Mini Review By Sarah Thompson

I'd forgotten until I reread it how good this zine is, especially for the get-Avon fan and the gen A-B fan. There's lots of juicy Avon-torture, all very well written. In addition to having excellent content, the zine is attractively laid out. The one thing missing is the art, which apparently was lost in the mail; there are some blank pages that I assume were where the illustrations were supposed to go. But that's the one glitch in an otherwise lovely zine.



Author/editor: Linda Knights
Publisher: Knightwriter Press (Bellingham, WA); authorized reprint by Bill Hupe and Peg Kennedy
Date: 1992

Fiction, all by Linda Knights:
"Limitations" (S1; A-G, A-hc)
"Reflections: Cally" (one-page memoir)
"A Time for Everything" (S1; A-B-C, A-hc, B-hc)
"Reflections: Vila" (one-page memoir)
"A Moment for Contemplation" (S2-S4; A-hc, A-B)
"Reflections: Gan" (one-page memoir)
"One More Lesson Learned" (S2; A-B)
"Near Lethal Mistakes" (S3; A-Ta, A-hc)
"Reflections: Jenna" (one-page memoir)
"Magick" (S4; B & B crossover)
"Reflections: Blake" (one-page memoir)
"Dante's Madness" (S5; A-hc, A-B)
"Reflections: Avon" (one-page memoir)
"Unlikely Hero" (S1; A-B)

Non Fiction:
"Editor's Page"
Zine ads
(No poetry; no art other than decorative borders)

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