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News about the Movie - 23 March '01

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Note Paul Darrow will not be involoved - the original press release said he was, he has since parted company with the project.

Well, as with all great plans, events have a tendency to conspire against you. No, Im not about to tell you that plans for the "Blake's 7" telemovie have disappeared into the development vortex! I refer of course to our intention to deliver you a monthly newsletter that will exclusively update you - our loyal supporters - on the latest B7 news and developments. Quite simply we discovered there just werent enough hours in the day and so Im afraid the monthly newsletters will more likely to be bi-monthly. I trust however that you find that our latest installment will wet your appetite for the shape of things to come!

Your feed back at is always welcome and indeed encouraged. R and remember that whatever spurious rumours you may hear or read in the media the real truth will only be found here!


Andrew Mark Sewell,
Executive Producer, B7 Enterprises Darrows Inside Story:

In his own inimitable style, Paul Darrow continues his inside story about the trials and tribulations of the planned BLAKE'S 7 revival.

Blakes 7: Its Resurrection - Part Deux

Andrew Mark Sewell led the three pronged advance to secure the rights to, Blakes 7, throughout the known Universe. (With the possible exception of some parts of Essex.)

Andrew Mark is young, energetic, shrewd and intelligent. Hes a sort of Avon in a sharp suit with Rudolf Valentino sideburns. A prevaricators nightmare, he is incisive in negotiations and very much alive to any possibilities vis a vis the proposed revival, albeit in a different format, of Blakes 7.

The other two prongs, Messrs. Lighthill and Darrow, are somewhat sedentary. Tempted to call ourselves the Three Musketeers, we realised that Andrew Mark is really Cardinal Richelieu and that the two remaining are well past swashbuckling. Were better described as the Three Stooges. (I hope you appreciate any literary references).

Anyway, the agent(s) representing Terry Nations estate proved most amendable and, of course, Kate Nation was most supportive. Thus it was that an agreement was reached and it was all go Well, not quite. Although modern cinematic blockbusters rely on special effects to an alarming degree, the success of, Blakes Seven circa 1980, relied upon the interaction between the sometimes abrasive, heroes, and sharp dialogue. In addition to cleverly choreographed action sequences. In other words, without a good script it was well no go.

There now followed series of meetings when, brainstorming, took place. This is when everyone chips in with their tuppence worth and, if youre lucky, you come up with a halfpenny.

What would be the storyline of our new adventures? When and where would it take place? Who would be our new heroes?

We approached a well-known script editor, as well as two, hot screenwriters. Between the six of us you do the maths we came up with ideas that Steven Spielberg would kill for. Well perhaps not. And we dont have Stevens budget(s).

Still, progress had been made and after countless drafts of a treatment an experience that runs the gamut between an eloquent encapsulation of our story and something worthy of exile to the nearest waste bin -a script, of sorts, was finally commissioned. It takes time to write a script.

Strangely our aforementioned script editors suggestion that we include Ghost Otters that were not only telepathic but glowed in the dark, got short shrift from yours truly! Obviously too many viewing hours of Vet Practice had finally got to the poor soul and he thought he was remaking Animal Magic!

Meanwhile, with the previous, heroes, killed off, except for guess who, decisions as to likely casting had to be made.

It is suggested that Mr. Darrow, who hasnt aged a bit, will be in the telemovie. (Having looked in the mirror, Mr. Darrow isnt so sure.) He would act as a link between the old and the new, as it were. A sort of, Charlie, who recruits a few Angels. (Its getting good, isnt it?)

Mr. Lighthill, a man of few words, kept saying, how much? And that, dear reader, is a terrific question. Try asking any politician on Election Day. If you get a straight answer, let us know.

How much indeed. The new Blakes 7 is going to cost a lot more than the old one. Show me the money.

Well, Andrew Mark strutted his stuff and, as if by magic, initial monies, called, development money, sprang into view. But, we have to get the show into such good shape that the people who count, the major TV companies, will invest the bulk of the costs. We have to have the all-important, script that excites. We have to have a sensible budget, good locations, good production values and an appealing cast. Got any ideas? Got any money?

So, the putting together of a new, Blakes 7 adventure is happening. But its like a jigsaw puzzle, or participating in a game show and hoping to hit the jackpot.

Fortunately, we can go fifty/fifty, we have friends, we can phone and, in you, dear reader(s), we can ask the audience.

We cant lost can we?

Next time read about how Mr. Darrow was upset when his idea of casting Cher as Avons girlfriend was vetoed by the others. They dont have the vision he has!


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