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Helen has produced the following Zines:

I can no longer print A4 format zines. Fortunately, Judith Proctor agreed to take over on future print runs. As Judith's policy on adult art is stricter than mine, we decided that the simplest way to handle it would be to remove all adult art from future print runs of the existing zines. The gen art only copies are clearly marked as a second edition.

Only the gen art versions are available through this website. The original editions with adult art will only be available directly from me helen.patrick@waveney.org, while existing stocks last, and will not be reprinted once that stock has run out. Please email me first to check on availability and current snailmail address before ordering any zines directly from me. I have moved to the US, and the snailmail address in the flyers is longer valid.

Tales From Space City and The Endless Farce are available through Judith. Vem Quest is now also available through Judith, but please read the description before buying it, as it is basically an extended in-joke for the mailing list.

Other Works

Fanfiction writers Helen Patrick and Predatrix have had their first professional novel published. Nothing to do with Blake's 7, but in common with other sf fanfic writers who turn pro, they've written an sf novel.

An *erotic* sf novel. You have been warned. Volumes 1 and 2 of The Syndicate are now available from ebook publisher Amatory Ink. More details, and two free sample chapters, available at Predatrix's website.

Posted on 08th of March 2004

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