Tales from Space City

Tales from Space City is an eclectic mix of gen, het and slash (homosexual) Blake's 7 material written by the members of the Space City mailing list. Please note that this zine is intended to provide a paper version of online material, and many of the stories are available on the Web - the amount varies from issue to issue.

Helen Patrick currently lives in the US but visits the UK and Australia about once a year - email helen.patrick@waveney.org to check on prices.

Mini-Review and Contents for #1
Review and Contents for #2.

(About issues 3-7) Not much point in reviewing the contents of these, since they're all familiar to FC citizens. But I did want to say that they are well edited and laid out, and what is more, very portable. I can and do read them on buses and trains, and the artwork, while rather nice (particularly the Carnell in no 4) is not such as to cause a scene on the public transport.


Issue 1 has 130 pages and 106 000+ words of non-editorial text. Stories range from half a page to nine pages, and from the extremely silly to the serious. Just like the mailing list, in fact. All art by Val Westall. Second edition (no adult art).

Sold Out.

Issue 2 has 65 000 words and 77 pages of non-editorial text. All art by Val Westall. Second edition (no adult art).
There may be savings on postage where more than one of the following digest-sized zines are ordered together. Any saving will be credited in the form of a Knightwriter gift certificate.

Issue 3: digest size zine, 76 pages and 33 000 words of non-editorial text. Please note that all of the contents of this zine are available on the Web.


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Issue 4: digest size zine, 71 pages and 29 000 words of non-editorial text. This issue focuses on the interplay between writers that email facilitates. The Atonement Cycle started as a story Hafren posted to the list. Willa Shakespeare asked if she could show the story from the viewpoint of another character, and Hafren, Willa and Nova then wrote further stories showing what happened next. The Nova and Executrix Show is a pair of stories on the same theme, by two writers with very different styles. And there are individual stories, inspired by comments on the list, suggestions for story themes, and just the time of year.


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Issue 5: digest size zine, 73 pages and 31 000 words of non-editorial text. On the 21st of December 2001 the list held a wake for the 20th anniversary of the massacre on Gauda Prime. Some of the resulting fiction is collected in this issue.


Issue 6: digest size zine, 36 pages and 15 000 words of non-editorial text. This being a wake for Gauda Prime, quite a lot of the fiction was a trifle angst-inducing. So much so that Willa Shakespeare, President of the Happy Ending eXpediters, provided HEX sequels of some of the stories for those who'd used up their entire supply of tissues. This issue contains the HEXes written for stories published in issue 5. There's the odd bit of angst on the way, but you're guaranteed a happy ending in each and every story.


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Issue 7: digest size zine, 74 pages and 30,000 words of non-editorial text. Most of this issue is the result of the 2003 Labor Day Party. This year's theme was "it seemed like a good idea at the time", which might be considered to be one of the basic themes of the series itself. As usual, the Citizens found a startling variety of ways to interpret a simple sentence, ranging from the chilling to the uproariously funny.

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Issue 8: digest size zine, 76 pages and 28,000 words of non-editorial text. No particular theme this time, although looking over the completed proofs I get the impression that it's a distinctly listish issue. Rollcall snippets, Labor Day party pieces, challenges, and examples of one writer being inspired by another.

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Issue 9.
Joining Willa Shakespeare
Exiles: Regret Nickey Barnard
Desperate Measures Hafren
Measure for Measure Willa Shakespeare
Exiles: Joy NIckey Barnard
Dead Ringers Laura Campbell
Calculated Risk Belatrix Carter
Tatter-Coats Susan Cutter
Won't Get Bitten Again Harriet Monkhouse
Left On Shore Steve Rogerson
Exiles: Contentment Nickey Barnard
Driftwood Dormouse
Exiles: Ambition Nickey Barnard
Filk Cat
Silent Night Hafren
Dawn Chorus Willa Shakespeare
Time Well Spent...? Sally Manton
Exiles: Hope Nickey Barnard
Saturday Night's All Right For Fighting Domino
Hypnophilia Petronia the Arbiter (Predatrix)
Angels Hafren
Cygnus A Predatrix

Issue 10.
Incorrigibly Plural Predatrix
Bored Games Nico
(TA)RDIS Helen Patrick
Happy Ending Hafren
Ghost In The Machine Julia Stamford
Soulmates Hafren
In My Hands Hafren
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Posted on 21st of December 2007

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