Several of Judith's novellas are published by the Avon Club, so look there for ones that do not appear on this page.

Details of all zines by Judith Seaman including those published by the Avon Club and Judith Seaman herself.

Judith Seaman produces a number of zines, there are reviews here of several of them, and we hope to add more information before long.

Before anyone asks, she has NOT yet written Ghost part 6...

If you wish to pay by dollar cheque drawn on a US bank please add $9.00 to cover bank charges.

Judith Seaman has become very slow at mailing out zines. As far as I'm aware, people do get them eventually, but you could be looking at upto six months. - Judith

One of the Lesser Hawks
94 Pages,

118 Pages

A B7 5th series. 13 episodes in 4 parts. Each part approx 116 pages.

A B7 6th series. 5 Parts currently available. Part 1 96 pages, other parts approx 166 pages.

These are obtainable from-

Judith Seaman,
3 Blithfield Gardens,
DE73 1XQ,

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