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News about the Movie - 23 March '01

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Note Paul Darrow will not be involoved - the original press release said he was, he has since parted company with the project.

Welcome to the first of our monthly bulletins giving you the very latest news and gossip about the planned BLAKE'S 7 telemovie.

Over the coming months we'll be giving you the "exclusive" inside story on the telemovie (including previews of the new logo, concept art, story outline, etc.), and related activities such as; the B7 website, gaming (on & off-line), publishing and so on. Paul Darrow and myself will be contributing a regular column charting the genesis of the project and offering a candid account of the trials and tribulations associated with getting a project of this magnitude off the launch pad.

Your feed back at is always welcome and indeed encouraged. Remember that whatever rumours you may hear or read in the media the real truth will only be found here!


Andrew Mark Sewell,
Executive Producer, B7 Enterprises

Latest News:

Aside from premiering what's hot on the BLAKE'S 7 telemovie, we'll also be turning the spotlight on what's newsworthy in the wider BLAKE'S 7 universe.

If you're planning a BLAKE'S 7 convention, want to discover what your favourite cast members are up to or simply want to check out our website recommendations then read on ...

B7 Website (

Many of you have been asking when the website will be launched. Well the answer is that it's being developed as you read this and will continue to be over the coming months. Our attention is currently focused on the telemovie, but rest assured we have some exciting plans for the website in the pipeline, however it's unlikely that these will come to fruition until the end of this year, the launch of which will coincide with the pre-production phase of the movie.

Darrow's Inside Story:

In his own inimitable style, Paul Darrow lifts the lid on the genesis of the planned BLAKE'S 7 revival.

"In the beginning ... there was Andrew Mark Sewell, Head of Content & Syndication, Internet and Interactive at BBC Worldwide. With a longer title then Servalan or, for that matter, Zsa Zsa Gabor when she was Queen of Outer Space, it was clear that Mr. Sewell was no hologram and that he commanded respect.

Dutifully, therefore, when summoned, Brian Lighthill, director of the BBC radio plays based on Terry Nation's "Blake's 7", and Paul Darrow, erstwhile star of said adventure, presented themselves in the lush surrounding of Mr Sewell's Internet lair. There to be questioned by technologically adept scrutineers of modern science-fiction theory and practice.

It soon became clear that, "Blake's 7", after almost twenty years of absence from our television screens, lingered in the memories and affections of numerous aficionados worldwide. So much so, that the Internet "hits" (or PI's for you cyber-cadets), outdid those of many current celebrities and equaled those of "Baby Spice"! It didn't take a rocket scientist to conclude that a TV Movie based on the original, "Blake's 7", concept was a viable proposition. Particularly, one might imagine, if it starred Emma Bunton.

Andrew Mark Sewell ... three names are fashionable in show business today -witness; Catherine Zeta Jones, Benicio del Toro and Jean Paul Belmondo, to name but nine ... he it was who sparked the likelihood of a revival of one of the most lauded and, it must be admitted, derided, TV shows of all time ... when he uttered the immortal words ... "Hey, can't we make some money here - I mean, can't we satisfy the needs and desires of science-fiction fans deprived of gritty drama, cool dialogue and sensible production values?" The word, 'money', galvanized Mr. Darrow, but Mr. Lighthill, altogether more cerebral, locked onto, 'needs and desires', and, thus it was that a pact was made. "Blake's 7", would rise again. But ... when, where and how?

* Firstly, it was established that Messrs Lighthill and Darrow would not have to acquire a third name.

* Secondly, it would be necessary to acquire the, 'rights', to re-make and broadcast a version of Terry Nation's original concept.

* Thirdly, a suitable storyline would have to be developed into a viable script.

* Fourthly, money would need to be raised in order to film the Movie.

* Fifthly, a distributor would have to be found (otherwise, nobody would ever see it).

Of course, attractive and acceptable actors would need to be found to recreate the, 'Seven', because, wouldn't you know, the originals had been killed off in the last of four series in 1980/1981. Except for one ... the character of Avon. Played by, as luck would have it, Paul Darrow. (Score one advantage point!)

Further, Paul Darrow ... who once considered Drac Tarquin as a possible stage name - but that's another story - was a close friend of Terry Nation (now sadly departed) and Terry had confided that he would, at some time, like a TV Movie to made of his creation and had indicated a basic storyline. (Two advantage points!)

It was decided that a telephone call to Mrs. Kate Nation ... now living in California USA ... should be made to ascertain her willingness for a TV Movie to be made and, of course, to secure her support for same. Needless to say, she was delighted and enthusiastic and, subject to the project remaining faithful to Terry's ideal, would be willing to allow Messrs Sewell, Lighthill and Darrow to proceed. (Three advantage points!

Up to this point ... thrills and spills, and sheer delight. From now on ... well, put it this way ... have you ever tried to make a TV Movie?

Next time ... find out how the intrepid three (seven - if you count the number of names they have) progress. Will there be a new, "Blake's 7"?

Of course there will, but ... when, where and how?


Coming Next Month ...

* Read the next all exciting installment of Paul Darrow's inside story!

* We unveil some of the new logo designs!

* Latest news on the script!

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