Posted 05th of April 2004

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Latest News July 2003

There is a new press release and a new website. The information from the website used to be copied here, it has been removed as it was a result of a misunderstanding.

Note Paul Darrow will not be involoved - this original press release said he was, he has since parted company with the project.


TV Movie - 29 Aug '00

The TV movie has the development capital (but not full finance yet). The script has been commissioned (from an outline already written).

Paul Darrow has been involved right from the beginning of the project and will play Avon twenty years after events on Gauda Prime. Terry Nation's widow (Terry was the creator of the original series and he and Paul became close friends) is involved with the project and the plot is understood to be based on an idea of Terry's. No other members of the original cast are currently known to be involved (the characters were all dead, after all). There will be no Liberator (it was destroyed and it would be unrealistic to bring it back again). Andrew Sewell and Brian Lighthill (the man behind the two Blake's 7 radio plays) are the co-producers. The script writer is Bev Doyle (who has worked on Eastenders).

The producers would like to go onto a new series if the movie is successful, but at this stage that is very much speculation.

Be very wary of anything that you read in the tabloids about the movie. The information they give varies between inaccurate and very inaccurate. (Our information comes from various talks given by Andrew Sewell and Paul Darrow)

There's a lot of fans out there hoping that the movie will be successful. I don't think it will be Blake's 7 as we remember it, but there is a committment among the people involved to retain the style, wit and repartee of the original series.

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