the Road to Hell

Lightbridge - After Blake has left Liberator, Avon looks in his cabin and finds something unexpected. Originally published in Those Who Favour Fire. 3,400 words.

Doppelgänger - At Avalon's instigation, Avon, shortly after 'Orbit' goes to seek the clone of Blake that was abandoned with Rashel in 'Weapon'. Originally published in Powerplay #2. 28,800 words.

Extract from Doppelgänger

Circle of Fire - A hard-hitting PGP involving time travel. To say too much about this story would spoil it, but I wish I'd written it! Originally published in Those Who Favour Fire. 3,900 words.

Gemini Rising - A wonderful story about a young man and his growing dissatisfaction with life in the Federation and his determination to speak out against it. Originally published in Those Who Favour Fire. 6,600 words.

The art in this zine was previously published in Those Who Favour Fire. The front cover and two of the inside pictures are by Suzan Lovett. There is one picture by Jean Kluge from Those Who Favour Fire, and the back cover is a new picture by Val Westall.

The zine is full size with black and white, gloss card covers and a glue binding with a taped spine. The layout is double column.

Available from:

Judith Proctor,
28 Diprose Rd,
Corfe Mullen,
BH21 3QY,
United Kingdom.
Road to Hell is currently out of print.

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