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All Avon club zines are made to the same format. They are A5 (digest) centre stapled with a card cover, and usually free of artwork apart from a scanned photo or telepic on the cover.

Avon 1 - Aftermath

Aftermath, Timeslip and Nightmare - a superb trilogy, by Yvette Clarke and Brenda Callagher.

Review by Julia Jones.

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Avon 2 - Nemesis

By Carol Wyke. After Malodaar and the fear he experienced on the shuttle, Vila runs away to live his own life far from Avon... Until he sees a federation news report about the events that occoured on Gauda Prime. 70 pages.

Review by Anon:
"Nemesis" is a single story genzine by Carol Wyke which is just about the best genzine account of Vila after Malodaar that I have ever read. The opening six pages in themselves would make an excellent short story, but there's much, much more. Without giving the plot away, the story centres on Vila's earlier and continuing bond with Avon, and vice versa, and takes place after Gauda Prime as Vila tries to locate his whereabouts. Soolin and Servalan also have a part to play.

Some of it is intensely bleak, though not without dry humour - Vila travels under the pseudonym Deeta Travis because it's easy to remember - and some of it ultimately hopeful. This is a hurt/comfort story par excellence, not overly sentimental but full of anguish. No fan of Vila and Avon should miss it. The central scene is extraordinarily powerful; if you want to know why, buy the zine, preferably tomorrow.

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Avon 3

84 pages of storeies by various writers. Includes the winning entries from the Space City Short Story Competition.

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Avon 4 - The Judith Zine

2 stories each from Judith M Seaman and Judith M Rolls.


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Avon 5 - The Way it Was

by Caroline Robertson. Caroline's view of Avon's early life from his childhood right up to the prison ship, London. Approx. 104 pages.

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Avon 6 - A Matter of Time

By Anna Richmond. This story was an entry for the "What If" Competition, but arrived after the entries had been judged. So here it is as a zine. 36 pages in all.

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Avon 7 - Prisoner's Dilemma

Another gem from Judith Seaman. Avon is captured after a raid on a planet Canton - a Federation Transit Station. His leg is badly injured he is treated by Dr Lilley - the Station Medial Officer, who hopes there will be a place for him with Blake if he manages to save Avon. This he plans to do whilst Avon is being transfered to Fleet HQ - but they have just 5 days to come up with a plan to get rid of the crew and make good their escape. 62 pages altogether.

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Avon 8 - Dependency

By Ros Williams. A splendid story that continues from the last episode of the forth series, 'BLAKE' - in Ros's inimitable style: - "It's not the fight you care about is it?" Vila had said, alone on the flight deck with Avon one quiet evening. "It's the new ship... Are you rebuilding the Liberator, Avon?" - "Well now, what do you think?" Avon asked, that thin, cold smile just touching his lips. Approx 88 pages.

Review by Julia Jones.

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Avon 9 - A Bad Case of Frostbite

By Anna Richmond. A 42 page story - Avon and Jenna go down to the planet Brecca to do a deal with Landry (an old friend of Jenna's) who also happens to be doing a deal with Servalan - the zine also includes a short play by Anna Richmond. (4 Pages).

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Avon 10 - The Sum of the Parts

By Susan Barrett. The planet Terminal - Avon finds Blake and with Dorien's help manages to get him to Xenon (despite Servalan's plan and the loss of the Liberator) - "If you wish to leave, Tarrant, then I would not stop you." Avon's tone was gentle, deceptively soft. He crossed the room to Blake's side, checking the various monitors and print-outs. "Leave how?" Tarrant thundered. "Now you've lost our ship!" Swiftly, Avon turned, grasping Tarrant's collar. "I lost MY ship!" Approx 56 pages.

Review by Julia Jones.

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Avon 11 - The Human Factor

By Freda Hyatt - This very popular story first appeared in Standard By Seven issue 11 (April 1982)... "With every moment that passed, the link seemed to pulse with glowing desperation. It was as if a mind was reaching out into infinity, calling on all powers to help, but this wasn't any mind." Approx 60 pages A5 booklet, card cover.

Review by Julia Jones.

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Avon 12 - Mercy's Bounty

A spendid new Blake's 7 story from the pen of Donna Chlouber. Set a few years after Gauda Prime, who are the mysterious clients that hire the bounter hunter, Tarot, to track down Kerr Avon... and what were the reasons for Blake's death on Gauda Prime.

Avon turned on Blake then with a fury born of grief and dispair. "Others I can TRUST! ... And just who do you suppose that might be, Blake! Once I've murdered the beloved leader of the resistance, and put an even bigger price on my head by betraying the Federation as well, I don't suppose I'll be a very popular fellow, will I! There won't be a soul left in the galaxy that doesn't have some reason to waant me dead! Let alone trust..."

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Avon 13

Two stories by Susan Barrett-Riaz: Considered Alternatives and Alone is not the only way.

Blake, after considering my alternatives, I have decided to leave the Liberator. I have no interest in your 'cause', or in being killed fot it. I have taken what I consider my share from the strong room, but no more than that. You siad that I was free to go and I hope you will accept my decisssion and not attempt to follow me. I...Iwish you well." The message ended.

Approx 60 pages.

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Avon 14 - Never Glad Confident Morning

A5 booklet approx 36 pages in all. This story by Judith Seaman is set a number of years after Gauda Prime. The old Federation is no more and Tarrant is now an Admiral on the ship Khalif working for the New Federated Worlds, when he picks up a signal from the ship Betrayer ... and Avon. "Looking for someone?" Tarrant spun round, guilty as a thief. Avon was standing in a doorway on the far side of the flight deck. "Well," Tarrant said. "So it isn't adandoned after all."

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Avon 15 - A Breath of Earth and Destiny

By Patricia Vernon. A5 booklet approx 100 pages. A new story from a new author... Servalan is dead. The federation are no more - they have been replaced by the League of Indepenent Planets, and the action takes place at a leisure resort... Turning her head Merneptah's long golden eyes watched, unmoved as Ryel seated himself in a nearby rattan chair, wincing slightly as he relaxed his body, his eyes remaining sharp as they fixed on her in the dusky shadows of the room. "Tell me one thing, Merneptah, are you here to kill me?" "No, Avon, I'm not." Sighing, he relaxed into the cushioned comfort of his chair, closing his eyes as if tired, hiding the fact that her answer had not convinced him. "The name is Ryel - Kerr Avon died years ago!"

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Avon 16 - Game Plan

By Gillian Puddle. A new story from Gillian. Set after the episode 'Shadow'. The Liberator crew have to go back to Space City - not just to drop Bek off, but also for a cure for a virus they caught while destroying the drug shadow on the planet Zonda.

Servalan regarded the man over her steepled fingers and momentarily caressed him with her eyes before they hardened into an unforgiving stare, "Remember, Carnell, you work for me. Not the Federation or the President. Blake and the Liberator are mine. If I thought for one moment you..." She left the sentence hanging in mid air between them. Apparently unfazed by the implied threat, Carnell smiled lazily, "We understand one another perfectly, Supreme Commander."

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Avon 17 - Full Circle

A5 Booklet with card cover 32 pages. story by Penny Kjelgaard. The story is set some years after the episode 'Blake'...

The voice spoke again, "What luck, Avon falling onto our little planet like you did." "Blake!" Wrinkled, bearded, with a drastic slap of silverhai, surely it was him! "Blake?"

Review by Joyce Bowen.

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Avon 18 - Whispers of Deception

(novella by Gillian Puddle; S3; A, B clone, ocs, Carnell)
Publisher: Avon, The Paul Darrow Society (Basingstoke, Hampshire)
Date: [2000]
Format: A5 digest, [2] + 84 pp., pale blue card cover, center staples

Another great story from Gillian. This one features Avon plus the Scorpio crew... Blake and Carnall. 84 Pages.

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Avon 19 - The Immortal Game

(novella by Josie McCall)
Publisher: Avon, The Paul Darrow Society (Basingstoke, Hampshire)
Date: [2000]
Format: A5 digest

Avon, Tarrant and Dayna arrive on the planet Hyperaeon only to find that a Sorceress has placed a spell on the inhabitants. Avon is challenged by the Sorceress to a ggame of chess with a difference... using real people. And losing will mean certain death.

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Avon 20 - Fugitives from the Past

(novella by Pat Anderson; S2)
Publisher: Avon, The Paul Darrow Society (Basingstoke, Hampshire)
Date: [2000]
Format: A5 digest

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Avon 21 - Lord of the Uliuk

By Sarah McEvoy.

"Put it this way, Avalon. At least one of us is going to die anyway. It may as well not be all of us." So saying, he shot away suddenly as fast as he could run.

"Avon!" called Cally desperately, trying to go after him, but Blake pulled her back.

"Sorry, Cally," he said, the pain on his face clear to see. "You're doing no more and no less than I want to do, but I can't let you do it. Avon's right. There's no sense in risking more than one of us."

"But they'll kill him," wailed Cally, in a whisper, "They'll just cut him down."

"Then at least let's see to it that he doesn't sacrifrice himself for nothing. We owe it to him to get to safety. That's why he did what he did."

Jenna was shaken. "He's a brave man. I underestimated him. I wish I could tell him I'm sorry."

He'll know," replied Cally, tears already starting to form in her eyes. "He notices a lot more than you think. He should have been a telepath." And from the privacy of her own head, unheard by the others, she broadcast a last desperate farewell to him, perhaps the closest non-telepathic friend she ever had in her life.

"He is a brave man," said Avalaon agreeing with Jenna. "If it's any consolation, he's also a very fast runner. There's just the faintest chance that if he's got enough start on those horsemen, he can make it to the canyon. They'll have to dismount if they want to try to follow him, and they may well not bother. After all, they'll see from his clothes he's not a barbarian."

"How much chance would you say he's got?" asked Blake grimly.

Avalon looked away maybe one in a thousand," she replied. "If that".

To read more buy the zine.

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Avon 22

Contains four stories from the pens of Sarah McEvoy, Ros Williams, Cheryl Smith and Maggie Crowe.

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Review and Contents


BY GILLIAN PUDDLE A5 booklet with card cover and picture of Avon and Soolin on front. Approx 33 pages - this splendid story from Gillian features Avon, Soolin and Tarrant and is set in the 4th series just after Dorian's death....

"Tarrant." Avon spoke in a deceptively gentle voice knowing what he was about to say would shatter the younger man's dreams. "Tarrant."

Tarrant blinked and came to life. Standing up, he stretched and then retook his seat scanning the instruments in front of him as he did so. "Almost there," he remarked with satisfaction, "Slave might as well handle the landing. It's only routine."

"I want you to stay on board this time," said Avon wasting no time in dropping his first bombshell.

"What did you say?" queried Tarrant, looking with surprise at Avon.

"You heard what I said. You're to stay on board Scorpio."

Tarrant's face reddened with anger, "I don't take orders from you, Avon. I'm not staying on Scorpio."

"I wonder if she likes you as much as she liked Dorian," mused Avon almost to himself.

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BY ROS WILLIAMS A5 booklet with card cover with coloured picture of Avon and Cally. 80 plus pages - A unique story from Ros which includes not only Avon, Cally and Vila, but also Carnell, Servalan and a clone of Cally's, Shara....

"It was foolish," Carnell said. "But when did you ever think of strategy, Servalan, when your emotions were in control? However, we are not here to discuss Auron." He looked past Servalan now to Brin, and said, "Your time has come, my friend." The gun had been hanging slackly in Brin's hand. Now he raised it and aimed at Avon. "He is a sure marksman," Carnell said to Avon. "And at this distance, who could miss anyway?" His voice was no longer suave. It was cold and hard and utterly ruthless. Vila shivered. He understood now how this man could work with Servalan, or anyone like her, and survive. "You have a reputation for missing targets," Carnell continued to Avon. "Will you take the risk? If you shoot at me, Brin will kill you without fail - I guarantee it."

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Two stories from Marian de Haan and Viv Gover. Gate Crasher is a new story whilst Heart of Stone was originally published by the Club a number of years ago. As the stories are both shortish (about 32 pages altogether) it seemed a good idea to put them together in this new zine AVON 25.

More details.

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AVON 26 - A Distortion of Time

by Marian de Haan
A5 booklet with white card cover and coloured picture on front of cover approximately 70 pages long....

"You mean you know where we are, and when?" Blake felt an irrational resentment; someday he'd come upon another subject, besides neuro-surgery, that Avon knew absolutely nothing about!

"We're somewhere in England, not too close to the Welsh border, around the mid-12th Century."

"Yes, I had worked that out too." It came out more acerbic than Blake intended.

Avon produced a brief smile. "Not that this is of much use to us. Regrettably my knowledge does not stretch to information about this murder case."

Blake was for a moment distracted. "It would be interesting to see whether a source mentioning it actually exists."

"It must," Avon said. "How else could Orac have known about it?"

Blake gave Avon a hard stare: "You mean that Orac brought us here deliberately to solve this crime?"

"It is the only assumption that makes sense. That machine appears to have a disconcerting appetite for initiating experiments." Avon's cold gaze came to rest on Blake. "And you obligingly made us walk into its trap."

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AVON 27 - Guile

by Maggie Crowe
A5 booklet with white card cover and coloured picture on front of cover approximately 34 pages long....

As Blake came onto the flight deck, Avon looked up from his work. "If it's not our glorious leader," he said sarcastically.

"Avon," said Blake severely. "Have you seen Vila?" Avon glanced at Blake who was standing next to him with his hands on his hips. He returned his attention to the screen in front of him and carefully punched some keys before replying. Blake waited impatiently.

"He's been hanging around here most of the afternoon. Teaching Orac games. Why?" Avon continued to study the screen while he spoke.

"Has he been drinking?"


"Are you sure?" Blake leaned towards Avon and rested his hand on the console. Avon ignored this invasion of his space, keeping his eyes on the screen.

"Yes." "Definitely?" "I've already told you." Avon glanced sharply at Blake, then quickly looked away again.

"Are you sure he hasn't been drinking?" "He's sleight of hand, but he's not that good." Avon directed this observation more to his console than to Blake.

"Positive?" Blake leaned even closer to Avon forcing a reaction. "Yes." Avon was beginning to lose his patience. He jabbed at the controls angrily before turning to face Blake, only inches away. "If you don't like the answer, say so. Repeating the question won't change it." Avon looked away again. "What is the matter?" "Vila has collapsed again," stated Blake he stepped back a little and stood with his hands on his hips watching Avon's response.

Avon looked up. "He isn't drunk," he stated.

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AVON 28 - Play Dirty

by HILARY ROBERTSHAW. 36 pages in all with the usual card cover - A5 size. Here's a small extract:

'Avon sat back in the flight seat, his booted feet resting on the edge of the console, watching, as the planet grew larger on the screen. He could not remember the last time he had slept and his eyes felt heavy. The call sign had already come, via the key, and the computer had locked on to the signal. Autonav was set and all he had to do was wait for the landing.

The last time he had been here had been the end of everything he knew. The most recent information he had found indicated that it was a slightly more civilised place than before. The mercenaries and bounty hunters had left and the new administration had opened the planet to trade. That did not stop the chill of dread he felt.

Somewhere in his core he could hear the warning sirens and see the destruction of the Scorpio. The last frantic sprint for the teleport, the look in Tarrant's eyes as he had volunteered to stay. The smell of burning. He opened his eyes, confused, remembered where he was and glanced at the burned out console. The smell had gone, just a memory. "The ship will be landing in 15 minutes," intoned the computer. Avon gritted his teeth, "This had better be worth it Servalan."'

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AVON 29 - Mystery Games

by Marian de Haan. Approx. 110 pages in A5 booklet form with card cover.

With the Liberator crew in need of rest and relaxation, Vila finds the perfect place to unwind!

Vila raised his voice: "Zen, show us the Outer Helvetia Leisure Centre brochure."

+Confirmed. Please look at the main screen+ the computer replied.

All eyes turned to the screen. It showed a blue and green planet.

+Outer Helvetia+ a glib voice said. +An independent world in the Bellamor System in the Seventh Sector, discovered in the twenty-fourth century of the Old Calendar. Colonised soon after. Outer Helvetia has maintained a policy of strict neutrality throughout the centuries. Thus it has developed into the major valuta market of the Free Worlds+

"Which means," Vila said, "that they accept any currency and ask no questions."

+The X-tra Leisure Centre+ the voice continued, +offers a wide variety of facilities. And for those in search of something different, we offer the ultimate amusement: the game of Mystery Pursuit. Have you ever been fascinated by a riddle of the past, an historic mystery you long to solve? Here is your chance! We offer you the opportunity to study any case you want. Our Reference Library - the largest in the galaxy - holds all the available information on every historical event. Our special facilities will enable you to solve the mystery of your choice. If you doubt our ability to deliver, know that we are prepared to offer your money back if you are not fully satisfied.+

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The Avon Special

In celebration of 20 years of Blake's 7 this special zine has a forward by Paul and Janet Darrow, plus 7 laser prints (black/white and cloour) and stories by Helen Parkinson, Ros Williams, Chris Blenkarn, Sue Christian and Gillian Puddle. A4 printed and Thermal bound. Aprox 160 pages, over 220,000 words.

Review and Contents

This zine is out of print.

Caught in the Act - A Biography of Paul and Janet

(Janet Lees-Price is Paul Darrow's wife)

Thanks to Judith Seaman's sterling work delving into theatre archives, we have compiled a booklet of Paul's and Janet's work that must cover just about every acting part they've played... or, at least, all that can be found! Many have asked for such a booklet, so here it is. We thought it would be a good idea to use the professionally printed cover that we had for an earlier newsletter.. No 34. (Well, no sense in wasting them!) And some rather nice shiny paper that's been sitting in a bedroom cupboard awaiting just such an occasion!

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Standard by Seven - The Early Years I

A commemorative issue high lighting the early issues of this much loved B7 zine.

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Standard by Seven - The Early Years II

Three stories taken from the original Standard by Seven's, One Man's Measure, The Glorious Day, Mission of Mercy Approx 60 pages.

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Standard by Seven - The Early Years III

Four stories taken from the original Standard by Seven's, Possesion by Yvette Clark, The Gemini Collection by Brenda Callagher, Midnight of the Mind by Ann O'Neill and Normal Service will be Resumed Shortly by Antony Murray. Approx 60 pages.

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Standard by Seven - The Early Years IV

Another 'Early Years' zine which contains three popular stories - Between Black and White by Ann O'Neill, Where is thy Victory by Viv Callaway and It Takes a Thief by Brenda Callagher. Approx 60 pages.

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Standard by Seven - The Early Years V

A couple of early Standard stories and a very early interview with Paul.

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The Way to Rebellion

Ros Williams' epic tells of the events which lead up to the moment our heroes board the London. In 3 parts.

More Details.

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The Way to Rebellion - a Prequel

Ros Williams prequel to the above tells of Roj Blake's early life and his fight with the authorities and the events which lead him into The Way Back. 44 Pages.

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A Ledge Between the Streams

By Judith M Seaman. A man called Scarton hired me, and paid me my first fee hand to hand as it's always done, so that both sides know who's hiring and who's hired. Claimed to be a distant relative, so 'distant' that he never came to the house at all. Never saw Shevron. That's what they told me his name was and I'm gullible, I belived it... for about 5 minutes...." 67 pages.

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Faith, Hope and Charity

By Judith M Seaman. A5 booklet (30 pages). Review by Jean Graham

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Blake's Seven - The True Story

Ros Williams' very funny Alternative Universe Story. Illustrated by Daniel Bowden.

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Joyce Bowen recommends these because they have good Blake content:

Avon 1, 2, 10, 11, 13, 16, 17, and 20.

Avon Special (I highly recommend this. A wonderful 20th anniversary zine that Avon Club put out in 1998. I was most impressed.)

Standard by Seven: The Early Years (reprint zines) 1, 2, 3 and 5.

Avon Calender 2003

The 2003 Avon: The Paul Darrow Society Calendar is now available and selling fast. Amateur it may be, but obviously very popular. Jump in now and order one, before it's too late! Buy Me

Star One 2003 - The Videos

At last, we are pleased to announce our  Star One Convention videos tapes are available.  They (2 videos) contain edited highlights of the Convention as follows:

Each tape is approximately 2 1/2 hours (PAL format only).  Profits to - Denville Hall

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