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The last issue of the zine contains the truly wonderful Dr. Seuss parody, "Shoot Feds and Dodge," also in =Serrated Seven=. I think of this as the "sex with Blake-- not!" issue, because of two stories. In "Duet for Cynics," Avon consoles Jenna (platonically) over her unrequited interest in Blake. "Freedom" pairs Blake romantically with an unusual created female character, but alas, nothing is ever consummated and the ending is tragic.

"The Bonding" is a gen story exploring ideas that some of us might take in smuttier directions. :)


Editor in chief: Jackie Horgan
Editorial committee: Erika Frensley, Ann McKannan, Jamie Ritchey
Publisher: Blake's Several (fan club; Bellaire, TX)
Date: March 1993

Marian Mendez, "Another Beginning" (S5)
Alan Moravian, "Rebel Without a Cause" (S2?)
Ann McKannan, "What's in a Name?" (S5; ST crossover; part 4 of ?)
Ann Collins Smith, "Shoot Feds and Dodge" (parody of Green Eggs and Ham; humor)
Dee Beetem and Renee Couture, "Snowman" (S4; alt-Blake; A)
Judy Gore, "Duet for Two Cynics, or Even Cosmic Cowgirls Get the Blues" (S1?; B/J, A-J)
Ruth Davis, "Freedom" (S4; B/ocf)
Teresa Ward, "The Bonding" (early S3; Ta-Z)
Ann McKannan, "An Honorable Man" (S2)

Ginevra Syn, "Bank Robber" (f, Bird Dog, by the Everly Brothers)
Renae Ransdorf, "From the Other Side of the Room"
Renae Ransdorf, "Auron Song" (f, The Rose)
Ann McKannan, "Dear Little Servalan" (f, Little Buttercup)
Ginevra Syn, "Servalan's Slink" (f, Spiderman theme)

Erika Frensley cover Federation symbol
p. 49 So (photo)
p. 92 A-Ta; illo for "Snowman"
Marion Mendez p. 9 illo for "Another"
p. 15 illo for "Another"
Jackie Horgan p. 31 A (photo)
p. 63 A (photo)
p. 77 V
p. 99 J
p. 100 A (photo)
p. 101 B-C (photo)
p. 105 J (photo)
p. 128 Jackie Pearce (photo)
p. 130 Ta (photo)
p. 132 Se (photo)
p. 133 A (photo)
p. 138 V (photo)
p. 147 C (photo)
Margaret McNickel p. 70 B; illo for "Shoot Feds"
p. 71 A; illo for "Shoot Feds"

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