Blake's 7 Art available from Helen Patrick

Some of the artwork from my zines is available for purchase as originals and/or prints. I also have some other artwork from Val Westall available for sale.

It occurred to me (after requests at cons) that perhaps one reason people prefer to buy the gen prints and originals of Val Westall's artwork is that the het and slash ones are a little...well, indiscreet in A4 size. Accordingly, I mastered the art of making A5 and A6 prints. (For the benefit of those unfamiliar with ISO paper sizes, A4 is the size roughly similar to letter size; A5 is the size you get when you fold an A4 sheet in half, about 8 inches by 6 inches; and A6 is A5 folded in half, about 6 inches by 4 inches, or postcard size.)

The postcard size was also available laminated using 500 micron pouches - this gives a heavy and very stiff plastic mount suitable for using as a fridge magnet.

I still have a few prints from the original print runs available. I currently live in the US, so getting A4 sized originals reproduced is possible but more expensive than it was for the original print run. If you're interested in buying originals or prints, please email me at for availability and prices.

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Last updated on 07th of November 2002.