Blake's 7 Prints

Sheelagh Wells Minor Miracles/ Goode Intentions are delighted to announce the first in a series of limited edition authorized portraits - a beautiful black and white A4 Print (for Americans, thats 8.25" by 11.7") officially approved by Gareth Thomas. Price 6.50/$11.00 inc (P&P).

An authorized portrait of Paul Darrow as Avon is available at the same price.

Helen Patrick Prints of Val Westall's art from zines and other places.

Also Fridge magnets.

The Avon Club

Mini Posters

Laser Printed in colour, sizes approx 14" x 12"

  1. The crew of Scorpio standing around Orac.

The posters are 3.50 each plus postage as follows:

Prices: UK 0.50, EUR - 0.75, Aus/NZ - 1.50

USA/Can - $8.00 CASH for the first poster and therefater $6.00 each.

The Avon Club

Laser Prints

These are coloured prints, approximately 11 ½" x 8".

  1. Avon holding gun from the 4th Series (same as cover of Newsletter No 60).
  2. Avon standing with his hands on Soolin's arms as she looks over her shoulder at him

1.75 each plus 50p postage and packing.
1.75 each plus 75p postage and packing.
1.75 each plus 1.25 postage and packing.
$5.00 CASH each (which includes postage and packing - if ordering more than one print the cost thereafter will be $3.00 each - up to 6 prints). Payment in Sterling would be 2.75.
Please note, that the postage for the UK, Europe and AUS/NZ covers up to 6 prints.
The Avon Club

Avon - 2000 Calendar

For ordering details see The Avon Club.

Val Westall

Sevenfold Crown Prints

Set of four prints to illustrate the BBC Radio play The Sevenfold Crown. Each picture is printed on A4 card.

Prices: UK: 3.00 each or 10.00 the full set.

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