Posted 11th of February 2001

Obituary - Jackie Horgan

Jackie Horgan, a longtime participant in Houston fandom, died earlier this week (14 Nov 2000) of breast cancer.

She was a founding member of Blake's Several (which later expanded its fandom base and became Several Unlimited) and co-edited its B7 fanzine, Standard by Several. She was active in Several Unlimited's activities, including their Orphan Zines sales at every REVELcon (that's a ten-year period).

Along with her friend Ann Elaine McKannan, who passed away in 1998, she co-founded Lindberg's Legacy Press, a fanzine-publishing service.

The other co-founder, Elaine McKannan, died two years ago of ovarian cancer.

I dedicated my last fanzine to Elaine; I'll dedicate my next fanzine to Jackie.

Jackie's friend Elaine, who died in 1998, was also an active figure in Houston Blakes 7 fandom.

A memorial webpage for Elaine. This page has a picture of us in B7 costumes and one of our B7 filks we used to sing together at conventions.

Anne Collins Smith.

Standard by Several #2

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Standard by Several #4

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