Vampire Stories

Here's what I found in my gen story list. I've included stories that had "vampire" in the title, although those cases may be metaphorical rather than literal vampirism-- the Sarcophagus alien, Servalan as bloodsucker, etc. =Staked Blake= isn't in the list yet, but it's coming. Er, so to speak. ;)

And then of course there are mutoids, but I didn't make any note of mutoid stories when I was doing the indexing. I also, unfortunately, left out stories in which vampirism is just one of many motifs, such as Avon's daddy in the Bizarro series.

I also didn't note anything but the pairing(s) for most of the adult and slash stories-- sorry!

I do remember one special favorite in the way of vampire erotica, though. It's a PGP A/Se by Morgan & O'Cullane, "Dearest Enemy" in =Southern Comfort= #6.5. I just love dark A/Se, and this one was very dark indeed. Yummy! I believe all the Southern Comfort zines are still in print from Annie.

Sarah T.

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Last updated on 02nd of February 2003.