Posted 21st of December 2007

New Together Again Tape "Seven"

Breaking news from the Together Again audio tape series. Together Again volume Seven, to be released at the end of April, brings you the latest developments on the Blake's 7 movie from Paul Darrow himself.

This was definitely the 'get Gareth Thomas' tape <grin>. He got to appear with:

Paul Darrow (Avon): the man who shot him

Jim Francis (special effects): the man who blew out Blake's guts

Chris Boucher (writer and script editor) who wrote the script that killed him off.

I'd been hoping that Chris Boucher would get to take part in one of these tapes - he wrote most of my favourite episodes and his influence as script editor was responsible for much of the best dialogue in the series. It'll also be interesting to hear what Jim has to say.

'Seven' is now back from being duplicated. Sheelagh persuaded them to give her a longer tape than normal, so it's an 80 min tape rather than a 60 min one, but for the same price.

Once all the photos have been stuck on, they'll be ready for mailing. You can place an order via myself or Sheelagh Wells.


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PS. And the baby Orac from Gambit will be on the cover photo with the others. This is Blake's 7: it's compulsory to have a computer to bring your number upto Seven.

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