Mini Review By Sarah Thompson

These are all good! Strongly recomended. There are two novellas per zine, bound back-to-back and upside down, like the old Ace Doubles SF paperbacks of nostalgic memory.

I never noticed until now that all the stories are PGP. I assume that was probably a coincidence?

Contents of Issue 1

Editor/publisher: Ann Wortham
Date: 1988

P. Milby & V. Dickinson, "The Flotsam Chronicles" (S5; Ta-V)
Annita Smith, "Out of the Night" (S5; A-V, V-hc, A-ocf)

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Art (The Flotsam Chronicles):
Leah Rosenthal cover Ta-V
Theresa Buffaloe p. 2 Se
p. 11 V-ocf; illo
p. 23 ocf; illo
p. 29 ocf; illo
p. 39 Se-Ta; illo
p. 44 V

Art (Out of the Night):
Laura Virgil cover B-A-V
Cedleste Hotaling p. 6 A-V; illo
p. 21 A-O; illo
p. 28 B-A; illo
p. 47 B-C; illo

Contents of Issue 2

Editor/publisher: Ann Wortham
Date: 1989

Jamie Ritchey & Dee Beetem, "Half-Life" (S5)
Katrina Larkin and Susanne Tilley, "The Log of the Hellhound-- Book IV" (Snake-in-the-Grass, The Wild Card, Do or Die, Born Again; S5)

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Art (Half-Life):
Laura Virgil cover V-V
Theresa Buffaloe p. 7 A-B
p. 11 A
p. 17 A-A
p. 21 V-C
p. 28 V
p. 35 A
p. 43 A

Art (The Log of the Hellhound-- Book IV):
Suzann Lovett cover HH A
Katrina Larkin pp. 2-3 tp for Book IV
Theresa Buffaloe p. 4 HH A
p. 15 HH A
p. 57 HH A
Gayle Feyrer p. 23 HH A
Leah Rosenthal p. 24 HH A
p. 43 montage of HH characters
Laura Virgil p. 58 HH V

Contents of Issue 3

Editor/publisher: Ann Wortham
Date: 1990

Sheila Paulson, "Metamorphosis" (S5)
Dorian Gale, "Afterworld" (S5)

Letters of Comment
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Art (Metamorphosis):
Leah Rosenthal cover Ta, A, V
Theresa Buffaloe p. 3 A-V-Ta; illo
p. 9 A-B; illo
p. 21 illo
p. 26 A-D-Ta; illo
p. 41 D
p. 49 A; illo
p. 54 Ta; illo

Art (Afterworld):
Adrian Morgan cover A-B
p. 2 B-children; illo
p. 8 A-Se; illo
p. 24 A; illo
p. 28 A-C; illo
p. 35 V-O; illo
p. 42 A-Se; illo

Contents of Issue 4

Editor/publisher: Ann Wortham

Sheila Paulson, "The Dreamers" (sequel to "Game of Humanity" in Probability Square; S5)
Katrina Larkin and Susanne Tilley, "Hellhound-- Book VII" (Wonderland, Rule Brittania, Shadows More, The Wolfmasters of Herne, The Drowning Man; S5)

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Art (The Dreamers):
Daphne Ann Hamilton cover B-A
Kate Knepper p. 1a V
p. 36a V
Samantha Hayman p. 49 B

Art (Hellhound-- Book VII):
Leah Rosenthal cover HH A
p. 11 Dafydd (=Doyle) & cat
p. 118 Brody (=Bodie)
p. 143 HH motif
Mariann Howarth p. 20 nude Dafydd
p. 23 HH D
p. 33 HH V
Adrian Morgan p. 55 HH A
p. 61 HH V
p. 116 HH A
Laura Virgil p. 84 HH A
KJA p. 122 Se
Kate Knepper p. 131 Se
Katrina Larkin p. 138 Blood

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