Posted 24th of June 1999

Fan Q and STIFfie awards 1999

See also the Nominations.

B7 Fan Qs

Artist genLeah Rosenthal
Artist slashRandym
Poem/Filk- GenWe've Got a Little List by Chris Blenkarn (Gilbert and Servalan Songbook)
Poem/Filk SlashSanta Does Space City by Susan Cutter (Tales from Space City)
Story GenTears of the Sun by Susannah Lucci (Southern Seven #11)
Story SlashPresent by Susan Cutter (Diverse Doings 3)
Stand-alone Zine GenMorgan by Judith Proctor
Stand-alone Zine SlashMay King by Susan Cutter
Zine GenSouthern Seven 11, edited by Ann Wortham
Zine SlashLiberator Fantasies, edited by Jo Ann McCoy
Non-fiction Zine Gen (honorable mention--because it didn't have any competition in the category): Deliverance Exhibition Catalogue, Horizon Club
Fan Q organizers discussed the impact of net fic on fanfic, and it's possible that any fiction widely available on the net (archived or posted to large mailing lists) will no longer be eligible for Fan Qs. At least that seemed to be their inclination after a discussion of the subject at the con.

See also Fan Q Nominations for 1999 for a full list of the nominations.

BLAKE'S 7 STIFfie winners

Best Poem/FilkSanta Does Space City by Susan Cutter (Tales from Space City)
Best Short StoryAll Work and No Play by Mireille (Liberator Fantasies)
Best StoryPresent by Susan Cutter (Diverse Doings 3)
Best NovellaDivide and Conquer by Willa Shakespeare (Fire & Ice 4)
Best NovelMay King by Susan Cutter (Straight Up Press)
Best ZineLibertor Fantasies (Jo Ann McCy)
Best ArtRandym (illo for Path of Thorns) (Liberator Fantasies)
The STIFfie organizers explained how a fandom gets its own grouping (as opposed to being stuck in a mix of fandoms group). It must have nominations in at least four categories.

See also the Nominations.

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