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This section lists every professional appearance by Gareth Thomas that we have been able to trace. Events of unknown date are at the end. If you know of any additional material, dates, photos, events or anything interesting please contact Judith.

This section is continuously under development, with more details of Gareth's activities being added as we hear about them.

Note: the dates given for TV/Radio shows are where possible the first showing of the first episode where applicable, not when they were made.

RIPGareth has managed to die in a surprisingly large number of roles. The RIP symbol is shown against performances he is known to have died in.

Gareth has been known to bemoan the fact that he never gets to play lovers. The statistics seem to bear him out. Heart symbols indicate a romance, they appear to be heavily outnumbered by tombstones. (Parts where he is already married don't qualify. )

Gareth has said that he does't want to be thought of as just a Welsh actor, but as an actor who can do English and Welsh characters with equal ease. He has lived for a long time in England, and now in Scotland, after his early years in Wales. He has been cast in a lot of Welsh roles over the years. Leeks indicate Welsh parts.

Material here, comes from many sources including :- Blake's 7 magazine, Chris Blenkarn, Joyce Bowen, Sue Clerc, Robert Cheadle, Sue Cowley, Pat Fenech, The Freedom City Gazette (FCG), Horizon magazine, Julia Jones, Andrew Kearley, Gareth Randell, Judith Proctor, The Prydonian Renegade (March 96), Together Again - Action, TV Zone Special #4, Stellar Quines, Dundee Rep Theatre, Theatre Clwyd, The Magenta Partnership, Royal Lyceum Theatre - Edinburgh, Alan Stevens, Pete Wallbank, Andy Hopkinson, Mark Thompson, The Scottish Theatre Archive, Blake's 7 The Inside Story, The Archives of The Royal Shakespeare Company, Sheelagh Wells, Gareth Thomas and some very nice people who have asked not to be identified.

8 May 1984TV
The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes: The Naval Treaty (Granada, 1 hr). Series of top notch adaptations of the Conan Doyle stories, starring Jeremy Brett as Holmes and David Burke as Dr. Watson. In this episode, Gareth plays Joseph Harrison, whose sister's fiance is a Foreign Office clerk entrusted with a top secret and ultra-important treaty - which subsequently vanishes without trace. Holmes has to unravel the mystery, before the country suffers and the clerk's career is destroyed.

Joseph Harrison and Holmes (43K)

16 June 1989TV
After the War (Granada TV), based on Frederic Raphael's novel, eight episodes a total of 10 hours. Gareth plays an artist called Guy Falcon in 2 of the episodes - Love and Kisses; and Yesterday and Tomorrow. Also featured Jan Chappel and Ed Bishop (UFO). The date given is that of the broadcasting of the first episode.

Guy Falcon (38K)

This publicity photo is left / right reversed.

June 1998TV
Animal Ark HTV. Gareth has filmed an episode called Calf in the Cottage for this children's programme in Bristol. He plays the guest lead, a farmer John Mathews, in episode 12.

This was recorded in September 1997.

Gareth with the two main characters (and a calf).

31 Jan 1995TVArchangel's Night Out BBC Wales - a play.
11 Nov 1967TV
The Avengers: Murdersville(ABC - Associated British Corporation). The classic spy spoof series.

This was the 7th episode in the sixth season broadcast on ITV. (Some reference books incorectly list this as episode 23 of season 5 - these episodes were in fact filmed and broadcast in two blocks of 16 and 8 episodes respectively.) Gareth appears uncredited in a short scene, in a non-speaking but effective role. In Little Storping in the Swuff, a typically idyllic Avengers-type English country village, the locals have provided a haven for assassins and murderers. For a fee, they will turn a blind eye to any killings that occur in their village, and even help with the planning of the crimes. Gareth plays one of the killers taking advantage of their services. In his short scene, he waits silently in the village pub, wearing dark glasses and drinking a pint of beer, until the appointed hour when his victim arrives. Then he gets up, collects a shotgun from the landlord, and goes outside. We hear gunshots, then Gareth returns the gun to the landlord and calmly resumes drinking his beer.

After the shooting (32K)

21 Jan 2001TV
Baddiel's Syndrome Gareth was in three episodes of Baddiel's Syndrome which is broadcast on Sky. He was in the episode "Dead Grandma" on Jan 21st and "Dream Home" on 19th March, and "Religious Uncertainity" on 9th April.

He played Colin - David Baddiel's Welsh father.

This was a joke within the series, as Baddiel is Jewish. However, I am told the joke has a basis in real life and Gareth actually bears a passing resemblence to David's father.

13 Jan 1982TV
The Bell (BBC), Gareth was in all 4 episodes of this Iris Murdoch adaptation playing James Tayper Pace.

From the 1969 Penguin paperback edition - "When a group of well-meaning neurotics and perverts come together in a lay religious community to try to forge a new and better life, the situation calls out all the humour and insight for which Iris Murdoch is famous. The theme of her novel is the dark conflict between sex and religion, symbolised by the new and the old bells of the abbey convent across the lake. Here is a story which again demonstrates this writer's unusual sensitivity and her talent for creating character."

Gareth (FCG#7): We had a scene where he (Ian Holm) was washing up cups and I was drying them. It was a sort of a religious community, and we had the scene to play whilst we were washing and drying our cups. The director Barry Davis was filming it, and we came to the end of the scene, and nobody said, "Cut," so Ian and I just carried on in character all the time for about one and a half minutes, which is a long time. We were making up things, but all connected with the show. Barry Davis kept nearly thirty seconds of that in.

It was also shown at the BFI - National Film Theatre (Pts 1 & 2 20 Aug 2002, Pts 3 & 4 30 Aug 2002)

23 Jan 1981TVBergerac: Clap Hands, Here Comes Charlie BBC1, Popular police series starring John Nettles, set on Jersey. Gareth played a villainous ship's captain called "Towers" in this episode.
21 Aug 1988TV
Better Days HTV 1 hr). Gareth plays Gwilym, barrister and undutiful son to Glyn Houston.

Gareth (FCG#7): I did a show recently, which I enjoyed enormously, called Better Days, which was filmed down in Wales, where I played an absolute bastard (eat your heart out, Paul Darrow!). In fact, somebody said to me yesterday, who had gotten a tape of it and saw it, and they turned around and said, "Tell that man he owes me a drink," and I said, "Why?" He said, "Because I thought you were quite nice, but you're an absolute bastard, aren't you?" I said to him, "You mean I'm real on television and I'm just acting here? That's great; thank you. Haven't we got our priorities mixed up somewhere?"

Gwilym (18k)

Gwilym and Glyn (36k)

2 Jan 1978TV
Blake's 7 (2nd Jan 1978 - 21 Dec 1981). Gareth played Roj Blake in 28 of the 52 episodes, and also played 2 clones of Blake and a computer image of Blake. RIP
  • Season One (1978)
    • The Way Back
    • Space Fall
    • Cygnus Alpha
    • Time Squad
    • The Web
    • Seek-Locate-Destroy
    • Mission to Destiny
    • Duel
    • Project Avalon
    • Breakdown
    • Bounty
    • Deliverance
    • Orac
  • Season Two (1979)
    • Redemption
    • Shadow
    • Weapon
    • Horizon
    • Pressure Point
    • Trial
    • Killer
    • Hostage
    • Countdown
    • Voice from the Past
    • Gambit
    • The Keeper
    • Star One
  • Season Three (1980)
    • Terminal
  • Season Four (1981)
    • Blake

Roj Blake (81K)

Horizon 33 - talking to Joe Nazzaro Joe: There's an interesting story I heard concerning your final appearance in Blake. According to Chris Boucher, during the fatal confrontation scene between Blake and Avon, Paul's original line was supposed to be 'You betrayed me?' but he changed it to 'You betrayed me?' It's interesting how one word can change the context of a scene.

Gareth: Well, it changes the whole concept, because if you turn around and say 'You betrayed me' as a statement, that's fine, or you can say 'You betrayed me?' ie 'Was it actually you?' but it blows the whole thing when you say 'You betrayed me?' In some ways, I think Paul was right with that inflection, but if he was right, then he had to be killed as well. I loved Paul's idea of actually standing astraddle and actually protecting the man he had just killed. I thought that was beautiful, but if he uses the inflection 'You betrayed me?' then he had to be killed as well. Otherwise, we never know whether Avon died or not, and with the series it was necessary that we should never see Avon as the supremo. He was supremo by default, but when Blake came back, Avon immediatly had to settle down and be second in command. He can say 'You betrayed me?' and still possibly survive, but I think too many of the audience believed Paul, and it's dangerous to have a series like this and end up saying the man was in fact corrupt. I know I've said I wanted to see Blake's darker side, but I didn't want him to be corrupt. He was always completely dedicated to the cause, and I think he would have carried on if Avon hadn't killed him.

UnknownTVBlasphemy at the Old Bailey This is a mystery. For a long time it was thought to be: Everyman: Trial for Blasphemy (BBC) The BBC did not have an edition of Everyman listed under this title. When this was shown is still unknown, but.

It has twice been shown at the BFI - National Film Theatre - on 21 Jul 1992 and 19 Oct 2000.

2 Oct 1989TV
Boon: Walking Off Air (Central TV). Comedy drama series about an ex-fireman who sets up a motorcycle messenger company and does occasional detective work - stars Michael Elphick, David Daker and Neil Morrissey. In this episode, Gareth plays Bill Stone, a radio station director.

Bill Stone (32K)

15 Aug 1979TV
Border Country: Country Dance HTV Wales, 1hr. A story set in the Welsh border country. Ann Goodman daughter of an English father and a Welsh mother must choose between two men, Gabriel Ford an English shepherd working in Wales and Evan ap Evan (Gareth Thomas), a Welshman who owns land in England. The period is late 19th or early 20th century. Gareth can be heard speaking and singing in Welsh.

May also have been called Border Tales: Country Dance.

Evan ap Evan (16K)

Evan and Ann at a dance (19K)

23 Jan 1975TVBreath (BBC - Play for Today) Play about asthma. Also starring Liz Smith.

Written Elaine Feinstein. Angela Pleasance is a young mother isolated by her chronic asthma and descending into paranoia. Gareth Thomas is her husband, Liz Smith her suspicious housekeeper.

17 Feb 1985TV
By the Sword Divided: series II: RIP (BBC - 1st series was in 1983). Costume drama series, set during the English civil war. Gareth played the part of Major General Daniel Horton, one of Cromwell's soldiers (a Roundhead) - and a lover. Part of this was filmed at Rockingham Castle. Gareth appeared in 3 of the 8 episodes -
  • 5 - Forlorn Hope, set in 1655
  • 6 - The Mailed Fist, set in 1657
  • 7 - Retribution, set in 1658
Gareth in TV zone special #4: I died in By the Sword Divided - I was poisoned, I was stabbed, I ran onto the end of a sword, everything.

Daniel Horton (47K)

With his lady love (39K)

7 Jan 1977TVCaesar and Cleopatra By George Bernard Shaw (Southern TV) TV film directly from a stage play. Alec Guiness is Casear. Gareth only has one line.
23 Nov 2002TVCasualty He played a retired fireman who get his leg run over by his son-in-law who is trying to abduct his (Gareth's) grandson. This is episode 11 of Series 17 'Up to your neck in it', Gareth's character is called Jim Bailey.
2 Dec 1995TV
Casualty: Bringing It All Back Home (BBC) Gareth played Tom Arnold, a retired footballer turned author. He is soon discovered to have a shared secret with two other members of his old football team, played by Michael Keating and Stephen Yardley (Investigator Reeve in Sand). Gareth suffers a fatal heart attack after rescuing another footballer in a boating accident. RIP

Tom Arnold (34K)

Gareth and Michael (36K)

23 Jul 1989TV
Chelworth (BBC in association with the Australian Broadcasting Corporation) all but the first of eight 1 hr episodes. It is about a multi-millionare businessman in Hong Kong, whose brother dies and leaves him the title to a very run down stately home. He comes back to England to take care of it. Gareth plays Peter Thornton, a Yorkshire farmer who becomes the estate manager. Stephen Grief and Janet Lees Price also appeared in this.

Peter Thornton (36K)

  • 1 - Coming Home - (Gareth's not in this episode)
  • 2 - A Wonderfully Wrong Thing
  • 3 - Shoping Around
  • 4 - The Rich Can Do Anything
  • 5 - You Can't Beat Mozart
  • 6 - Taking Your Profits
  • 7 - My Dear Jamie
  • 8 - A Real House
20 Nov 1991TV
Chestnut Soldier (HTV) Five 1/2 hr episodes, sequel to Emlyn's Moon. By Jenny Nimmo. Gareth plays artist Idris Llewellyn. He isn't in this as much as Emlyn's Moon but has a lovely scene with Nia. 20, 27 Nov & 4, 12 Dec 1991. Titles: A Prince Returns (1), Broken Horses (2), Fiery Dreams (3), Out of the Forest (4).

Idris (42K)

21 Oct 1998TVChildren in Need At the Red Lion public house, Canning Circus, Alfreton Road, Nottingham, a party was held as part of a fund raising event for the BBC Children in Need Appeal. Gareth took part along with James Warrior who worked with him on 'Morgan's Boy'. We do not know if Gareth actually appeared on TV.
10 Jan 1977TV
Children of the Stones (HTV West, 10 Jan - 21 Feb 1977, 7 1/2 hr episodes). Creepy and very memorable children's drama serial. Gareth plays astro-physicist Professor Adam Brake, widowed father of the lead boy. He investigates a mysterious stone circle with his son in 1970s England. This was filmed at Avebury in Wiltshire. Also starred Iain Cuthertson and Freddie Jones.

  • 1 - Into the Circle
  • 2 - Circle of Fear
  • 3 - Serpent in the Circle
  • 4 - Narrowing Circle
  • 5 - Charmed Circle
  • 6 - Squaring the Circle
  • 7 - Full Circle

Adam Brake (67K)

31 Mar 1975TVChurchill's People (BBC), Gareth was in Episode 14.
20 Jan 1983TV
The Citadel: BBC episodes 1-3, 8-10 (1982, 10 1 hr episodes.) Period medical drama, based on a novel by A.J. Cronin. Gareth plays Dr. Philip Denny, an alcoholic coming off the bottle, and best friend of the lead character, played by Ben Cross. Denny's part is bigger in the TV series than in the original Cronin novel.

Ep.1, tx. 20 Jan 1983. Ep.2, tx. 27 Jan 1983. Ep.3, tx. 3 Feb 1983. Ep.8, tx. 10 Mar 1983. Ep.9, tx. 17 Mar 1983 and Ep.10, tx. 24 Mar 1983. Although recorded in 1982.

Talking to Joe Nazzaro in Horizon 33 Joe: Having worked steadily for the RSC, was there any problem getting back into television again?

Gareth: I suppose at that time my profile was pretty high. The Citadel came along, and I seized at that, playing an alcoholic who comes off the bottle; I loved that. I then got Morgan's Boy, so I was probably still a name in the business. It really wasn't difficult getting back in at all.

The cast according to the IBDB was:

Directed by: Peter Jefferies, Mike Vardy
Writing credits: A.J. Cronin (novel), Don Shaw

Cast overview:
Ben Cross Andrew Manson
Clare Higgins (I) Christine Barlow
Wendy Alnutt Angela
Colin Baker (I) Vaughn
Sarah Berger Toppy
Raymond Bowers Dr Llewellyn
Niall Buggy Con
Michael Cochrane Freddy Hamson
James Copeland Urquhart
Janet Davies (I) Mrs. Watkins
Richard Davies (II) Dr Watkins
Tenniel Evans Dr Page
Don Fellows Robert Stillman
Oliver Ford Davies Reverend Parry
John Garvin (I) Dr. Bramwell
Michael Gough (I) Sir Jenner Halliday
Cynthia Grenville Miss Page
Olwen Griffiths Mrs. Bramwell
David Gwillim David Hope
Davyd Harries Emlyn
Jane How Mrs. Vaughn
Milton Jones Rees
Charles Kay Mr Hopper
Lyn Langridge Mrs. Howells
Anne Mannion Mary
Buster Merryfield
Sharon Morgan Mrs. Williams
Beryl Nesbitt Annie
John Nettleton Charles Ivory
Susan Porrett Miss Cramb
Dilys Price Mrs. Llewellyn
Sion Probert Mr. Williams
David Pugh Joe
Lyn Rees Sam
Ray Smith (I) Mr Owen
Dyfed Thomas Dai Jenkins
Gareth Thomas Philip Denny
Jack Walters (II) Thomas
John Welsh (I) Sir Robert Abbey
Wendy William Sylvia
Tim Wylton Ed Chenkin
Carmen du Sautoy Frances Lawrence

Dr. Philip Denny (43K)

Dr. Denny (51K)

May 1971TVCoronation Street (Granada TV) Gareth appeared in two episodes of this very long running soap, playing Mel Ryan, a sauna expert.
17 Sep 1972TV
Country Matters: The Watercress Girl (Granada TV; 1 hr). Gareth plays Frank Oppidan a wood worker who romances two women, in rural England. Includes a very brief, dimly lit, partial nude scene.

Frank Oppidan (43K)

Frank Oppidan (50K)

16 Oct 1998TVThe Creatives (BBC2) This is a sitcom about an Edinburgh advertising agency, written by Jack Dochert and Moray Hunter. Gareth had a minor role as a policeman (this part may be misrecorded as Creatures in some peoples records)
9 Mar 1995TV
Crown Prosecutor (BBC) Ten 1/2 hour episodes between 23rd Feb and 27th of April. Gareth was in two episodes, one of which was on 9th March. Dreadful and thankfully shortlived courtroom drama series. Gareth played a magistrate, Harold Thomson, and was probably the best thing in it. David Daker, Michael Praed (Robin of Sherwood) and Tom Chadbon (Del Grant) were regulars.

Harold Thomson (32K)

8 Dec 1974TV
David Copperfield (BBC, six 1 hr episodes). Gareth plays Edward Murdstone, David's step father, and succeeds in creating a thoroughly nasty charcter. He is in 3 of the episodes, Episodes 1,2 and one other.

It was also shown at the BFI - National Film Theatre (Parts 1-3 20 Dec 1994, Pts 4-6 27 Dec 1994).

Edward Murdstone (49K)

1986 - 1987TVThe District Nurse. (BBC) Period drama set in 1930's Wales, starred Nerys Hughes in the title role (Megan) and Sian Philips played her mother. Ran for 4 years from 1984 to 1987, with 13 episodes per year. We don't know which episode(s) or even which series Gareth was in.

Gareth recorded an episode of District Nurse in August or September 1986. (After Benefactors finished in July and before joining ESC.) So that means the show was probably aired in 87, though it could have been 86.

Jul 2001TVDoctors Gareth recorded an episode of 'Doctors' for the BBC. He appears as a sick farmer in episode 18 'Chip off the old Block' - due to air late September/early October.

Although the episode was actually broadcast on Wednesday, the Radio Times entry is on Friday because they list all the guest actors in a soap in a single entry at the end of the week.

24 July 1982TV
Dogfood Dan and The Carmarthen Cowboy (Yorkshire TV, 1 hr play). Gareth plays Aubrey Owen, lorry (truck) driver and hapless would-be seducer. This is a comedy about two long distance lorry drivers who become friends. (The title refers to their CB radio handles - Gareth is "The Carmarthen Cowboy").

Aubrey Owen with "Dogfood Dan"(54K)

Aubrey lives in North Wales, his friend in Southern England. They regularly drive opposite routes to each other - as one's driving North, the other's going South, and vice versa. They meet in a transport cafe half way. They both start having affairs when they're away from home. The irony is that they each have an affair with the other's wife, completely unbeknownst to the other. Also starring David Daker as "Dogfood Dan". Written by David Nobbs (creator of Reginald Perrin), this was later made into a BBC sitcom, which was rubbish and didn't feature Gareth.

Gareth (Horizon NL#21): The writer told me it was going to be made into a series, and he said: "I want you and David Daker, but the BBC are doing it not ITV." So I phoned my agent, but my agent came back and said: "Unfortunately David Daker is doing 'Boon', and therefore can't do this, and the BBC have said they either want both of you or neither." And so my one chance to do a Light Entertainment series went out the window. C'est la vie, that's the business.

1 July 1985TV
Dramarama: Silver (Scottish TV; half hour children's drama anthology.) This episode is about a boy who cannot come to terms with his father's death in an accident and is unable to walk without crutches. A photo of his dead father is actually a photo of Gareth, thus earning him another tombstone. Gareth appears again in the fantasy form of Long John Silver from Treasure Island, eventually forcing the boy to leave his dream world and get on with his life. RIP

Silver (Close up) (17K)

Long John Silver (17K)

2 Sep 1985TVDuel with An Teallach RIP (BBC 1 hr). Gareth plays Charles Handley, sturdy but doomed mountaineer. This is a re-enactment of a mountain climbing tragedy. The actors did all the actual climbing.
Apr 1 1975TVEdward VII (ATV) Gareth plays Lord Charles Beresford in 2 episodes. - "Dearest Prince"; and "Scandal". (Was called Edward the King when broadcast in the US). Anna Massey played Queen Victoria. The series ran from 1st April 1975 to 24th June 1975.

Gareth tells of sitting in a restaurant booth one evening and grumbling to his agent about the similarity of the roles he was playing. Given his background, King's School, Oxford, etc., why did he never get offered upper-class roles? Three days later, he was unexpectedly offered the part of Lord Charles Beresford in "Edward VII". Gareth asked the director what had made him think of him. He replied, "I was sitting in the next booth."

6 Sep 1990TV
Emlyn's Moon (HTV, five 1/2 hr episodes). Artist Idris Llewellyn, father of sullen Emlyn. Both Emlyn's Moon and Chestnut Soldier are based on the Snow Spider books by Jenny Nimmo. The series ran until 4th Oct 1990.

Idris and Emlyn (32K)

18 Jun 1991TV
Families (possibly Granada?) Gareth plays Detective Superintendant Collins in 5 episodes (perhaps 10?), who is investigating a murder. An Australian produced soap opera/mystery.

Collins (38K)

1969-1973TVA Family at War Granada - either 8 1hr episodes or 13 episodes per year. Story of a family during WW II. No information as to Gareth's role. Gareth (Horizon NL#21): I'd been in the pub with the script editor some weeks before, and somebody came in and said: "Gareth, you're needed." I downed my pint in about four or five seconds, and the script editor said: "Hey, that's damned good" We'll get that into the script for the character." So stupidly, in my young days, I said: "Yes, yes, fine, jolly good idea!" and lo and behold a few scripts later, in came this scene of me in a pub drinking a pint quickly. The scene immediately prior to that was me at breakfast having bacon and eggs. So of course we came to the rehearsal and I have bacon and eggs and then I go to the next scene and knock back a pint. Then we come to the actual take and I go and have bacon and eggs and down another pint. Then we do a retake - by which time I need a bucket! (Laughs). That was a very salutary lesson.
8 Mar 1977TVFathers and Families. (BBC) Gareth was in Episode 6, as a writer.
9 Apr 1975TVFight Against Slavery (BBC, six 1 hr episodes). Gareth plays Thomas Clarkson, a reformer in the 3rd-5th episodes. He is also seen in the opening titles, singing in church, but is otherwise not in the first episode. His character has blond hair and a pony tail.
1981TVGhosts No known information, is this a valid entry?
12 Apr 1977TV
Gotcha. (BBC - Play for Today). Duration between 1 hour and 90 minutes.

On his last day at school, a 'no hope' 16 year old pupil holds his teachers hostage using a motor-bike petrol tank as a bomb.


Gareth to Joe Nazzaro (FCG #4): I did a one-off at the BBC, which is about a young kid in high school who held two teachers for ransom by keeping a lighter or lit a cigarette over the petrol tank of a motorbike in a small locker room. He held them for ransom, and my character was called Farty, at least he called him Farty. Mary Whitehouse, who I suppose is like Ralph Nader over here, she's our equivalent, and it was shown on the box to great acclaim, and then it was going to be repeated about two years later, and she got the repeat banned. I thought, "Shit, silly woman; it's been shown already." If people are going to hold teachers to ransom with a lit cigarette, it would have happened already. It wasn't gratuitous violence; that was what happened, and it's gone and done and has been shown, and why get it banned now? I wrote to her, actually and I said, "Regardless of your moral attitude, I feel that if I had the money, which I don't (aren't you lucky!) I would sue you for loss of wages, because when it's repeated I get more money, and who the hell are you to turn around and say I will stop that man from getting more money." I never got a reply.
22 Nov 1980TV
Hammer House of Horror: Visitor from the Grave (Made by Hammer Films for ITV, 1 hr). Horror anthology series. In this episode, Gareth plays Richard, the accomplice in a con trick. A woman is tricked into thinking she has committed a murder, and is being haunted by the ghost of her victim. Gareth's character impersonates a policeman, and a mysterious Indian guru called "Swami Gupta Krishna", as part of the deception. Also starred Simon MacCorkindale and Kathryn Leigh Scott.

The Policeman (66K)

Swami Gupta Krishna (65K)

Richard (72K)

25 Jan 1998TV
Heartbeat (Yorkshire TV) Popular period drama about a policeman in 1960s Yorkshire. Gareth plays a farmer, Nathaniel Clegghorn, in "Local Knowledge" - episode 20 of the series that ended with Nick Berry's departure. It was filmed in mid October 1997.

Clegghorn is in dispute with the disreputable Claude Greengrass, (a regular character) as to which of them has genuine ghosts on his farm. (Point of interest: this was the last episode to feature Nick Berry as PC Rowan, who had been the series' lead character until this point.)

Gareth was also in 2 episodes in 1999, and 2 episodes in 2003.

Hollywood or Bust on Sunday 28th Novemeber 1999.
No Surrender on Sunday 12th December 1999.
Moving Target on Sunday 13th April 2003.
Absent Friends on Sunday 11th May 2003.

Nathaniel Clegghorn (35K)

29 Dec 1975TV
How Green Was My Valley. (BBC, six 1 hr episodes). the fiery minister the Rev Mr Griffith (Rev Mr Gruffydd in the book) one of the leads. The other episodes where Jan/Feb 1976.

This has been released on video, see Video details and reviews.

The Rev Mr Griffith (38K)

16 Sep 2000TV
I Love the 70's Clips of Blake's 7 and interviews with Gareth, Paul and Jaqueline.

16 Feb 1976TVJackanory. (BBC Childrens TV - five shows of 15 mins). Gareth reads children's stories.

He read the story "Tales From Lapland" in 1976, and was broadcast on BBC-1 with the following titles: "Draugen And His Red Cap" (Part One, 16/02/76), "The Poor Boy Who Looked For Wook And Found Riches" (Part Two, 17/02/76), "Stallo And His Servant" (Part Three, 18/02/76), "Aslak And The Mermaid" (Part Four, 19/02/76) and "The Family Strong" (Part Five, 20/02/76). Sadly none of these episodes exist in the archive, although I'm sure that there are sound recordings of these programmes somewhere.

Gareth to Joe Nazzaro (FCG #7): I did it once many years ago, the best paid job in the BBC. It was a children's series called Jackanory, and it was basically people sitting there reading storeies for kids. You go in, you rehearse for half a day, and because you've got the autocue, you don't have to learn it, and you go in and do it and it's a flat-rate fee. When I did it, I think it was a hundred pounds a day, per show, and it was a fifteen minute show. As I said, you go in on Thursday afternoon, you rehearse it on Thursday afternoon, you record all five on Friday, so you get five hundred pounds from the BBC for a day and a half's work!

6th Sep 1987TV
Knights of God (TVS 6th Sep - 6th Dec 1987, thirteen 1/2 hr episodes). Gareth plays Owen Edwards, a Welsh rebel leader. (Was this guy getting typecast or what?) The series also starred Patrick Troughton (Doctor Who), John Woodvine, Julian Fellowes, and George Winter. The series is a sort of retelling of the Arthurian saga set in 2020 after a militant order, the Knights of God, have taken over England and are trying to stamp out the resistance led by Arthur (Troughton) and Edwards. Gareth is not in episodes 6,7 or 10, but has big roles in episodes 1 and 11. [[The series may have ended on 29th of Nov]]

Owen and Arthur (45K)

Owen Edwards (48K)

Owen Edwards (39K)

London's Burning (LWT). Popular, long running drama series about London firefighters. Gareth had a recurring role as the area commander, Assistant Chief Officer Bulstrode. Gareth left the series in December 94, when Bulstrode retired. The series has been released on video in the UK (two episodes per tape 52 minutes each episode), and might still be available (1997).

The character was brought in for one episode, but became a regular feature. He was based on a real-life fire chief who retired, so they wrote me out after eight episodes. My last line was: "I'm thinking of retiring at the end of the year." On film Thomas went on to say, "Now that's a good way to write yourself out of a series," and landed himself in hot water with the director for wasting film. "This used to be a profession and you used to be allowed to have fun. Now it's like any other business run by accountants and it's all about bottom lines.

Gareth was in the following:
Season 1 (1988) No eppisodes
Season 2 (1989) episode 5
Season 3 (1990) episodes 1,2,5,8
Season 4 (1991) episodes 9 and 10
Season 5 (1992) episodes 5,9
Season 6 (1993) episodes 4,5
Season 7 (1994) episodes 2,8,15.

We have also caught an uncredited appearance by Michael Keating

Taking to Nick, the station commander (32k)

Arriving at a major fire (40k)

Taking Charge (46k)

1984TVLove and Marriage: Dearly Beloved (Yorkshire TV, 1 hr). Gareth plays the lead as husband Stephen, a doctor whose marriage is having problems.

Gareth talking to Joe Nazzaro (FCG#7):

Joe: Do you get nervous, letting the real you show through the cracks sometimes?

Gareth:Well, I'll tell you something. I did a show a number of years ago - I can't remember what it's called now - with an actress that I knew by reputation but had never actually met. A very fine actress, and I knew her husband, but I didn't know her. The first scene ... Picture the first rehearsal: "How do you do, I'm Gareth Thomas..." The first scene begins at the moment of orgasm, and you think, "Now wait a minute, this is very personal here! Shall we start by saying which side of the bed would you like to sleep on?" There you suddenly ... you use experience, okay, but there is a frightening situation. How much of yourself do you actually show? I'm not telling on that one [laughter], but there's an example; if it happens, okay. That's an exception, because the last time I played a lover was about twenty years ago, but there is an example where you have to convice and say in the back of your mind, "I'm acting" That's a very difficult situation.

8 Mar 1992TV
Maigret: On Home Ground (Granada, 1 hr.) Series starring Michael Gambon as Georges Simenon's French detective. In this episode, Gareth played Monsieur Gautier, the groundskeeper for a prominent family in the village where Maigret was born.

Maigret, Gautier and Emile (36K)

1972TVThe Man at the Top Thames TV. Series based on John Braine's novels "Room at the Top" and "Life at the Top." The series starred Kenneth Haigh. There were several related programmes staring Kenneth Haigh all of which had the word Top in the title. This was filmed shortly after Stocker's Copper was broadcast.
1995TVMedics: Going West (Granada) (1 hr). Hospital drama starring Tom Baker and Sue Johnston. Gareth played George Robinson MP, visiting the hospital ward at the beginning. (Gareth nearly got the lead in this series, but in the end it went to Tom Baker). Gareth talking to Joe Nazzaro in Horizon 33: Joe: Speaking of ecentrics, I believe you worked with Tom Baker in Medics?

Gareth: Yes, there's another eccentric. He was very pleasant, and I only had one scene with him. Funnily enough, the part that Tom Baker was playing was down to either Tom Baker or me. I spent two hours chatting to the producers on Medics, and I was told later on by my agent that it was either me or Tom Baker, and they chose Tom, who had a higher profile, I suppose.

Mentors: Awakenings Mentors was intended to be a 45 minute drama series aimed at a family audience.

Storyline (from the Proposal):
A group of four people, two men and two women, find themselves being drawn together by a mysterious force - at the heart of an ancient stone circle. There they are imbued with incredible telepathic and telekinetic powers, which have been laid dormant in wait for a period where the earth is under threat. In a new era of international instability and at a time of icreasing poverty, famine and ecological disaster, the world has a new kind of hero to restore the balance: The Mentors. Facing an age old menace in the form of the Dark Overlords - the Mentors will use their ancient power to protect the earth from disaster. The Mentors are 'the light in the darknesss'.

Although a script was written for a pilot episode "Awakenings" by Austen Atkinson-Broadbelt, all that is known to exist on film is a five minute teaser made for promotional purposes. The pilot episode was written for the Family Channel (satellite TV)

It's interesting to note that Gareth's character, Edward Grieg - the villain (an evil bearer) - was originally written as a woman, Mariah Grieg.

TV Zone magazine featured Mentors in its Psi-fi special (#18).

Edward Grieg

Edward Grieg with flower

The Stones

Edward Grieg

Teleport Braclets?


Talking to Diane Gies in Horizon 33: Diane: And now you're playing a baddie in The Mentors.

Gareth: Yes, I really enjoyed it. I must confess, I did think of Paul while I was doing it, wondering how he would play it. I do hope that it goes on and they turn it into a series. If they do, I hope to be able to direct a couple of episodes - I'd love to do that.

Early Oct 1997TV
Merlin The Magic Begins Gareth played Merlin's mentor Blaze in a pilot called "Merlin the Magic Begins". This was filmed in early October 97.

This was intended as the pilot for a series, but it seems extremely unlikely that the series will ever come to pass as the pilot was pretty dire.

The pilot also stars Merlin is played by Jason Connery and Deborah Moore.

The programme was made by Segull productions a part of Kaleidoscope Media Group.

Lots more Pictures and information

Blaze and Merlin (22K)

11 Oct 1984TV
Morgan's Boy (BBC, eight 1 hr episodes). Gareth plays Morgan Thomas, a Welsh hill farmer struggling with the help of his nephew to keep his home in the ecomonically desperate 1980s. Excellent but depressing. This is probably Gareth's best work to date and he was nominated for a BAFTA (British Academy Film and Television Awards) award for it. He himself describes it as probably his favourite part. It was written by Alick Rowe, who also novelized it. See Morgan's Boy for many pictures from this programme.

Morgan (74K)

The director was John Gorrie and Lee (Morgan's nephew) was played by Martyn Hesford.

RIPGareth talking to Joe Nazzaro (FCG#4):

Gareth: I did a series in England recently; one of the most difficult things I've ever done, actually, because the character was totally opposite to me, a Welsh hill farmer. It ended up the big boys moved in, kicked him out, and he couldn't cope with that. His whole life, and his parents were on this hill farm, so they kick him out and he goes back. His mother's room was a shrine to him, so he takes everything out into the courtyard and burns it, goes into the shed, shoots his sheep dog and shoots himself. It was a very beautiful story, nominated for various awards, and about two months later it was ... I'm sorry, am I boring you?

Joe: We'll give you a signal.

Gareth: I went down to the pub I used to drink in at lunchtime [and this man came up and said] "Oh Gareth, bloody great to see you, bloody fantastic! What are you doing here?" and he said, "Do you remember John?" and I said "John?" He said, " A bit like Morgan," which is the character I played. [He said] "He was a bit like Morgan." I said "Yes I remember; he had a beard," and he said, "That's right, that's John. Anyway, He shot himself last week, and left a message saying, Morgan's Boy showed me how to do it" and I thought, "Jesus Christ, how much responsibility can I take for what actually goes on?

1969 - 1970TVParkin's Patch (Yorkshire TV). He was a regular in this series. 26 episodes made in total and broadcast from 19 Sep 1969 until 20 Mar 1970. He played a detective.

1981TVPeter and Paul (3hr TV movie). In the last hour Gareth played Centurion Julius who escorts Paul (Anthony Hopkins) to Rome and guards him there.

Gareth talking to Barbara Teichert in The Prydonian Renegade: I remember doing a thing in Greece, an American production of the Acts of Peter and Paul, with Bob Foxworth as Peter and Tony Hopkins as Paul. I had a scene, five minutes I think it was, almost a five minute speech, with another British actor playing Nero, and it was the usual thing, half past eight in the morning or something, you come in, yes, fine where's the camera, mumble mumble, mumble mumble, here you go, "Turn over and action!" Went straight through this, he said, "Cut!" and everybody applauded. And I thought, "Well, that's very flattering, that's rather nice, good morning, world." And when I spoke to some of the technicians afterwards, I said, "That's very nice," and they said "What do you mean?" and I said, "Applauding, I thought that was great." "Oh, yeah, yeah. Well, ah, no offense meant here, but American actors can't do more than thirty seconds at a time. You do five minutes at once, my God." And I said, "Well that's what I get paid for, isn't it?"

This is available from Amazon (US - NTSC format only).

1994TVPirates: Vikings (1/2 hr Documentry). Viking ship builder - "Smoothing Stroke". Gareth did this with one day's notice and no rehearsal as a favour. (Gareth once said that if he had not been an actor he would have loved to have done research into Viking history).
1967TVThe Prussian Officer. Granada TV. This was Gareth's first TV role.
1 Sep 1971TVPublic Eye: Man Who Didn't Eat Sweets Gareth is often incorrectly credited as being in this episode. (The Internet Movie Database is wrong).

8 Nov 1972TVPublic Eye: The Bankrupt. (Thames TV) This was a long running detective series starring Alfred Burke as Marker, a seedy private enquiry agent only just on the right side of the law - it was all very gritty and down to earth. Gareth played Tom Lewis, a chauffer who gets tricked out of a lot of money, in this episode, which opened the sixth season.
15 Sep 1971TVPublic Eye: Transatlantic Cousins (Thames TV) This was a long running detective series starring Alfred Burke as Marker, a seedy private enquiry agent only just on the right side of the law - it was all very gritty and down to earth.

Gareth played "Tom Lewis", he later played the same character in "The Bankrupt" on 8th November 1972.

22 Apr 2000TV
Randall & Hopkirk, (deceased) Gareth Thomas appeared as Dickie Bechard, the landlord of a country pub, in episode 6 'A Man of Substance' of the remake TV series 'Randall & Hopkirk, deceased' starring Reeves & Mortimer.  
28 Mar 1975TVThe Revivalist BBC Wales. Gareth plays an evangelist who thinks he has seen God.
8 July 1983TV
Shades of Darkness: Bewitched (Granada TV, 1 hr). Gareth plays Owen Bosworth.

A man is haunted by the ghost of a dead girl, his friend - Owen, the girl's father, and the local minister try to discover what is happening. A chilling tale with more in it than initially meets the eye. The director was John Gorrie and Martyn Hesford has a small part. This is significant as both were to work on Morgan's Boy a year later.

This programme is also known as "She Abides".

Owen Bosworth (68K)

10 Sep 1975TV
Shadows: After School (Thames TV 1/2 hr ep). A teacher named Benson near the begining.

Benson (41K)

9 July 2002TVShipman The drama documentary about the serial killer Doctor Shipman, in which Gareth plays the Vicar, was shown on Tuesday 9th July, on ITV/Carlton - 9pm/10pm and concluding 10.20pm/11.20pm.
2 Nov 2000TVSouth West News Gareth was filmed while at Cult TV, and this appeared on ITV's South West Lunchtime News.

The item lasted about 3/4 mins. The Blakes 7 theme accompanied the report. Gareth thomas was interviewed, basically saying he was having a good time and amazed at the longevity of Blakes 7, then pulling faces through the back of a stacking chair! Judith, zine in hand, was singing (very well I might add) a filk song. The dealers room, a sweeping shot of the attendee's in the main hall and the presenter (Ron Bendall) wondering if he would eventually be a cult TV figure concluded the piece.

25 Apr 1974TVSpecial Branch: Alien Thames TV. Action series about two stylish policemen, played by Patrick Mower and George Sewell. Gareth appeared in this fourth season episode, which also featured Patrick Troughton.
1 Sep 1976TV
Star Maidens (Made by Portman Productions for ITV and German TV - 1976, thirteen 1/2hr episodes in the series).

(first screened on Scottish TV 1 Sep - 1 Dec 1976 - the rest of the country followed a few months later)

Its available on video in German!.

Adam and Shem (39K)

Gareth is Shem, a rebel on the run from a domineering female villain (that sounds familiar...) The planet Medusa (written as Mendusa) is an SF cliche, ruled entirely by women in kinky boots and PVC hotpants, where men are kept as slaves. Shem escapes to Earth with fellow slave Adam. At the same time, some Earth people are taken to Medusa. It's quite amusing if you don't take it seriously. The production itself, however, doesn't seem to know if it should be comic or serious. This was apparently due to artistic differences between the British and German producers! Gareth's character is in 8 episodes of the series: 1-5, 8, 11, and 13. Also starred Judy Geeson and Derek Farr (Ensor).

In more recent years, this has been shown as a feature length film compiled from several of the episodes - unfortunately, Gareth's bits have mostly been cut out. He appears at the start and then largely disappears. (The action of the film concentrates on the Earth people on Medusa.)

Gareth (Horizon NL#21 in 1988): "At that time, I was offered the part of Fogarty in The Onedin Line. I didn't realize it was going to go on to be what it was. It went on for a very long time, but it was only a pilot at that stage. I was offered the chance of that, or three months doing Star Maidens. And I needed the money! So I chose three months doing an independant television show, obviously, because the money was far, far greater. That was one of the many mistakes I made in my career. Having said that, I don't mean I didn't enjoy Star Maidens. And there were some very fine actors in it.

"It was a long time ago. It was a multi-national thing. We had Hardy Kruger's daughter, my co-lead was a frenchman called Pierre Brice, one of the directors couldn't speak any English. One of the directors was actually a very well known cameraman and horror film director, Freddy Francis. What was it about? I really can't remember. I do remember I was supposed to have some form of extraordinary powers, I can't remember exactly what. And I think I had a blonde streak or something. One blonde streak down the side of my hair."

  • 1 - Escape to Paradise - Gareth
  • 2 - Nemesis - Gareth
  • 3 - The Nightmare Cannon - Gareth
  • 4 - The Proton Storm - Gareth
  • 5 - Kidnap - Gareth
  • 6 - Trial
  • 7 - Test for Love
  • 8 - The Perfect Couple - Gareth
  • 9 - What Have They Done with the Rain?
  • 10 - The End of Time
  • 11 - Hideout - Gareth has a major role
  • 12 - Creatures of the Mind
  • 13 - The Enemy - Gareth
It was also shown at the BFI - National Film Institute on 6 Aug 1993.

20 Jan 1972TV
Stocker's Copper (BBC Play For Today, 1 hr). Herbert Griffith, a policemen from Glamorganshire, one of a group of policemen specially trained to handle riots, is sent to Cornwall to police a clay miners' strike. He is billeted with a local miner's family. After initial suspicion and hostility from the miner, the two become close friends. However, as the strike escalates from non-violent to violent protest, Griffith's job ends up in direct conflict with his friendship.

It was written by Tom Clarke, directed by Jack Gold, and starred Gareth Thomas, Jane Lapotaire and Bryan Marshall. Gareth received his first BAFTA best actor nomination for this.

It is also shown at the BFI - National Film Theatre on April 18 and also May 1, 2003.

Reviuew by Ruth Kenyon.

Herbert Griffith singing along with the miners (31K)

This was Gareth's first major TV role and his first BAFTA (British Academy Film and Television Awards) best actor nomination.

Gareth talking to Ken Armstrong in the Blake's 7 Magazine: I was telephoned by my agent who asked me how long it would take me to get to the BBC TV Centre. I replied I could get there in half an hour. Fine, he said. "Get there as fast as you can and meet a chap called Jack Gold. There could be something there for you."

When I arrived at the BBC, Jack Gold met me, gave me a pint of beer, took me to a locked office. He handed me a massive tome of a script and told me to lock myself in the office, read the script, then call in at his office when I was finished. I followed his instructions, then took the script back to him. He told me to wait a few minutes as the producer of the play was coming over. I was asked to read some parts from the script then told that it was all settled. "You'd better take the script with you," he said. "We start rehearsing at the end of September and shooting starts a week later." As you can guess, I walked out in a daze. When I arrived home, my agent rang me and said, "Well done. You've got it." "Got what?" I asked. "The leading part of course!" The play was entitled Stocker's Copper and was the story of the Cornish Clay miners strike of 1913. I believe I'm right in saying it won an award... And took me into ten solid years of TV work!

15 Feb 2000TV
The Strangerers Sky 1 screened 'The Strangerers', the wacky new SF/comedy series by Rob Grant for 10 weeks from 15th February 2000 (8.30pm) Gareth is a police officer in eppisode 1 and Paul Darrow is in 7 or 8 episodes after that, playing Mr Seedy. Sheelagh Wells also did makeup (She did makeup for much of B7).

29 Feb 1984TVStrangers and Brothers (BBC Episodes 8 and 9, 1 hour each). Series based on the novels by C.P. Snow. Gareth plays a scientist who speaks out against the atom bomb.
23 Aug 1972TVSutherland's Law (BBC Drama Playhouse), this was a pilot for the full Sutherland's Law series that was shown the following year.
13 June 1973TV
Sutherland's Law (BBC 1973-6). Gareth plays Alec Duthie. Duthie is the Scottish equivalent to an assistant district attorney, working for Sutherland who is played by Iain Cuthbertson. Gareth did his own mountain climbing. Gareth was in most episodes of the first season, including at least the following:
  • A Cry for Help - Duthie is referred to, but doesn't appear
  • The Climb
  • The Running Man
  • The Ship
  • Return
  • The Killing
  • The Runaway
  • The House
  • The Sea

The BBC have released 10 episodes from season 1 as a DVD.

8 Jan 1988TV
Tales of the Unexpected: The Colonel's Lady (Thames TV 9th season, show 104). Anthology series - drama with a "twist in the tale". Gareth has a cameo appearance at the beginning of this episode - a lady talks about an old love affair.

1989TVTo Each His Own ( TV movie 1 hours). Gareth plays an unscrupulous developer. Not BBC - therefore one of the ITV companies.
Jul 2001TVTop Ten TV: Sci-Fi Channel 4, 9pm covered Blake's 7.

1994TVTrailers When Blake's 7 first appeared on UK Gold (the first UK screening since 1981) in 1994 they had a series of trailers for the show. They even did a takeoff on Star Wars with the slanted printed introduction. The trailers were about 30 seconds long and different ones were done by Gareth Thomas, Jan Chappell, Jacqueline Pearce, and David Jackson. Gareth did around three of these trailers. He mentions that Blake was the only person who can handle Avon.
24 Sept 1976TV
VICTORIAN SCANDALS "A Pitcher of Snakes" Gareth Thomas plays author William Makepeace Thackeray in Granada's VICTORIAN SCANDALS play 'A Pitcher of Snakes' - the story of Thackeray's relationship with his best friend's wife - on Friday September 24th, at 9.00pm.

It was the 4th show in a series of 7 shows that started Sept. 3, 1976 and ended Oct. 15, 1976.

This is sometimes listed as "The Life of Thackeray".

Gareth portrays the writer Thackeray both as a young and an older man.

The date stamp on the back of the photo is 24th September 1976.

Young Thackery


1992TVWaterland (ITV?) Gareth plays the landlord of a pub. He has around 1 minute of acting about 30 mins into this 1.5 hour epic, about a disturbed history teacher (played by Jeremy Irons) with an interesting past in England during WWII.

From the Internet Movie Database:

Jeremy Irons and his real-life spouse, Sinead Cusack, play a husband and wife in this intense, involving drama about a country schoolteacher and the tragic, emotional ghosts of his past (inherited across hundreds of years, but governing his own lost youth) which are threatening to destroy his current life. Beautifully directed by Stephen Gyllenhaal; adapted by Peter Prince from the Booker Prize-winning novel by Graham Swift; Waterland costars Ethan Hawke and John Heard.
29 May 1991TV
We Are Seven. (HTV) The series concerned a German family in England after WWII. Gareth played Big Billy Caradog, a drunken, bigoted bully. In the next to last episode he boxes (in his long johns) in a circus match. (Given date may not be that of the first episode.)

Big Billy (25K)

Gareth in TV Zone special #4: I'm working with a ferret, which is a very strange little creature. They're like weasels, and if they bite, they don't let go. I told the director that I was a little concerned about that, and he said "Don't worry" and introduced me to the ferret master who was a stage hand at the RSC when I was there.

So I've got this ferret in my hands, and the scene was that I was in a barn, literally underneath a pile of straw. Two people come in; a young man and a young girl, and at one point they're beginning to get together and there's this burping sound. The girl says to the boy "Was that you?" and I sit up and say "It was me!" The fellow says "What the hell are you doing?" and I say "Well I'm with my girlfriend too!" and pull out this ferret. Now we obviously don't have the ferret there all that time because they're not that happy being under straw. We come up to the actual shot where I'm holding the ferret in my hand, when it suddenly opens its mouth. I'm thinking 'Oh shit', but I'm busy acting my arse off, and this thing starts licking me. This little clapper boy comes out and goes wallop amd thank God it went for the clapperboard instead of me!

28 Nov 1977TV
Who Pays the Ferryman?: A Dead Man to Carry My Cross (BBC, 1 hr). One of several drama serials the BBC did in the seventies, set on the Greek Islands. In episode 4, Gareth plays Tony Viglis, an Australian accompanying his grandfather's body back to Crete for burial. He meets with unexpected opposition from the local people because of an old vendetta. Filmed in Crete.

These two pictures come from Belgium TV, hence the Belgium sub-titles.

Tony Viglis

early 1997TV
The Witch's Daughter Scottish TV. Gareth has a minor part as a lobster fisherman.

30 Oct 1970TVZ Cars: Public Relations BBC police drama.

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