Editor in chief: Jackie Horgan

Editorial committee: Dee Beetem, Ann McKannan, Pam Poggiani, Renae Ransdorf, Jamie Ritchey, Sue Wells

Publisher: Blake's Several (fan club; Bellaire, TX)

Date: October 1988


CarolMel Ambassador, "If At First You Don't Succeed" (S1; Complications series; B/J)
Sarah Shillin, "Rebirth" (S5)
Sondra Denney, "Maudie, Too" (S4; V; inspired by Little Shop of Horrors?)
Dee Beetem and Sue Wells, "Bar Tab" (S3; ST & SWars crossover; humor)
Judy Gore, "The Learning Curve" (S5; O-Se)
Maria Pitt, "Ad Astra" (S1; The Way Back; B-ocf)
Dee Beetem and Renae Ransdorf, "Zine-on" (S4; humor)
Melissa Honig, "The Best That You Can Hope For" (S2; Gambit; V)
Adrian Morgan and Brendan O'Cullane, "Avalon" (S4)
Ann McKannan, "Knight of the Iguana" (S5; ST crossover; part 2 of ?)
Dee Beetem and Renae Ransdorf, "Carnell Knowledge" (S5; humor; fanfic references)
Jamie Ritchey and Dee Beetem, "Present Tension" (S2; post-Voice)


Ann McKannan, "Travelling Woman" (f, Travelling Man, by the Clancy Brothers; B-J)
Renae Ransdorf, "Snow Queen" (A/Se)
Margaret McNickle, "Yes, We Have No B7" (f, Yes, We Have No Bananas)
Renae Ransdorf, "Tarrant's Song (early third series)" (f, C'est moi, from Camelot)
Alyns Lawchilde, "Dreamtime" (C)
Renae Ransdorf, "Cally's Complaint" (f, I Can't Get Her out of My Mind, by the Monkees)
Alyns Lawchilde, "Why?" (G)
Ann McKannan, "The Ballad of a Zine Writer" (f, Sixteen Tons)


Renae' Ransdorf cover Scorpio
p. 6 J as knight
p. 40 O and human crew
p. 68 Ta
p. 78 C
p. 80 T'Linn (ocf in "Knight")
p. 90 B; illo for "Knight"
p. 101 C
Ruth Landry p. 2 B
p. 3 J
p. 38 Se
p. 45 Se
p. 67 A-V
p. 107 G
Pam Poggiani p. 65 "The Rules" (cartoon)
Adrian Morgan p. 76 A-Avalon; illo for "Avalon"

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