Mini Review By Sarah Thompson

Here's something I had been looking for for ages. There is also a second issue, but I still haven't seen that. Unfortunately I didn't actually have time to read the zine and so can't comment on quality, but it's nicely produced and looks fairly promising. I did solve one little mystery pertaining to adult zines. I'd been told that C. K. Smith (author of =Moondisc Melancholia/One Waits=, two novellas published as a standalone zine) had done an adult Avon/Soolin story, but I couldn't find it. That must be the "Epilogues to 'Tis the Season," offered separately by mail from the author, according to a note after the story.

Contents of SPACE DEBRIS #1

Editor: Jessica Howard (New Haven, MO)
Publisher: Flotilla 13 (club)
Date: [1989; intro says "Approximately one year ago, in October 1988...]
Format: letter size, [5] + 164 + [1] pp., white card covers with clear plastic overlays, black comb binding

Jack Hereford, "A Change of Mind" (S1; uc B/Se)
Zada-Blanche, "A Touch of Madness" (S5; A-C)
Jocelyn Carroll, "Blood" (S4-5, Blake; A)
Jessica Hereford, "A Private Lesson" (S0; Tr-Ta)
Zada-Blanche, "Guilt or Avarice?" (S5; A-V)
Eileen McCormack, "Vampire Ship" (S1-3; Liberator)
L. K. Cook, "A Game That Two Can Play" (S2; A-B)
Deborah Donatti, "Casa-Where?" (Casablanca parody; humor)
C. K. Smith, "'Tis the Season" (S4, post-Animals; A/D, A/So; adult Epilogues published separately)

Deborah Millitello, "Lament for the Undead" (S3, Sarcophagus; C-alien)
Joy Boland, "Memories of a Cynic" (A; f, Memory)

Acrostic poems by: Diane Schiler, Jessica Hereford, Joy Boland, Diane Sheffing, C. K. Smith, Brenda Mills, Bonny Clendenny

Kathy Merryman, "Gang of Fallen Rebels" (S2; f, House of the Rising Sun)
Jesssica Hereford, "Avon's Bunch, Themesong for a B7 Spinoff" (S5; f, The Brady Bunch)
Joy Boland, "Blake's Silent Plea"
Eileen McCormick, "Observation" (Se)
Lorrie J. Jones, "Tarrant"
C. K. Smith, "Haiku" (Dorian)
Lorrie J. Jones, "Travis"
Joy Boland, "Revenge-- Just and Sweet" (So)
Brenda Mills, "A Poem" (uc B/J)
Kathy Merryman, "Bad Time Coming" (f, Bad Moon Rising)

"So, What is this Flotilla 13?"
"Where credit is due..."
Katie Bramley, "Blake's 7 Puzzle"
Diane Sheffing and Jessica Hereford, "Blake's 7-- Top 52 Hits" (one song title for each episode)

"Important Notice" (club ad)

Lorrie J. Jones front c. Liberator in space battle
p. 4 B, Se
p. 10 pursuit ship
p. 17 Liberator
p. 31 B
p. 33 Tr2
p. 35 Tr2-Ta; illo for "A Private Lesson"
p. 38 Ta
p. 42 O
p. 47 ocf; illo for "Game"
p. 52 hypodermic; illo for "Game"
p. 53 Tr1
p. 57 A, Se, Ta movie poster;
illo for "Casa"
p. 58 Liberator handgun and rose
pp. 65-87 Portrait Gallery: B, J, V,
G, A, C, Se, Tr1, D,
Ta, Tr2, So
p. 88 Xmas tree; illo for "'Tis"
p. 98 Scorpio in snow; illo
J[ulie?] Hereford p. 13 A on floor; illo for "A Touch"
p. 20 Tr1 silhouette
p. 21 Se silhouette
p. 25 A-B on GP
p. 44 A-V in bar; illo for "Guilt"
p. 45 Dorian
p. 59 Tr2-Kasabi
p. 104 A-D
p. 158 Ta
Joy Boland p. 55 "Soolin's Teen Years"
p. 92 Slave
Jessica Hereford p. 131 MK

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