Gareth Thomas In Equus

Review By Judith.

Gareth Thomas appeared in Equus at Salisbury Playhouse from 24th March to 8th April 2000. He played the psychiatrist, Martin Dysart.

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Details from the Salisbury Playhouse

By Peter Shaffer
Director Joanna Read
Designer Richard Foxton
Lighting Designer Jim Simmons

From Friday 24th March until Saturday 8th April.

The horse is a symbol of power, strength and freedom and within the confused mind of an ostracised adolesent it becomes his god. Equus. But in making Equus his god he not only empowers it to help him - but also to destroy him.

Martin Dysart is a distinguished psychiatrist, over worked he still agrees to take on his strangest yet of cases. A teenager, Alan Strang, has committed the most unintelligible of crimes. In this gripping modern classic Shaffer explores the beliefs and passions of the modern world and how we are all still linked to superstitions of our past.

In a world devoid of passion and belief who is more mad - the boy and his horse gods, or the shattered and diillusioned psychiatrist?

Contains nudity and language that may offend.

Post Show Talkout Tuesday 4th April
Theatre Day Thursday 30th March

The play will be played in the round (seating on all 4 sides, with the stage in the middle).

Review By Judith.

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