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There are two unusual crossovers in this issue: another Monkees story, and a very odd story in which Max and Deeta from Deathwatch try out the combat grounds and find themselves competing at auditions for a musical comedy, namely High Society (presumably because Steven Pacey was in a well-received stage production of same). It's also a sort-of Trek crossover: the directors running the auditions for the play are two guys named Len and Bill, who sound strangely familiar. :)

There's a short but nice Gan story, for you Gan fans.

"Not in Your Wildest Dreams" is an it-was-all-a-dream story even more extreme than Avon's 8.

There's only one romance in this issue, but it's a doozy: moon disc/sopron. In a way, I'm giving away too much by revealing that, but oh well. The plot: Cally's moon disc disappears. She and Vila eventually discover it in Avon's cabin, curled up with the Sopron. A very sweet story in its kinky little way. :)


Editor in chief: Jackie Horgan
Editorial committee: Dee Beetem, Ann McKannan, Pam Poggiani, Renae Ransdorf, Jamie Ritchey, Sue Wells

Publisher: Blake's Several (fan club; Bellaire, TX)
Date: June 1990

Joseph Guinn, "The Ultimate Crossover" (S5; multiple crossovers; humor)
Ann McKannan, "Murphy's Law" (S5; ST crossover; part 3 of?)
Renae Ransdorf, "Mike's 5: The Origin Story" (graphic story; B7 enacted by The Monkees)
Renae Ransdorf, "The Case of the Missing Moon Disc" (S3; C-V; moon disc/sopron)
Jamie Ritchey and Dee Beetem, "What a Swell Party" (S3; pre-Deathwatch; Max-Deeta; High Society and ST crossover)
Anne Collins Smith, "Truth from Lies" (or: "Lies into Truth") (S1; Tr)
Dee Beetem and Jamie Ritchey, "Not in Your Wildest Dreams" (S5)
Renae Ransdorf, "Gang Aft Agley" (S3; Rumours; D)
Ann McKannan, "They Call the Wind" (S0; G)
Sarah Shillin, "Betrayal" (S3; Ta)
Several fans, "Finale" (S4; Blake; humor)

Jamie Ritchey, "Vila" (limerick)
Ann McKannan, "The Trooper's Lot" (f, A Policeman's Lot)
Ann McKannan, "Blake's Fool" (V)
Jo Seaver, "Soldiers"
Anne Collins Smith, "Behold Her"
Anne Collins Smith, "Orac the Brain"
Anne Collins Smith, "Fly the Scorpio" (f, Walk the Dinosaur, by Was [Not Was])
Michael J. Macomber, "Stand Still"
Ann McKannan, "The Delta's Deadly Virtues" (f, Those Seven Deadly Virtues, from Carousel)
Anne Collins Smith, "Addicted to Blake" (f, Addicted to Love, by Robert Palmer)
Renae Ransdorf, "On Deaf Ears" (Rescue; V)
Jamie Ritchey, "Orac" (limerick)
Jamie Ritchey, "Power," "Aftermath" (limericks)

Renae Ransdorf cover Liberator
pp. 29-36 cartoon illos for
"Mike's 5"
p. 42
p. 83 A-B
Tamara Nelson p. 6 illo for "Murphy's"
p. 10 illo for "Murphy's"
p. 23 A
p. 45 B7 women
pp. 66-67 cartoon illos for "Fly"
p. 84 G
p. 91 D
p. 105 Se
p. 117 illo for "Betrayal"
Jamie Ritchey &
Renae Ransdorf p. 21 V
p. 26 V
Ruth Landry p. 39 V as jester
Melody Rondeau p. 52 illo for "What a"
p. 63 illo for "What a"

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