Editor: Jackie Ophir
Publisher: Horizon, The Blake's Seven Appreciation Society
Date: November 1992

Brad D. Black, "Hunters and Prey" (S5; V, A)
Fliss Davies, "A Question of Allegiance" (S4; So)
Marcia Quinn, "Orac's Revenge" (S2; O; humor)
Margaret Scroggs, "Duel, or, The Folly of Madness" (play; "Duel" in the style of Shakespeare)
Priscilla Futcher, "Talk about Summer, Remember Winter" (S4; Blake; V)
Richard Self, "The Trouble with Heroes" (S4; Ta)
Gill Marsden, "When You Look into the Abyss" (alt-S4; A/Se)
Sue Swain, "Reflecting on Rumours" (S1; Anna)

Tim Pieraccini front c. Ta-D
Fliss Davies p. 2 Se, V; tp for "Hunters"
p. 9 V
p. 46 Globe Theatre & Liberator
p. 67 B-J
p. 68 V; tp for "Talk"
p. 81 D
p. 84 Ta
p. 100 Se-A; tp for "When"
p. 106 Anna; tp for "Reflecting"
back c. A; illo for "When"
Andy Spencer p. 34 A
Ivan Smith p. 40 So; tp for "A Question"
p. 43 Ta, So
Danny Dresner p. 44 O cartoon
Richard Self p. 70 tp for "The Trouble"
Rory Hull p. 76 Fed trooper
Val Westall p. 89 A
Jo Jobson p. 108 A/Anna

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